Dragon Warrior

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Dragon Warrior

By: ONEOTWO OngoingFantasy

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Ghosts converge, the world is plunged into cold darkness. The dark ruler Demon King Evil Sea and his entourage constantly expanded their power, divided the territory to rule brutally, and spread horrible death. White bones piled up like mountains, the unwholesome souls carrying sky-high resentment also gradually turned into demons, momentarily becoming a bunch of underworld soldiers who obeyed under the control of the Demon King. Human history will soon be erased all traces, the beautiful days may only be in a vague memory! But somewhere in this world, the great Sun still shines every warm ray, nurturing the green sprouts of life. The fire of enthusiasm about the desire for peace is still smoldering, just waiting for a certain wind to burn brightly. Thai Binh Hamlet is remote, this place is surrounded by the solid wall of Dan Xa bronze citadel, it is located at the foot of the majestic Thien Son mountain of Thien Vuong Van Tu. It was also in this place that the monks from the monastic world of Thien Vuong Van Tu, carrying in their body the power of pure justice, were still diligently setting up military formations to uphold the strict vigil. Their mission is to protect the people of Thai Binh Hamlet against the formidable Magical Force from outside Dan Xa citadel, day and night. Remember the old years when the Fairy Master - Chu Su Co led Thien Vuong Van Tu to confront the Demon King Evil Sea and his encirclement. At that time, the battle between the good and the evil was extremely fierce, many people were lying down forever, blood stained the autumn afternoon. Also because the power of the Demon King was too strong, Thien Vuong Van Tu failed to retreat to Thien Son mountain to entrench.

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    I expect my readers to participate, now i'm rereading my own story :) I find it interesting too, what do you think about it? Please let me know what you think, so that l can improve my book. Thank you!

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    I’m in if it is e oo I Sad the PhD wee of June and it we if it it ifI

