Will of the Infinite

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Will of the Infinite

By: Frank nzuobontane OngoingSystem

Language: English

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The world has gained access to superhuman abilities from supernatural species across the globe. From the ghouls of the caves to the goliaths of the mountains, the majority of people have special abilities. These special abilities have caused a global race for power and powerful bloodlines. Many marriages are based on class and power, not on love. Tanji Bjornulfsson is a half-blood werewolf that seems to have gained no powers from his lycanthropic side. In a world where humans are treated as blood bags for the vampires and not as people, Tanji gets treated exactly as such. However, his strong will is answered by a mysterious force.

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189 chapters
Prologue (1)
The world we know and love is very different to this one. Roaming several streets are the children of the moon. Werewolves. Next to them are the bloodsuckers. Vampires. The ugliest and largest of ogres casually doing their everyday jobs throughout the city. Name a supernatural and it’s here.   However, this power spawns a whole alternative way of life and lineage. Many marry not through love but to breed stronger offspring. Pure lineages are diluted to give the offspring certain traits from that dilution. Power reigns in a society like this. From elementary schools to governments. Power reigns supreme. The strong prevail and the weak are left to fend for themselves. To survive.      Across this globe, there are no countries but cities that have their own government. Their own army and their own walls. There are many major cities and other minor cities that have to ally with other major cit
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Prologue (2)
The lesson begins with their teacher and all of them are writing in their books. Next to Tanji sits a girl with wavy blonde hair. Sea blue eyes of the Atlantic and a very pretty face. Tanji can’t do anything but look at her. He thinks “Who is she?” She almost senses Tanji looking at her with her supernatural senses and thinks “This human..” She just doesn’t do anything malicious about it and continues writing. Tanji is mesmerised by her attractiveness. He feels almost physically brought towards her like a magnet.    Once the lesson finishes, he sees her stand and reveal her curvy body even under the uniform of their school. She then locks eyes with Tanji and looks with slight disgust. However, the disgust within her is much more than even what she shows. She turns her face and glances at the class door to leave. Tanji stands and then feels a bit down. He thinks “She’s taller than me!”   Much mo
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Prologue (3)
  He goes to school the next day and begins to witness the emergence of a fight in a more secretive hall. It’s between the same two people arguing between if werewolves or vampires are better. Kylos stands against him and drinks from his golden cup. The human blood sinks into his body and nourishes his whole body. He throws the cup then one of his vampires dashes in and catches the cup. They quickly get back up and take two steps back.    The werewolf grows his sharp claws then fangs. Shaggy hair grows across certain parts of his body and he follows by dropping his posture. His eyes glow golden and he says “Let’s see who prevails.” Kylos’ cornea goes black and dark black veins protrude from his eyes. He grows sharp and long fangs before taking off the green uniform blazer. It shows his muscular figure with large forearms and rolled up sleeves. He makes his elegant fighting stance while the werewolf sna
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Prologue (4)
  Tanji, at his house, turns on his phone. The stars within the midnight black of the sky shine their minuscule light across the city. The streetlights are on and are bright. Breezes whoosh across the streets of Balssop Town giving an eerie but calm feel to the streets.    He looks at the news and sees a fight between Willulf and two rabid vampires. They have tall and skinny builds. They seem very irritable and uneasy   *CRACKLE* *CRACKLE*   “Here we have live footage of a confrontation between two rabid vampires and the City Trooper “Willulf.” They both seem to be about 6’4 minimum! Let’s see if he prevails.” Willulf’s uniform flows within the gusts of wind and he says “I can give you blood! I can give you what you want!” One scratches their head violently before replying “We don’t simply want blood anymore! We want to shed some!” The other rabid vampire snarl
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Chapter 5 - New Power
