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They asked his wife to cheat on him because he didn’t have anything. He was a good for nothing son-in-law. They all treated him badly. But one phone call changed his life for good. Leaping him to the top. But it also had a price to pay. Troubles to overcome. Who knew money could put you on such a spotlight.

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193 chapters
I walked into the house. Not knowing what I was going to find. But only relying on what my friend told him. I didn’t want to believe it, but just to get him off his back, I needed to prove to him that what he was saying was not the truth. There was no way my wife could be sleeping with one of my friends. That was not possible, and I wasn’t going to allow him to keep saying that about my wife. She was loving and caring. Always making sure I’m happy. Welcoming me every day at home with a charming smile and embrace. That woman I married would never cheat on me. There was no way. The living room was quiet. Nothing about it set me off. But I made sure my presence wasn’t sensed and noticed. I walked as slowly and quietly as I could. I checked the kitchen and all the rooms downstairs, but I saw nothing. She was nowhere to be seen, and she had mentioned nothing about leaving the house. She was from a wealthy family and she never went to work that much – been the daughter of the owner of t
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I was left heartbroken. I didn’t know what to do or what to say. She was right about the whole thing. Yes, I was a hard-working person, but I only received the position at the company because of her father. Because I married his daughter. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been where I was.So, all this time, she never loved me or she just stopped loving me and started sleeping with my friend. All because he was rich like her and she thought I couldn’t support her.I sat on the bench at the park, people walking and children playing. I had nowhere to go. The only home I was leaving in belonged to her family. And at the moment, I just didn’t want to deal with anyone. I couldn’t even go to Joseph because the bastard will tell me he was right about not trusting Pit. And I will have to relive everything, explain them to him.After a while, rain began pulling on me. And that was the only reason I decided to visit my in-laws. Maybe they can help. They showed me kindness than anyone else has.I walked
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I sat in the living room inside my parents’ house. They stayed a bit out of town with only a few neighbors around. After the barrier, I did not know what to do or go. But it was not like I had even where to go. The past few days have been filled with nothing but pain. I was trying too hard to understand why this was happening to me.First, my wife cheats on me with the person I thought was a friend. Then my in-laws allow the affair their daughter was having because it was with the son of the person they were in partnership with. Then me receiving a call only to find out my parents were dead.So, I was trying to digest it all. To get my head wrapped around everything. As much as I was in pain, I needed to get a job in order for me to eat something and buy clothing.“Justine, you need to eat something or you will be sick before we know it. I know you have had a rough week, but you just saying and refusing to eat aren’t helping anyone here,” Mateo spoke.He was a friend of my parents. And
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I stood there, dumbstruck by what I was seeing. If this was real or not. And I kept pinching myself for me to wake up because this was way too much of a silver lining to happen to me. Justine, the poor kid. Looked down and cheated on because he had no money now had a freaking mansion to call home.It was about two times bigger than the house of Maria’s parents. It looked ancient, of course. I mean, it was passed on from generation to generation. And my parents, because they were protecting me from whatever killed them, they had to move out and pretend that they were poor.I hurt them for that and love them at the sometime. Because I was alive only because of what they did for me.Me and Joseph kept looking at each other as we looked at our surrounding. They were workers actually, moving up and down, doing whatever they were doing. Some were just watching the house. Guarding it.“Why are they guarding the house if the person that threatened it is gone? You said because my parents have b
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As much joyous as having all this thing was, I was still a bit scared, I can say. Because I was going to be meeting with people that I have never seen before and that have never seen me before. They might like me and some might think I’m just a rich brat born into a wealthy family.So, all the possibilities were overwhelming me at the moment. After my talk with Roland, he told me I was over thinking things and I needed to stop concerning myself with what happened to my parents. Instead, I should be grateful that they died for me and that was the reason I was there.But again, just blushing the matter way like that was rather a difficult scenario. I just can’t forget that some psychopath just killed my parents because he wanted their wizard flavor. The family wizard flavor. And for what I know about such people, they are never satisfied with what they want.So, chances are that he might come back for more, and because my parents went into hiding, he might think I will do the same. That
