Chapter 135 Baal Physical Persona

"Spirit System...." 

At this moment, Manasi was growing impatient. 

He had been waiting here with bated breath, under the pressure of being discovered by the Elite Abyssal Abaddons.

But still, he couldn't see a shadow of Baal. Maybe he wasn't coming anymore? Or what if he is already dead? 

Now Manasi's head was full of "what ifs" and "maybes.".

"Spirit System, perhaps you are wrong with your calculation..." 

Manasi tried to sound as gentle as possible to not harm the Spirit System ego.

[Contractor... It's the tenth time you're asking! Can't you just shut up and wait for Baal to appear?]

Hearing the Spirit System words, Manasi became mute, as he shrank his head. 


He then felt someone was pulling his side, and as he turned around.

He saw the innocent-looking, Tribulation Rabbit, munching on his precious Plasma Fang Sword with a relish. 

His sword was now only l

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