Chapter 44 Conflict Inside The Facility

"Raise your hand and don't make me repeat myself or I'll kill you both personally." said the bald man with the buffed-looking muscles that were peeking out from under his shirt.

Manasi ignored the threats the bald man was saying. While he took a glance at the other special individuals in the room, their aura was frightening.

'Spirit System, show me their statistics.


[Lyra Hamlet (Human) (Rank C-Peak)]

[Cynthia Hamilton (Human) (Rank C-Peak)]

[Rico Vegas (Human) (Rank C-Peak)]

[Anthony Barack (Human) (Rank C-Peak)]

[Jeremy Linux (Human) (Rank C-Peak)]

[Marcus Templar (Nephilim) (Rank B-Lower Tier)]

When Manasi looked at their stats, he was confused as he did not expect them to be humans, except for the Leader.

This is unexpected, that Jezebel would not corrupt their human blood. They must be planning something. Also, they are peak superhumans, so with their equipment b
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