The Alter World Odyssey

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The Alter World Odyssey

By: geo.geo OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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A 16-year old boy who got transported to the other world where magic exists, a twist in his life is that he is one of the key keepers that will save the world from evils. An adventure and discovery of finding oneself.

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Dream and Reality
"Everything starts with a dream" Parallel universe, a place full of divinity and surreal wonders, a timeless land of immortal magic which lies beyond the horizon, beyond our reach. A place where we enter or cross through a gateway and find ourselves in an entirely different place. A 16-year old Geo wakes up from a dream where he was in a magical-fantasy world and became the leader of a country (or was it really a dream? Or a glimpse of the future reality) His dream was so beautiful that he didn't realize that he was late for school. This is probably the first time he is late, because Geo Reinhardt is a Student Council President, Number 1 student in terms of Academics and Sports and a fashion model but despite this achievement that he is having at such a young age sometimes he feels that something is really missing in his life, everyone feels it too but doesn't know what it is. The bell rang and everyone went home. Geo is still in the Student Council Room fixing the papers. He was
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The Basilisk
"It always seems impossible until it's done" --Nelson Mandela Before he opened the door, He smelled something fishy because their house doesn't smell like this so he gets nervous and rushes in. Geo was looking for His Grandfather while following the smell and here he saw His Grandpa covered in blood, has some scratches and deep wounds in His entire body while holding the " Katana" of their Family. Geo was about to approach when Henry stopped Him. "Son, I know it's you. Please don't come near!" "Run and save yourself!" Henry said in a tired voice. Geo didn't listen to what His Grandpa told Him, His pride as a man prevailed so He didn't do it. Geo didn't even know who His Grandfather's opponent was and He wondered why He closed his eyes.Geo peeked through a small hole in their wall made by His Grandfather's fight and here Geo saw a creature that He had just seen in person but He had seen and read about it in books, He just couldn't believe that it really existed. Geo saw a great
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Words of Farewell
"Every ending has a new beginning"His Grandpa had last words. Henry looked into His arms and saw the face of His beloved Grandson looking back at Him with so much innocence, emotion and promise. Henry smiled at the thought of all the wonderful adventures He had taken His Grandson on, with a tired but proud smile. Henry turned to Geo and said His final words; "Son, you probably won't remember everything I said to you, everything that we did together *cough* and though we're not blood-related I want you to know that I love more than you can ever imagine. I never forgot how wonderful it was to watch you grow, your eagerness to explore, and the light in your eyes. I hope that you will find the missing piece in your life that you have been searching. I want you to become the best of the best version of yourself. I will miss you, but I will always be with you in your ... heart" Henry squeezed His Grandson's hand tight and with one last look of love and admiration, Henry passed away, leav
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The Shadow
"We cannot change anything unless we accept it" -- Geo jumped at what he saw, while Shia just stared at him. "Relax, relax master I am not your enemy, in fact I helped you" Shai said. "Kekk-ke-ke-kek" Geo's face was surprised. He still can't explain what he feels right now. His grandfather just died, he doesn't know the reason, Shia showed up, and he's not in his right mind right now. He calmed himself down first so that he would have the strength to face Shia. "My master, are you okay? Shia asked. Geo seems to be doing okay and is back to his old self. "Wait, what master? Besides, what did you help me with? Who are you really? Where did you come from? What is your purpose here?" Geo asked. Geo asked too many questions, but right now he wanted to be straight, what was really going on.Shia Dowe, the shadow introduces itself and tells the story of what is totally the cause of this. "I, Shia Dowe, Your parents gave me this name. I was once served your parents for a long time an
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The Arcanys
"Doing it even though you're afraid is what makes you brave" After their long conversation He saw some Policemen who seemed to be looking for someone and Geo immediately knew who they were looking for. He himself is being sought because of what happened, but he couldn't give any credible reason why that happened. So he was forced to open the relic, it's now or never for Geo rather than being arrested without being able to give justice to His grandfather.Geo was about to open the relic when the police saw him. He was surprised and dropped the relic by accident on the grass. The police were on their way to him when he quickly opened it while Shia was holding his back. This time he didn't think twice, the relic lit up and absorbed them both. Geo screamed at what was happening because they passed through a vacuum that seemed to have no end, all he saw were colorful patterns, galaxies, and spirals. When he looked at his back Shia was not there."Hey, where are you shadow?! *Looking eve
