Chapter 180

"Why did you betray the one who is seated on the throne?"


The false god became silent, as sadness appeared in his eyes while he whispered.




At that moment, Manasi saw a window of opportunity.


[Contractor, now!]


Manasi's gaze sharpened as he pumped all his remaining energy into the sword. As it emitted an aura of destruction.


Without hesitation, he swung his sword toward the right arm of the false god, where Mr. Lee Zhang was.


"Ultimate Crescendo, First Form: Sever!" Manasi roared, as veins bulged in his neck.


"Stop!" The false god shouted while he attempted to stop the sword energy.

At the same time pulling his arm away, but it was already too late.


'Bang!!' A loud explosion of elemental energy occurred.




The transparent barrier broke apart, and not just that, there was no sign of the sword energy stopping as i
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