Chapter 43 Lucust

"Activate [Guide]" Manasi whispered, then his pupils turned gray.

"Sage Berserk Mode!" He said.

His stats began to increase rapidly as the muscles on his lean figure began to bulge. His size started to increase by ten centimeters. He felt power flowing through his veins.


[Name: Manasi Shalom]

[Species: Human]

[Rank: C-Peak-Tier] >>[B-Intermediate-Tier]

[Battle Power: 998] >>[Battle Power: 4897]

[State: Health/Calm] >>[State: Deteriorating/Abnormal] 

If Manasi looks at himself in the mirror, he would be surprised at how buff he is.

'Contractor, your body wouldn't be able to take the burden, make sure to plan your attack' Spirit System

In Manasi's hands, two [Laser Knife] appeared, He then observed his approaching opponent, while he stretched his legs in a cheetah-like posture.

"Huh?" The Monster Jezebel was surprised when she sensed a sign of danger coming from Manasi. Her expre

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