After I joined the Dabrium, we received our 1st request the next day, and shockingly, it was from the most important person in school

The principle. I totally didn't expect that. Just kidding. If someone gives authority, it means that he/she needs something from you or you are eligible for his/her work. But some blind personality people think that the other person helped them to achieve their goal, fools. You could do the work, but you are not the one who achieved the success of the work. This is the rule of merchants. Talented, potential but poor artists made the masterpieces. But the masterpiece sold or took the name of big people.

  Our first request was like a quest of an f rank adventurer. We were ordered by the Principal to clean the volunteer Dabrium.

  "Whoaa .. what is this? It will take forever to finish," Sunao said while taking the garbage box outside of the room.

"Hello, is anyone here?" asked someone while standing outside the room.

"Oh... Kagen, are you joining this Dabrium?!, I didn't know that, I am also planning to join this Dabrium. You are happy, right? To be able to work with nobility, ha ha ha ha..." Tristan replied while not making eye contact with me and started a sarcastic laugh.

  "I am afraid that's not gonna happen. I won't get involved with others and I won't be happy or sad for anyone"

while I was saying this Sunao entered the room and

  "What are you doing here, Tristan?"

"huh... I came to join this dabrium. Are you also a member of this dabrium? can you please call out the President to officially accept me as a member," Tristan said this while keeping a busy behavior.

  This rich kid even doesn't know who the president is, despite this, he decided to join this dabrium. Something is fishy about this, especially what he discussed with me yesterday.

  "For your kind information, I am the president of this dabrium and as per my position, I accept your membership," Sunao replied, while placing her hand in her cleavage with a proud gesture.

  "But president I am afraid I can't agree on that, as you can see we specially have our reasons for joining, and I think he might have his own but as a secretary of this dabrium how can I accept who is treating his dabrium president like this," Kagen replied while sitting on a chair at the corner.

  "don't you think it's best to show your promising side for this dabrium to the president"

  "Ok, then what do you want me to do?" Tristan replied.

"Well, it's easy. The president will organize a test for you. If you pass, then you are welcome"

  "Well yeah, I got it," Tristan agreed with this.

"what's your thought on it president, don't you think what sacred memories you have with this dabrium needs promising members"

  "Yes, I approved this, "Sunao replied with a small smile on her face.

    well, I don't have any reason to object to his acceptance but yesterday how he offered me I can't let my guard down so I have to test him if he really wants to involve with me or if he just wants to join this dabrium. For this plan, I am just using this dabrium as a cover. As a human, I have to use my surroundings to their fullest. I don't have any intention of helping others, it's just a cover to my plan.

        [Sunao POV]

It isn't a bad thing. As the president of this sacred place, I have to do my duty.

Kagen is so sweet and kind. He remembers my story and working for me.

I have to be strong.

[POV end]

    "Ok, I decided. The test is about helping us to clean this room. Isn't it easy?" Sunao replied.

  "Yes, let's do this," Tristan replied in a loud voice.

  Then we started to clean the room. We first organized books on the bookshelves and replaced the broken chair and tables with new ones. We calculated our dabrium expenses and delivered them to the principal.

  " whoo.. at last, we did it, "Sunao said while releasing a long breath.

  "Huh? who organized the bookshelf 4, only this book is clean and new while the others are ragged, wait all the bookshelves books are also ragged, why this is the only book new and clean," Sunao asked while standing and gazing at the bookshelves.

(There are a total of six bookshelves present)

  “What's wrong with this? Maybe one of us just cleaned those books. It isn't something to worry about," Tristan said and sat on the chair.

"For your information, I didn't clean any books. It's not me," Kagen replied.

" I also didn't," Tristan replied.

  "But I didn't also clean any books and even if we do we can't make a new book, wait why is this book not coming out?" Sunao said, while trying to pull out the book.

Wait, according to Sunao, this room is reserved for volunteer Dabrium only and they abandoned this room for five years. There were two cases. Maybe this room was used by somebody secretly, which is impossible for the room's situation or—

  "Don't pull that out," Kagen said out loud.

"what happened?!" Sunao surprised replied and already pulled out the book.

(the floor started to crack, and the bookshelf started to change its position, a path open)

or there is a secret room here.

  "What is this? Scary, isn't it?" Tristan said while hiding under a table.

  "I think my mom once told me the student council and volunteer Dabriums have their rooms for the secret. At that time I thought every person had their own secrets, so I didn't think practically so this is the meaning of that," Sunao said while looking at that path.

  "Let's discover this, "Sunao asked with curiosity.

  I am not a man to get involved with anything or anyone, but still, there is something you can't avoid. It is curiosity. I also want to discover it.

  "Ok, let's go," Kagen replied.

"don't you think it is for the first time you agree with me and what about you?" Sunao asked me and then asked Tristan.

"If you insist so much then I will go with you guys"

"then let's go," Sunao replied and

We started to walk down the path. It's a path of stares.

  When we were just about to reach the last floor and saw a source of light, someone banged at the Dabrium door.

  We hurriedly came to the room and closed the door with a book by placing it in its place.

  bonk.. bonk...

"Is someone there?"

  " Yes, "Sunao replied, and opened the door.

  "Sorry to bother you. I am the secretary of the student council. The student council president is calling for your dabrium. so come with me." said a young man with glasses on his eyes.

  We started to follow him, and we entered the student council.

  "Welcome to the Student council volunteer Dabrium," president Cecilia welcomed us while sitting on the chair.

  "I think your dabrium has only two members. What is he doing here?" Cecilia asked.

    "Ohm.. he is going to be our third member," Sunao replied.

  "Whatever, take seats," said Cecilia, while pointing at chairs.

  After we sit down. But I have my own worries. If she called us here to give a warning for a secret room or she wants us to help them with any problem.

  "so about the thing I called you here are the expenses which you gave, are you sure, you wanna this low budget, as a volunteer Dabrium you will get involved with many other dabriums in the future, so obviously expenses are also going to be increased. Your expenses are now very low from average, ,"Cecilia replied while looking at and analyzing some papers.

  "I know that, but as a new dabrium president, I still don't know dabrium works and expenses, then I will make our expenses increase," Sunao replied in a sweet and polite tone.

  "As a president of dabrium, it's not the duty of your to make expenses, therefore the secretary is there. You only give your grant to them. As student council, we manage all expenses query on behalf of Principle," Cecilia replied while looking at Kagen.

  As a club secretary at least I have to do this, I didn't know about the whole expenses process.

"I will handle it, but it will take two days for me," Kagen replied.

"don't you think it's too late?" Cecilia replied, making an unsatisfied face.

    It can't be helped. I didn't do anything like check expenses. Every human has their own pace and I am different from others.

  "don't worry, he will handle it and I will help him," Sunao replied politely.

    "Then you can take your leave and don't forget to submit as fast as possible," Cecilia replied.

  (After that, Sunao went to their dabrium advisor for Tristan's application while Tristan and Kagen were in the dabrium room.)

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