[ETOEB1//58//] A Finx and an Anu

Chapter 58

A Finx and An Anu

Ming's POV:

"Ming Rovanos"

"Yes Mr. Landeer?"  I politely asked.

"Where is your brother Orme? He's been out of class for a few days. Even though he is said to have passed the enrollment examination and then this is how he behaves in class. He's such an unpunctual Ensorcellor.

"For countless times Mr. Landeer, He's not my brother. He is from the race of Anu while in cotrast to mine, I am from the race of Finx, you can clearly see the difference. But rest assure, I'll find him  . "

"Oh You'd better be, You tell him he's about to be expelled not only from class but from the institution itself if he doesn't get serious and serious."  Dryad's last announcements Mr.  Landeer.  The class was then dismissed.

I have absolutely no idea why I was assigned by Mr.  Landeer in this task to be Orme's messenger.

I don't know what is with that pup!

It's just the beginning

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