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" I can't believe you would do this to me, after everything I have done for you," Frederick said with a sad face looking at Davina Davina was one of the hottest girls on campus and she had used Frederick for her self-gain. She made him do most of her assignments and also do her laundry. " Do you think I would love a guy like you? You are broke and can't afford me." Davina taunted as she looked at Frederick who looked at her as she cheated on him with Jonas. " Scram off! I don't want to waste my time having to deal with paupers like you." Jonas shouted at him Frederick was at his weakest point. He woke up the next day feeling rejected and took his phone. A mysterious app downloaded itself and automatically launched. Asking Frederick to input his name and play the game. " Woah! This is so cool." Frederick replied as he added his initials and played some games. After winning the first level, a message was shown on his device. " Will you cash out a sum of $450000 or do you want to keep playing? You are to spend all the money within a week if you want to keep playing." Frederick was lost, he decided to cash out the money and an alert of $450000 was credited to his bank accounts. Will Frederick use the gaming system to his advantage to defeat Jonas and get his girlfriend back? Read about how the system served as a life changer for Frederick as he tackled the most dangerous guy on the school campus.

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    To all my viewers pls...your opinion about the book would be really appreciated...chapter 45 has been reviewed.........

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    This is a nice write up..i am falling in love with it already

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    I am starting to fall in love with this story..... anything that deals with love is my thing...I will like to see when this will end ...keep it up author ...

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    Nice storyline...it is quite intriguing

