Dragon’s Breath

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Dragon’s Breath

By: Ray Whitaker Updated just nowFantasy

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Since The Fires of Alira one thousand five hundred years ago, dragons have lived separate from the other races in Midgar. They rarely make contact with others, unless in terms of conflict. Eleonora is the descendant of the dragon sovereign, and will one day assume the throne of the Perilous Horde herself. The horde, despite years of murky conflict, forges an alliance with the human kingdom of Samirya located in the northern region. It is no longer a matter of petty bickering. Now, with the eve of a Great War looming over them, both groups lives depend on a truce. As conflict thickens and land disputes grow increasingly more bitter, the chieftain of the Perilous Horde makes a final desperate move to unite the two worlds: the dragons will send an ambassador to protect the humans capital city of Mimmgar from the oncoming invasion. And who should be that ambassador be but Eleonora? Eleonora just hopes to complete that task quickly so she can return home, but soon finds that the humans are nothing like she expected. Forming an unforeseen connection with the human king, and becoming captivated by a young blacksmith, she begins to question everything she's ever known and learns that her homeland may have some terrible secrets of its own. Book one of A Dragon’s Legacy.


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Chapter One
I push open the heavy iron doors leading to the throne room. The door screeches against the hard stone floor. Entering the spacious room, I am surrounded by the horde officials. They are all lined up side-by-side, facing fathers' throne. The ends of their gray robes trail behind them.       Standing just feet away from him, I place a fist over my heart and bow in our traditional greeting. "Father,” I say, looking up at him. The depths of his cold violet eyes search mine.       With a forced smile, he says, "You may rise."        "Thank you, father, " I reply curtly.       Standing straight once more, he lifts himself from the throne and moves closer to me and the horde officials in a composed manner.       "As you all are aware, there is a rogue horde who calls themselves Betsalel. They have been threatening to attack from the south so as to claim our land for themselves,” father starts. “If they make it that far we will lose everything we have worked so hard to build. That
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Chapter Two
My heart drums in my chest as I follow my father into the room, closing the doors behind us. The inky blackness that surrounds my father engulfs me snuffing out the frail bit of light I have left. Now, only silence lingers in the air. I shiver, beginning to feel claustrophobic at our close proximity.        I swollen the lump in my throat breaking the silence, "What was it you wanted to talk about?" I cringe when my voice cracks.     He stares at me a moment, not saying a word. His emotionless eyes bore straight into my very soul. These moments of silence are what scare me the most. The longer he spends just staring at me, the more my heart rate picks up.     "Eleonora, you are my only daughter, and I love you very much. You know that right?" He says seriously.     my body goes rigid, as I feel my palms become clammy. What is he talking about? He never says he loves me.      "Y-Yeah, I know," I say, stumbling over my words. The fear of what he is to say making me want to vomi
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Chapter Three
After hours of flying, I begin to tire. My wings burning with every movement of my body. I finally see the city of Mimmgar up ahead. It is made of many small buildings and houses surrounding a large castle. The castle is bright on the blue beyond. Every stone is even and square as if those who built it were set on perfection. The walls were made to protect a community, to echo with laughter, and be the shelter they needed for the millennia to come. I admire its bold beauty.        I wrinkle my nose. While the sight is beautiful in a strange sense, the city reeks of humans. And I cannot believe I am to marry one of them.     Doing just as my father told me, I fly straight to the castle at full speed. Looking down at the city below, I see people jumping and screaming in fright as my large shadow looms over them. This should not be their first-time laying eyes on a dragon. The smell of their fear fills me with a strange sense of delight. I want more of it, but unfortunately, I am
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Chapter Four
  I shuffle to the dining hall trying not to trip over this stupid dress. Next time, I am getting myself ready. What could have possibly been going through their minds when they dressed me like this?      I walk to the doors of the dining hall. Pausing before I push them open, I decide to alter my look just a bit. Though it would be nice to see their reactions to how I am dressed, I simply cannot risk offending them. Pulling the bright yellow dress up to my knees, I rip the fabric, tossing it to the floor. The once floor-length dress turns into a knee-high one. I then pull out the pins from my hair, allowing it to cascade down my shoulders. I am sure I still look terrible, but it must be better than before, I suppose.      Shoving the doors open, I stride into the room. Many noble men and women are gathered, dressed in extravagant gowns and suits. All eyes are focused on me the second I enter, causing me to shrink away. I wish I could just leave. I despise being the center of attent
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Chapter Five