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33 chapters
Chapter1: Lost in steps
The scene at night is quiet, the dense fog spreads far away, the thin white smoke drifts quietly on the ground, bringing with it the chill of the night sky, numbing the skin. Some random wind is wandering in the lonely space, sometimes coldly reflecting, whether intentionally or unintentionally, gently blowing away the unpleasant fog, silently residing here, forcing it to disbanded immediately. In the faint fog, the invisible scene gradually revealed the scene here, which still wanted to hide in the cold windy winter night.Under the fanciful moonlight, the only light restrained the cold night, making it yield to three parts."Where is this?""I'm wondering too!""What should we do?" "This place is surrounded by towering mountains, countless trees, only one road ahead, do you think we still have a choice, BlackCat!""Long Gia Hinh, why are we suddenly transported to this strange dark place, how strange?""Well, if they brought us here on purpose, I want to know what they want from us,
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Chapter 2: Murderer
There is a storm of hysteria rushing in, all of which combine to create a moment of extreme volatility, signaling an unlucky thing to happen here."Hmph... I want to come without your invitation, I want to go, can you stop me?" Long Gia Hinh was equally arrogant and bluntly replied."Yes, the road is for commuting, why ban it?"Huh...""That's a lie!"The black cat was also excited and shouted loudly, but before he could finish his sentence, suddenly from a distance in the air, on the top of a great tree, but withered forever.Under the dim moonlight, a large black iron chain rushed down to where the BlackCat was standing, so fast that when it heard a strange sound, it immediately rushed in front.Just for a moment, when that shadow almost touched the Black Cat, but not to let the villains quickly rejoice, Black Cat was even faster to dodge the surprise attack."Roaring ... "The long chain of iron was absolutely strong, the chains of unusually large entwined each other and ending in
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Chapter 3: Killer
Eight hundred miles around here is our ironclad territory, you dare to come here today, I don't spare a few yards of land as a grave for the unknown, in return I only ask for your heads You are like a gift to the king." Skiller quickly replied to Long Gia Hinh"It's true that when I open my mouth, there is only the smell of death, the method is very cruel, I don't know before I kill us, can I ask you one last question?" Long Gia Hinh smiled at Skiller and then asked."Why should I answer someone who is dying at my hands, considering I will do you one last favor, ask quickly." Skiller spoke magnanimously to Long Gia Hinh."Skiller! .You just mentioned the great king that you respect so much, so I ask if that person is the great villain of the demon king, the leader of your armored clan? "Long Gia Hanh immediately looked at Skiller with cold eyes and asked loudly.."I really don't know, the insolent brat, dare to call the king's name in such a rude way... Who is the great villain?""Grr
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Chapter 4: Aggressive scorpion
Each drop of transparent water gently fell, sparkling like pure and spotless gems, more and more, rushing down from the dark night sky."Rain? The Iron Armor Tribe has been a cold area since ancient times, why is there such an unusually heavy rain now?""Perhaps it was caused by this guy's fire? But wait..."Killer was still standing on top of the old big tree, unconsciously thinking in his heart."It's strange that the rain was so strong that the fire was not only not extinguished, but on the contrary, it burned more and more fiercely.""This brat seems to have some talent."Thoughts ran through Killer's mind consecutively, making him hesitate but not take action against Long Gia Hinh."Rumble..."A bolt of lightning sliced ​​across the dry, dazzling sky, as if to tear the night into pieces, each low-pitched lightning flash lit up the endless."Long Gia Hinh! Are you going to use that? Is this guy that strong?"Black Cat turned to ask quietly in the ear of his fellow student standing
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Chapter 5: Legendary Sword
"What is that? What is that giant circle?" Killer looked up at the sky and was surprised, involuntarily exclaiming."Very good, Long Gia Hinh, finally succeeded!" BlackCat cheered happily."The Legendary Sword Appears." Long Gia Hinh's left hand pointed to the sky, a glowing flame on the tip of his finger shot up into the sky.Suddenly that flame turned into a furious dragon, moving towards the giant circle containing countless mysterious texts above.Wherever the fire dragon flew, the clouds and wind drifted there, the red fire turned rainwater into smoke, thunder and lightning resounded, the angry roar of the Fire Dragon seemed to explode the whole sky."Now I know the source of the terrible power that Iron Snake discovered at the time, is from this brat, this name is really not simple!" Killer's face changed and he stared at Long Gia Hinh."It's important to clarify his identity because he might interfere with the demon king's expansion!" Iron Snake said to Killer, but only heard t
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Chapter 6: Loser
"Did my iron mace fail against an unknown person like this? Really unbelievable!""You bastard, I have to kill you to get revenge!"Killer raged in fury, never seen him like this before."Is that your true form, Killer?" Long Gia Hinh then asked when he saw Killer's body was filled with crazy black smoke, the human form that could not be human, the ghost that did not appear was transformed into many forms, extremely strange."What is the purpose of your existence Killer? Why sell your soul to the Demon King for just a little bit of power, it's not worth it!"Long Gia Hinh smiled sarcastically."He can do nothing but harm people and spread death, I don't think he can do anything else Long Gia Hinh!"BlackCat also rushed into the conversation."Then today I am determined to destroy your murderer to eliminate harm to the people, your crimes are unforgivable." The more angry Long Gia Xing is, the more intense the red fire surrounding the person will be."Bring one of my swords Killer!""
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Chapter 7: Serpent Thousand Years
"Black Cat quickly fly up to avoid the flood water..." Long Gia Hinh urged."Hey, this guy, I can't fly like you, Long Gia Hinh." BlackCat whispered in his heart, but he didn't think much of it, and then did as his fellow disciple said."Fly, fly, hey...""Oh, that's great..." Black Cat uttered, in his shining eyes the image of a flickering flame appeared, instantly transforming into the embodiment of a small Long Gia Hinh wrapped around Black Cat's body. and then gently lifted it up into the air."You can transform your comrades' power, the practice has reached a whole new level!" Black Miao asked curiously."I have gradually mastered and gained control of that power, ever since the great war with the Dragons." Long Gia Hinh replied."Um... Um... Ummm..."From above, thousands of waves simultaneously unleashed all their fury with floodwaters, in an instant, space was filled with water everywhere, erasing everything in a single flood. evil passes."Where is this water going, it's terr
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Chapter 8: Night Crow
"This feeling..." "The Fire Dragon is awakening..." "This Demon Snake must be very powerful to stimulate the Fire Dragon's instincts like that." Long Gia Hinh The said secretly because he could clearly feel a stream of hot air running through his whole body, the powerful energy in his body was frantically boiling as if it wanted to be released. Seal under the left wrist of the Long Gia Hinh began to react, the mysterious text was trying to fasten the Fire Dragon's body, so it had somewhat restrained that supernatural power. If this energy is allowed to ignite freely, I am afraid that even the Long Gia Hinh can't control the Fire Dragon Slayer. However, a small amount of Fire Dragon's energy still escapes to the outside. Around the body of the Long Gia Hinh who was standing on the flame of flame above, flickering a brilliant golden curtain, that light gradually spread and took over the entire air. That aura formed the embodiment of a majestic Fire Dragon behind the Long Gia Hinh, e
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Chapter 9: Blood pool
Iron Snake had just finished speaking, immediately a group of hideous snakes approached the victim's body, lying on the ground, groaning, opening his mouth and pinning two fangs deep into the prey's skin. Immediately the strange cries ceased, officially ending the painful days of that poor man.Looked at those sharp, transparent fangs of the snakes, which contained a bright red liquid, but then mixed with the deadly venom secreted by the snakes, gradually turning a black color.So the snakes of Iron Snake can inhale human blood to satisfy their animal nature, which is a different evolution of snakes from the Red Tribe."Good job Iron Snake, you must have completed the task assigned by the Scarlet Demon King." Night Crow immediately asked and attached a compliment."Excellent completion, remember to say a few more words for me in front of Red Demon-sama!" Iron Snake answered, but in response to his words was only a silence from Night Crow."Crow... Crow..."In midair a black area swoop
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Chapter 10: The souls are scared
"Shh... Shh...""Huh... Huh... Huh...""It's starting to get irritated..." Dark Crow watched the Co Dinh which was vibrating and said.Sure enough, ever since the blood was pumped into the Co Dinh, the inanimate object suddenly reacted and glowed with extreme luminosity. Surrounded by countless black auras whirring and scattering overhead, knocking kites like broken bees.From the surface of that blood and snake venom that suddenly boiled with devotion, something was stirring and bobbing inside the Co Dinh.At this time, the ancient Co Ding had turned a crimson color, fuming violently, forming a giant crematorium. .Strangely, the blood did not freeze, but on the contrary, before the terrible heat from Co Dinh, each bubble made of black blood shot up into the air, perhaps because it was mixed with the venom of the snake legion that it had change.At that time suddenly appeared horror arms dyed with black blood, rising from the inside of the top neck trying to swim and struggle. A serie
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