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83 chapters
Chapter one
System ActivationI just finished my assignment and of course my darling Davina's own too. " I am the luckiest man on campus for her to have said yes to me." I couldn't stop thinking why Davina had chosen me out of all the hot guys on the campus. Many had craved her attention but she chose me.*************************************************************************One sunny afternoon as I walked past the cafeteria we bumped Into each other. " I am so sorry," I said gently helping her to pick up her books which fell on the floor as we collided Davina looked at me and smiled seeing I was apologetic. " You don't need to feel all sorry about all of this. This was my fault too. I should have looked it up. My name is Davina." she extended her hand for a handshake.My heart skipped a bit " Is this some kind of joke? Why would she want to be a friend with a loser like me?" Many students don't want to be friends with a loser like me. The fact that I was Intelligent and smart didn't count
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Chapter two
A SYSTEM THAT BESTOWS WEALTH I watched as the gaming booted [10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90,100][ Attention, The gaming system has been successfully installed. You will be asked to play a few missions to determine your fate. Please note you can turn your gaming coins into actual money] I read through the instructions and was dazed. " Is this true? Can I turn my poor fate around by just playing a few rounds of the game and earning some coins?" my heart skipped a beat and I thought of what I could accomplish if I was able to earn a lot of coinsMy phone went blank as I anticipated the next move. A panel only I could see appeared right in front of me. [ Ring! Ring!! ]A Super Mario sound was initiated while I looked at my screen and wondered what was going on. I tried moving away from the main page but I noticed my cursor was stuck on only the gaming mode [ Game Name: Frederick Westers ][ Level: 1(0/100) ][ Skill; Basic Human][ Game point: 0][ Mission: Collect as many coin
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Chapter three
DATE WITH ROSETTAJonas walked up to me and laughed " What are you doing here pauper." I smirked "What do you expect? I had come to shop like everyone here." Davina looked at me and laughed out loud leaving me and Jonas to argue. Davina was about to pick a cloth when I said out loud " That is mine. I bought it already." She looked at the price tag on it and looked back at me " I am sure in your wildest dream you can't afford this."I looked back at the lady in front of me " I would like to shop everything I am seeing at the moment. Can you please tell every buyer to leave the boutique? Can I get your name, please?" " Evelyn."" Alright. Miss Evelyn, I need you to exit every buyer at the moment. I need to do my shopping." I requested politely Jonas and Davina kept looking at me and smiled. " What are you trying to do? I am sure you must have been sent on an errand by someone rich. There is no way you can afford everything here." I heard Evelyn make an announcement telling everyon
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Chapter four
COMPLETING MY FIRST MISSION Rosetta looked at me and smiled " I don't understand why you have to suffer so much humiliation when you can afford a lot of things. I knew you were the one who just bought the entire clothes in the King Ventures store. If you could afford all of that why are you playing this game? Don't tell me you believe in love because it is just a fantasy."" Would you be my girlfriend? It doesn't have to be intimate. I just need you to be there when I need you and to answer my calls when needed." I said back at Rosetta trying not to answer her questions." Like I have said you need to show me that you can afford me. I don't need your words. I need action." Rosetta said putting on her shades with her hands on the wheel. " When you make up for mind, come find me." She gave me a piece of paper that looked like it had her phone number and home address. " I can..." Rosetta does off before I can finish my last word. I looked at the card and smiled. I don't blame her, she
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Chapter five
SHOW OFFRosetta's words came at me like a rushing wave and I knew I had to show her how serious I was about taking revenge on Jonas. I looked at my account balance and saw I was still buoyant to get myself a luxurious car. " Oh yes! That was what I was going to do." I looked at the school calendar I had plastered over my wall and saw the day was Prom Day for the university. A sinister smile played on my lips.I left the campus and hurried like a little rabbit towards the nearest high-end car dealership. The gleaming showroom beckoned, and with determination, I stepped in, ready to make a statement with my new wheels.As the sales representative greeted me, I scanned the showroom, eyes fixated on a sleek, midnight-blue sports car. Rosetta's doubt fueled my determination, and I declared, "I'll take that one." With the paperwork signed, keys in hand, I revved the engine, ready to roar into a new chapter of my life. I took my new bluebettle car for a spin around the city and drove to th
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Chapter six
I WASNT SO INVISIBLE AFTERALLShe scoffed and smirked " You believe so much in your money. How much are you willing to spend to make me yours?""Did she just ask me what I think she did?" I asked myself as she drew me closer. I could feel her breathe against mine " Guess, you don't have the balls to take Jonas head-on. If you want to have the ultimate power then you'd need to start controlling and feel like you own everything."I stared blankly into Rosetta's face " Does that include you?" As the crowd applauded, I saw Eddy walk towards the M.C. and whisper something into his ears."Can I have everyone's attention please?"We immediately stopped waltzing and our attention was fixed on the podium. I disengaged from Rosetta and looked at Richard who was the M.C********************************†************†***************************I remembered I had seen Richard being bullied by Jonas. His family works for Jonas's empire. " You fool, you dare challenge my authority on this campus.
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Chapter seven
A FRESH START" Are you alright" I opened my eyes slowly to see I was in a neat and serene environment. I looked at my side and saw Rosetta, she looked at me " Frederick are you alright?" " It hurt." I managed to get the word out of my mouth " Doc! Doctor!!." Rosetta walked out to the doctor, who followed her back immediately." Oh, Mr Frederick, I can see you are finally awake." His voice was calming. I managed to look at him " Why can't I see? My head hurts a lot too. I could hear various sounds as if two metals were clanging in my head."Rosetta looked at Doctor Steven " Is he going to be alright?" " Of course, that is just the aftermath of the fight. I will have him given some pain relievers and he would be alright. As for your sight, I am sorry Frederick, I doubt you would be able to see with the left eye again." " What are you saying, doctor?"I was sweating and looking scared " Are you telling me I would be disabled?" " Don't get me wrong Frederick, we would need to f
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Chapter Eight
I AM GOING TO PUT SOME DIRT IN YOUR EYE!I looked at myself and saw that I needed a little bit of somebody to build. Thomas laughed seeing how skinny I was "You need a lot of work out man. You can't intermediate anyone in that body form of yours." "Hahaha..."I looked back and saw Flora laughing out loud " Well, I think I will agree on that." I wasn't bothered by her because she was with Zack who made me almost lose an eye. " I don't know what your plan was with Rosetta but right now, I can't afford your bill. What are your bills anyway?" I asked looking around. I stead on the fast thread mill machine and I hit the ground" Psst, you need to be careful. And you are not fit to do that now. You don't have to work on the bills right now. We just need to have you in shape in no time. " Thomas said walking back to his office " Are you coming?" I smiled " Of course." dipping my hand into my pocket walking behind him, some might have thought I owned the gym with how I walked " Take a
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Chapter nine
THINGS WENT BIZARRE [ BROKEN PHONE]A Super Mario sound was heard and my heart leaped for joy. My brain processed what just happened and I looked up only to be met by Jonas and Zack smirked: " Did they push Richard off?" I heard the wailing of an ambulance and it got closer. The men quickly stepped out of the van and I watched how Richard's body was lifted from my car and carried into the van. I clenched my fist and knew I had to take revenge for Richard Two policemen men walked towards me. One was looking exhausted like he had run over to the university upon hearing the news while the other was licking a sweet. He opened his mouth and his tongue was dyed blue from the candy. "You witnessed the incident, huh?" he said casually.I nodded, still in shock. "Yeah, I saw it. They pushed him off the building."He looked at me " They? Can you be more specific with what you saw kid?" I said back at me I was tired of everyone treating me like a kid. I had this small face but I knew my age.
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A TURNING POINT I watched Jonas laughing as he stepped out of his car " Whoooo! Little Fredrick wants to cry," he said jokingly but my adrenaline kicked in. I rushed towards him but I was stopped by Christopher who always followed him wherever he went. He tried to put his hands on me and I landed a heavy blow to his jaw[ Thud! ]He landed and was out cold. I looked surprisingly at my hands " What just happened?" I was shocked, I saw the look on Jonas's face and I immediately walked toward him " We can talk about this Frederick. You don't have to do this." I could see him walking back towards his carI quickly ran towards him but he was inside. He ignited and drove off leaving Christopher on the cold floor. I picked up my phone and looked at it. I bent down and cried. Not now when I was having it so good. I quickly walked to a phone repair center and dropped it. " When should I come back for it?" I asked looking at the bald man in my front " That would take a couple of days." "
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