Chapter 10 Homunculus Tiger

Manasi could feel his cold sweat starting to trickle down his forehead as he swallowed his saliva. 

He took a deep breath.

"The Abaddon race is very ruthless. Dealing with them is pretty awful. Absolute caution is needed. One wrong move would result in an unimaginable consequence. " 

'Beep!' Beep!'

The hologram of the devices was finally turned off. Inside the room, a passage on the wall began to open.

" I believe this passage leads to the daughter of Hadem." 

As Manasi contemplated what to do next, then all of a sudden, the facility began to shake. The text of the Spirit System, start to appear in front of Manasi. 

'Contractor, a large group of homunculus beasts is heading here. They are moving fast.' Spirit System

"I should have expected them to come faster." He said as sweat started rolling on his forehead.

He then headed towards the passage, opened the system map. The monsters were pouring into the facility. 

"Spirit System, activate [Guide] using the system energy!" Manasi said while frowning.

'Yes! Contractor, activate the [Guide].' Spirit System

This is the first time that he activated [Guide] using the Spirit System's energy.

Suddenly, Manasi's vision turned gray and his consciousness began to activate to its full capacity. He could feel every contraction of his muscles as he ran.

 His thought processing quickened, scenes of possibility simulated in his mind. 

"This is extraordinary! It is great!" Manasi said in admiration. He suddenly remembered something important.


With the quickening of his thought process. It was only now that Manasi remembered when Hadem had written something on the floor.

"It was the password." 

Manasi opened the door. He could see inside the room, a hundred seemingly advanced weapons lined up on the weapon racks.

This should be the armory room, Manasi said enthusiastically, "The advanced weapons look amazing! I would surely bring them, and it is not considered stealing because the weapons are ownerless." 



'Boom! '

An explosion could be heard from afar, inside the facility. 

'Contractor, a homunculus beast has picked up on your scent and is moving toward you,' Spirit System


Manasi clicked his tongue as he knew that sooner or later the beasts would find him. Even though his situation was dangerous, he did not back down. 

Manasi bolted at the weapons racks and grab these advance looking weapons. 

[Electromagnetic Pistol]

[Attack Power: 700BP] 

[Rounds: 10x] 

[Details: Strong Recoil] 

[Gravity Pulse Bomb]

[Stun effect: 1000BP] 

[Details: Dis-charge gravity]

[Sage Battle Suit]

[Defense Power: 900DP] 

[Function: Shock Absorber] 

[Details: Self-repair.]

[Electromagnetic Pistol]

[Attack Power: 1000BP] 

[Function: Single round every charged energy] 

Manasi only saw their names and basic specs, but not the hidden specs of the weapons, as it would require system power to identify this unknown item. 

Manasi is constantly under the effects of the [Guide] causing his muscles to twitch.

"Spirit System, for now, turn off the [Guide]." Manasi said. 

'Yes, Contractor.' Spirit system 

Just then, his thought process started to slow down to a normal level. He could no longer feel the heavy load on his muscles. He is suddenly hit by a splitting headache. He felt dizzy. He finally felt normal again. 

"Spirit System? What was that?" Manasi said, while holding his head.

'Contractor, it is the backlash when using the [Guide] and system energy.' Spirit System.

Manasi picked up the launcher and strapped it over his shoulder, holding the laser knife in his left hand and the pistol on his right.

He stares at the Sage power suit while touching its frames.


"Such a pity, it's too big for me to use. The Sage Race has a much bigger build than humans, so using it would only be a burden," he said while shaking his head.

"Spirit system, open the storage space," Manasi said as the three-foot portal began to appear next to him. 

He grabs the armored suits and devices from the weapon barracks.

Then put them inside the system's storage portal. 

He then stares intently at the five-meter-tall mecha.

"This thing is too heavy! How am I going to put it inside the storage system?" He said reluctantly.

"Spirit System, is there a way to bring this mecha?" He said he did not want to easily give up.

'Contractor, unless you can carry it inside the storage space, all I can do is scan the data mecha!' Spirit System 

"Spirit System, please start scanning the Mech data." Manasi is quite surprised and happy when the system informs him that it can scan the mecha data. 

'Contractor, complete scanning of Sage Mech.' Spirit System


Without further delay, Manasi hurried out of the storage room. In the passageway, Manasi advances towards the secret room.

'Contractor, we need the Star devouring Crystal that our target.' Spirit System

Manasi nodded in agreement while he kept running, though the weapons he carried were quite heavy. 

