Chapter 12: Encounter

The suns sets and the sky darken. The lights lit up in every corner of the park. A different stall can be seen all around the place. Children run around excited about the game they going to play. Couples hold hands together as they appreciate the romantic atmosphere. Each stall has flower decorations on it. Nope, most of the stalls have a flower theme on them. From food to games. It's all flowers.

It's the flower festival that is held only in springtime in this city.

Konoha looks very cheerful and energetic.

"Awesome this is different from daylight… Ren, let's have fun.”

“Yup… That’s the main reason I bring you here.”

I said and pushed Konoha’s cheeks with my index finger.

Her cheeks are so soft and mellow.

It's addicting

“Stop poking my cheeks already…”

Konoha and I decided to play in every stall we saw. First, we saw a shooter staff, where you use a cork gun to get the prize.

I'm used to shooting guns,

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