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The Twins
"A sibling is a dearest friend, a closest enemy and an angel at a time of need" This is the only plan that Geo came up with to save the boy from getting killed by goblins. He made the boy run into the house, and it was Geo who faced the goblins saying that he would take care of it."I don't want anyone else to perish in front of me, "Let's go goblins!!" Geo aggressively taunting the goblins.Geo is confident in his sword skill that Henry taught him. Geo was in a fighting stance while the goblins surrounded him and they attacked at the same time but for Geo's perception they were moving slowly so he used the second-style of the Flame-Dragon Technique which can hit some enemies at short-distance "The Fegefeuer" , a quick x-shaped attack. The Fegefeuer is activated but this time a real fire actually came out, Geo didn't think that a real fire would come out of the katana and he was also surprised by it. In just an instant, the goblins were enveloped in fire, they were really on fire and
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The Butler
" None of us really changes over time; we only become more fully what we are" -- Later that night, Geo thinks about Shia, where he went and what is his true form that he told Geo before. He believes of what Shia told him about in this world but he still wonders if Shia is really an ally. --( Story of Shia the Vampire Butler)Shia, the butler of the royal family, has an intriguing backstory that explains how he came to join the family and became a royal butler. Once upon a time, Shia was a wandering nameless vampire, a rare breed of vampire that could walk in the sunlight and had no need of a coffin. He roamed the land, searching for sustenance and shelter. Shia the Vampire’s ability to survive the daylight is his unique powers. He was born with the ability to control his own physiology, allowing him to manipulate his cells to be resistant to the UV radiation of the sun. This could explain why he is able to withstand the sun’s rays, while other vampires cannot. However, Shia's jour
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The Dünen Village
"The rumor travels faster than the truth" The mysterious village of Dünen is known for its mystical powers, however, the villagers that Shia asked for help were no innocent bystanders. They had been lured into a magical state of being by an unknown villain who had some sinister plans for them. Shia noticed that the demeanor of the villagers here was different, as if someone controlled it with magic. So he went around the village because it's not that big and every corner of the village has a sense of magic users. They used a manipulation magic that made the people here look like this. "They must have noticed that someone is coming to their village" Shia thinking.For a few moments he noticed that the villagers were approaching him like zombies, they were not in their right mind. He first observed what they were going to do but they just pulled him to the vacant part of the village and the villagers surrounded Shia in circles. "Aheem, sir, You're lost, but you're unlucky because you
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The New Companion Part 1
"A companion is like a mirror, reflecting your true self without judgement" -- Early in the morning, Shia boarded the Caravan to the capital carrying the four magic users that he was supposed to sell there. "Is there anyone else who will buy you?" Shia teased them. The capital is said to be quite far away, it will take them two days, so Shia thought of pulling the caravan as long as there was a direction to give him and everyone agreed with what he said, but he needed blood with this everyone was afraid of what he said. "Sir Shia, you can have the sheep if you want just don't hurt us?" Caravan merchant. "Kekk-ke-ke-kek yes I don't drink human blood I promised my late-wife before" Shia replied while laughing.Shia now has the strength to pull the Caravan, he has been given directions to the capital, he can go to the capital by himself but he prefers to accompany them because there may be bandits who will block them and destroy there Caravan. When Shia pulled over, everyone scream
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The New Companion Part 2
"Before you judge, understand why" --The Emerald City is characterized by its bright and luxurious architecture, as well as its wealth and vast population. The city itself is not an exact representation of any modern city, but it likely draws inspiration from places such as ancient Rome. It is a large and bustling metropolis, filled with thousands of inhabitants from all walks of life. The cityscape is probably the most recognizable visual element of Emerald City and it features a number of tall towers, intricately decorated buildings, statues, along with its famous green walls. The city center contains a great plaza, a large clock tower, and a grand palace. In this world, magic is a major element. Magic is used for a variety of purposes ranging from simple, everyday tasks, to political power struggles, to magicians' duels. The citizens of Emerald City are similarly varied and are a combination of immigrants, traders, and people with unique magical abilities. This mixture of peopl
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