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I couldn’t believe I was surviving. I have gone halfway into the meeting and everything was panning out better than I actually thought. Everyone seemed to be friendly to me and Joseph. Welcoming us like they have known us for years.I looked around and there was no single person around that was my age nor Joseph’s. they all looked to be in their late thirties or above. And no matter how many times I told them not to address me with respect and just call me Justine, they carried on calling me sir – that my parents were too good to them all, hence the respect.“It is an honor to finally see you, sir. The last time we saw you, you were around one year. If I’m not mistaken,” he spoke, and they all laughed.I just looked at Joseph and he looked at me in a I told you so way. “Well, I couldn’t have been more delighted for me to be here. You all are nice people and I know why my parents trusted you to run the company in their absence,” I spoke.Their laughter died down and the one that sat on
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I just sat there, not knowing what I was supposed to do or say about the matter at hand. I didn’t expect things to turn out the way they did. After such a successful time at the wine company, my thoughts were it was going to be the same as the Arsenal. But I was proven wrong.“We can’t have a kid leading us. This place requires someone more educated in this area, and to top it off, he knows nothing about this place and what we make,” a man in his late forties spoke.I looked from Joseph to Roland, but their faces gave me nothing I could have used to my advantage, I was stuck. And my fears came back. What if they don’t like me? What if I fail my parents?“We just have to be critical about this. Yes, his parents had the majority shares, and that makes him our…. Boss. But do we have to allow this company to go down the wrong path because of blood?” he asked and people began talking almost themselves.After a while I cleared my throat and everyone turned to look at me, “I know this is rand
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The whole place was quiet. And only me and my friend seemed to be the only ones at the company. I thought of staying to work late and catch up with a few things. And it was worth it because I found myself smiling after that talk with Zimba.But just as we got out of the elevator, I heard people talking. Not too far from where we stood. I motioned for them to stop and remain quiet as I listened. As far as I knew, everyone was out of the company and it was dark.Could there be someone that might have remained to work late like me or it was an intruder?I gestured, and we began walking in small steps towards the voices. I sighed as I called to all my wizard powers just for the in cases.I peeked around the corner and saw two men speaking as they looked at some small silver object that one of them was having. I leaned to listen to what they were saying, but their voices were too low for me to get anything they said.What could they want? Did they work there, or they were stealing?My quest
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We stood in the forest for a while. I was lost in thought about what we just went through, what did my parents take from the two men and how did they end up losing it. What value does it hold that the men went as far as entering the Arsenal and stole whatever that object is for?I looked at his friend, and he was naked. Blood coming at the corner of his mouth — Joseph just wiped it away.“What was that? I told you never to follow those men. But you are way too out of control now. I know you want to find out who killed your parents. But putting yourself and my ass in danger wasn’t cool man,” he scolded as he took a jacket that I offered him. “And I’m telling Roland about this,” he spoke and began walking away.I just ran towards him, “where the hell do you think you are going? I can open up a gateway and we will be at home in no time. And I’m sorry you had to go through all these things. I should have known better than to just follow the two men. I acted like a damn kid and I’m sorry,”
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I parked my car in a parking lot, to a rather elegant bar I never thought I would come to. But I had what it took for me to be here. I looked at Joseph and the man looked as bewildered as he could have managed.He was now dressed in military pants, a black t-shirt and sneakers. It was like I knew such will happen — carrying extra clothes for him.“What are we doing here? We just survived whatever that was about,” he demanded as he looked at me. “You still have bruises from the beating, and you are going to a bar. Dude,” he added.But it was the only time I might have with him here. The other times we might be running from whatever was coming my way. The two men that attacked me didn’t want to even know the person who killed my parents. He was that dangerous.And those two were a problem on their own. Whatever my parents stole from them. And they wanted me to find it when I did not know what it was and where my parents lost the damn thing to.So, I did get what Joseph was implying. But
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