Chapter 134 Thousand Talisman Spear

On the battlefield, a hemisphere like doom was insulating the battlefield, as the battle raged on with madness.


As the battle continued, the judges that were combating the behemoth slowly realized that they were being pushed back.

As the behemoths were rapidly evolving in the middle of the battle.

It was not a good sign, as the judges only had a hundred remaining after a long period of battle. 

But they had to finish the mission that the seers had given to them.

Even if that means they will all die...

At that moment, the judges had finally arrived at their respective positions as they gathered into groups.

And each group had the responsibility of safely guarding each point of the hexagonal diagram that they had formed on the whole battlefield.

They were marking the battlefield in preparation to use the ancient technique.

"Hold the line! Don't let the behemoths disturb the seal!" Jr. Mark

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