'Contractor, one minute before the beast catches up with you.' Spirit System

" I have no choice! Activate [Guide] and add the system energy " 

Manasi's thought process starts to heighten. His surroundings became painted gray.

'It's amazing every time I use the [Guide], combined with the energy of the system, I feel every fiber of muscle activity. This sensation is quite addictive' Manasi thought quietly.

Even though the monster is rapidly approaching his location, Manasi dashes forward. He is very close to the last door.

Finally, he reached the last door. He was about to open the door.

When suddenly...


A noise was heard from behind him, ten meters away. Manasi didn't turn around because he knew it was the homunculus beast. 

Manasi could see the monster's reflection in the door. The size of the beast is that of an adult elephant with the appearance of a tiger.

"Spirit System, show me its statistics"

'Yes, contractor' Spirit System


[Species: Beast Tiger] 

[State: Abnormal]

[Rank: C-Superior-Tier] 

[Battle Power: 799] 

[Elements: None] 

[Aptitude: Superior Instinct] 

[Physique: Homunculus]  

[Other Detail: Hidden]


Manasi couldn't help but swallow his own saliva. It scared him just looking at the beast tiger's statistics.

The beast tiger advanced slowly at Manasi, step by step as if it were watching its prey.

''Spirit System, what are the chances that I will kill this monster beast?" Manasi asks the Spirit System. 

'Contractor, It is possible to kill the beast tiger if the contractor's plan is executed correctly.' Spirit System. 

'Thumb!' 'Thumb!'

Manasi took a deep breath, even though his heart was pounding fiercely. 

"Fortunately, activating the [Guide] helps suppress any negative thoughts," Manasi said.

He slowly raised his arm into his pocket. The beast quickly sensed Manasi's movement. 

The beast tiger tightened its leg muscles as it bolted toward Manasi. 


Manasi, at the same time, leaped sideways, synchronizing his movements with the beast tiger as if he had eyes in the back of his head.  

"Bat'el!" He said the password.

The door instantly opened, at the same time throwing the [Gravity Pulse Bomb] in a single, singular movement. 

The beast tiger bite missed Manasi, instead, it swallowed the [Gravity Pulse Bomb] in place. From afar, it would appear that the beast intended to eat the Gadget. 

The huge head of the homunculus beast smashed into the door. 


 Just as the homunculus beast tiger head smashed through the door. Manasi also landed on the ground. He quickly drew his [Electromagnetic Pistol] and fired at the homunculus beast tiger's vital organs.

 'Bang! Bang!Bang!'

Ten consecutive shots are fired.

However, he only managed to penetrate through the first layer of the muscles of the homunculus beast tiger and got stuck. 

Manasi's face twitched. He did not expect the Beast Tiger to be this tough. 

The [Electromagnetic Pistol] muzzle releases smoke as it overheats.


Manasi clicked his tongue as he threw the [Electromagnetic Pistol] aside. 

Even though it was hit by the [Electromagnetic Pistol] it didn't feel any pain at all. It continued to struggle, trying to get its head out.

The homunculus beast tiger head is still stuck. Just then, the homunculus beast tiger paused for a moment. It strengthened its legs and yanked its head forcefully. 

The Homunculus beast tiger manages to get its head out, but in the process, its ears are also torn off, due to the force exerted to get its head out. 

The appearance of the homunculus beast tiger is quite gruesome, as it gazed savagely at Manasi. 

The gushing blood on his ears slowly rolled over its face, and the lacerations on its body and face made it look terrifying. Manasi gazes, and the beast tiger's furious eyes are then locked together. 

"Spirit System, activate [Guide] to its highest state!" Manasi said firmly as blood kept dripping from the corner of his lips because of the burden.

'Yes, Contractor.' Spirit System

At this point, more system energy is fed to the [Guide], which has its highest effect. 

In Manasis' mind, the [Guide] activated his full survivability. It cuts off all thought processing in place of muscle memory and ultimate instinct. 

[Battle Power] >>> [Battle Power: 409]

[Combat specialist] >>> [Ultimate Instinct]

In this state, Manasis' body could activate ninety-nine percent of his muscle strength. 

Consequently, it causes a muscle breakdown, but it was the least to worry about, when one was on the borderline of death.

The Spirit System decision was to bet the life of the Contractor to have a sliver of a chance to live. 

The Spirit System was now fully in control of Manasi's body in order to eliminate its target.

Manasi bent his body slightly while releasing a bestial sound.


Time seems to have stood still.

End Of Chapter 10

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