[ETOEB1//78//] The Final Chapter: Everything you see ain't always What it Seems

Chapter 78

The Final Chapter: Everything you see ain't always what it seems

Carter's POV:

The stranger slowly walked towards my direction and pointed his index finger with his long sharp nail on my chest while saying "Who are you beings, you mean? Young one. Let me just remind you, we are not from Earth."

I just looked at the old man's long nails and at my chest, A little faint of spark suddenly appeared from my chest.  I felt a little tingles.

Something was forming and activating from my chest. A hollographic crystal was coming out of me. I felt my chest expanding and I felt like my energies are being sucked away.

I fell down on my knees, as my strength was slowly decreasing.  Because of that, I just fell to the ground. I could no longer stand and get up. Just like I felt when I removed my amulet.

"Your body has absorbed the powe

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