[ETOEB1//51//] Haventales

Chapter 51


Krystelle's POV:

After Carter got fully healed from poison and that after knowing our Tribe Clans, all of us were parting our own separate ways. I still can't really believe I reached here to the ministry and passed the exam.

The more I couldn’t believe that my classmate would also be the Ensorcell I disliked the most of all - none other than Luna Seattle. How could she pass the exam without even going through the hardships and trials?

But instead of focusing on him and getting angry, and it just wastes my time to think about her. I am in the Guild of my Tribe Clan which is the Haventales and that I need to study according to their expertise.

Almost only female Ensorcells are here, except for Vrax?

I wasn't expecting fancy the interior of the room. Very feminine and almost everything is in the color of black and fushia.

Since our tribe leader is a powerful witch, I guess this is the reason why it is meant to

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