     I wake up the next morning before sunrise. The castle is shrouded in an eerie darkness. On the mountain, everyone has usually risen before dawn to do the morning patrols around the territory. It would seem that I am the only early riser here. That is good, it means that I can have some time to myself without being interrupted.         I peel the cold, crisp sheets from my body, feeling the morning air surround me. It has only been one night, and yet I already miss waking up in the mountain, surrounded by cool air and the smell of the outdoors. Here in this castle, the only thing I smell is the stench of perfume. I need to get out of here for a little while before I go insane.     After washing my face and brushing my hair, I leave my room. I am actually quite glad I was shown around the castle yesterday. Now I do not have to worry about getting too lost.     I make my way to the roof of the castle where I first landed when I got here. The morning air licks at my skin, and I ca
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Chapter Six
Entering the dining hall, I find the room empty except for a few maids cleaning. How odd. I thought there would have been people here by now. Maybe I missed breakfast? I did not stay out that long, though...did I?        Turning around, I head back to my room. When I reach my chambers. I throw the door open and jump onto my bed, burying my face in the soft silky pillows. I am so bored. I normally have a lot occupying my time, whether it be training, reading a good book, or even taking care of Loki. But now I have hardly anything to do and it feels strange to me.       I never thought I would miss my brother as much as I do. Even though Loki can be annoying, I actually miss the little guy. I can almost see him now, running into my room, trying to get me to play, jumping, and prancing around trying so hard to get my attention. I smile at the thought.     I know it has only been a day since I have seen him, but he is one of the things that brings me joy. I do not find myself missin
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Chapter Seven
Since I have nothing better to fill my time, I begin to explore the castle in hope of finding anything that might be of interest. I could just ask someone to show me around, but really who do I have to ask?        Walking through the halls, I take in the beauty of this place. While it may be much too extravagant for my taste, there is no denying how gorgeous it is here.     The walls are all painted a pearl color. They are covered in different kinds of artwork ranging from portraits all the way to landscape. The portraits look to be of past kings and queens, each radiating power, and elegance. There are even some abstract paintings swirling with different shapes and colors, attracting the attention of any onlooker. The marble flooring is covered with thick red rugs, rimmed with gold. Above me hang golden chandeliers dripping with crystals. In some areas there are large stone statues of people and animals lining the castle walls. It is bizarre just how lifelike they are. If not for
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Chapter Eight
The queen scowls, her blonde ringlets tumbling off her shoulders. She lifts her head as she pinches her nose in disgust.    "What in God's name have you been doing child? You smell like a barnyard!” she barks.     I take a step towards her and watch in delight as she recoils from me.     "This might be hard for you to understand, considering you are a queen who is sloven by nature, but I was helping your knights learn how to better their swordsmanship,” I inform her.     "I do not care how you got the way you are, go and bathe. Lunch will be served soon, and if you are not clean, you will not eat. Your presence is already a nuisance. Do not make it more so,” she commands.      I roll my eyes scowling at her.      Placing a hand on her shoulder I shove her aside, watching as she stumbles.      "Well then, if you will excuse me, I am going to bathe. You might want to consider it yourself, that perfume is putrid,” I remark.      I briskly walk away, leaving the queen to stand
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Chapter Nine
Walking through the halls I easily find Gwen's chambers. I do not spend too much time in front of the door before I slam it open with a bang. At first, I am taken aback by the strong jasmine and cherry blossom perfume wafting in the room. I cover my nose, cringing at the smell. Looking into the room, I see a small dark-haired girl jump with fright, making a squeaking noise. She sounds just like a little mouse.      "Calm down, little mouse, I am not here to hurt you,” I tease.     When the girl turns around, I am met with two scared green eyes, wide as saucers. Looking deep into her eyes, I see more than fear, there is something else there. Something dark, that I just cannot quite put my finger on.     "W-Who are you? What could you possibly be doing barging into my room?" She quakes. Her words come out meek and defenseless, but there is fire burning in her eyes. She is not as weak as she is making herself out to be. So
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Chapter Ten
My heart starts racing as I think back to the day Fafnir died. ***    I sit on the edge of the mountain eagerly waiting for my brother. Today, we are flying out to the human capital city of Mimmgar to negotiate the terms of our peace treaty with the king. Although my father is against it, my brother is insistent upon ongoing. My father affirms that we should not meddle in the affairs of lesser beings. I trust my brother's judgment, though, and I am willing to accompany him.     I feel a hand ruffle my hair.     "Hey Ellie, you ready to go?" Fafnir asks.     I stand looking into his violet eyes as a bright smile plays across my face.     "Of course, I have looked forward to this for a long time,” I tell him.     He smiles at me shaking his head, his long, dark blue hair swaying with it.     He turns a
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