Tanji looks at the icon with several colliding emotions. Fear. Happiness. Relief. Confusion. He doesn’t really know what to feel from this. The text then disappears and his stats are revealed in front of him.    Tanji Bjornulfsson   Level 1 (0/50XP)  Strength: 2   Speed: 3 Defence: 2 Constitution: 4 Control: 84% Intelligence: 2 (Average human male has stats of 3 - 6)   Species: Half-Blood (NP) HP 11/20 XP Points: 0     He thinks “Definitely human stats alright.” He then glances outside his window while thinking about what is going on. He remembers the light and says in his head “Is this it? Is this a result of that light beam? This seems a little sketchy. I hope it is power though.”   Sinc
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Chapter 6 - First Fight
The emergence of the evening is a beautiful sight. The burning flame within the sea blue sky begins to lose its power. The flaming sun dwindles from a glowing, golden colour to a cool orange colour. The sky begins its slow and inevitable journey to darkness. No wind within the city leaves a miniature warmth across the city. Another great time to be strolling across the streets of Balssop Town and Bludby City as a whole.   Following Tanji’s emergence of power, another lengthy notification pops up in his face. Tanji doesn’t show any sign of boredom and quickly locks his eyes onto the white text displayed.    [GAINED QI ART: Power Fist. Striking Power and Speed increases by 30%, Area of Impact increases by 20%, 20 second cool down.] [GAINED QI ART: Qi Rush. Mass amount of qi floods through the body for 10 seconds. Physical stats increase by +12. 30 second cool down.]   Read more
Chapter 7 - 3 Lion Shield
The friend is a stronger Pureblood werewolf. He slashes across Tanji’s already ripped and slashed shirt then slams him into the wall behind him. Another grabs the neck of his shirt and throws him into the window. The window cracks then Tanji slowly tumbles back down to the ground. He then starts getting stomped and kicked by the different people. He falls limp then the evil group of friends take Harry and zoom down the glass hall.    Tanji, after some time, gets back on his feet and quickly proceeds to swap out his bloody and ripped shirt for a new one in his bag. He has multiple spare shirts in case something happens at school like what just happened. He takes his grey schoolbag then opens the classroom door to go in there early. He holds his wounds in pain then drops down into the wooden chair that is there.   He ventures deep in his thoughts. “Can I actually become stronger than them? Even I
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Chapter 8 - Rematch
The next day, Harry challenges him to a rematch. They instead fight in the woods to not be restricted at all. Luckily, Tanji’s Passive Art gives him a boost while here and it makes him stronger. Harry declares bravely. “If I have the chance I will kill you, human.” Tanji smirks at the declaration and says while waving his hand. “So be it.” He drops back into his fighting stance and sweeps one of his legs back.    Harry rushes right at him and throws a punch to start off the fight. However, Tanji is different now when it comes to strength. He slips past the punch and lands his Power Fist to his chest. Harry spits blood right above Tanji’s head and falls back about 4 metres. He grasps his chest and blood seeps through the gaps in his teeth. He wonders. “How did he get so strong?! I’ll make sure to kill him now!!” He stands back up then crackling noises are generated by his healing factor. He grows shaggy hair across
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Chapter 9 - Final Days
During the nighttime, the stars cover the night sky. Rain drips across the streets and buildings of Bludby City. This gives the city a certain chill. Many are inside and if someone is outside they tend to be in a car of some sort.    Tanji has some music playing across his house at the early night of around 9pm. He goes to brush his teeth but as he walks past the window, beams of moonlight directly hit his lycanthropic body. He glances outside because he literally feels it. As he gazes at the moon, he feels himself become more powerful. He says is surprise. “Moonlight makes me stronger all-round?! Now that is great!” He then begins brushing his teeth. Once he is under the moonlight once again, a notification pops up above his bed.   [SUDDEN QUEST: Double Cultivation. Use an Umi Class Breathing Method while under direct moonlight.] [QUEST REWARDS: 100XP, 2 XP Points, 1 New Breathing Meth
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Chapter 10 - Farholde Combat Academy Exam
Farholde is a town on the outskirts of Bludby City. It has less technology but isn’t really its own town. It still runs under the government of Bludby City. It is smaller and less dense. It has about 114,000 people living there.    Using the city’s underground train, he can get to the city in 3 - 4 minutes.    The thing is, Tanji has never been able to take the train. The city develops its technology and industry based on the power of a low level supernatural. Not a human. If he went on the train he could die from the speed and severe whiplash it causes. Now that he’s stronger, he can get on the train.   The train can go at speeds of up to 600mph. This means that he can get to the town of Farholde in as little as 3 minutes. There is still some safety procedures but there are minute numbers of them.Read more