Foodie Host Transmigrated Twice And Become A Son-In-Law

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Foodie Host Transmigrated Twice And Become A Son-In-Law

By: Hazeus OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Failing in his first world. Geon once again was asked to do a task in a modern world. And that is to be the bullied poor son in law of the first rich family in B city. "...." Realizing his identity. Geon wanted to laugh. Certainly, this identity of his will be tore down in his own initiative. System Dangena: ....


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Chapter 1
"Argh" I cupped my head when it suddenly ache. Slowly opening my eyes, what greeted me was the bright light on the ceiling that made my eyes slightly squint, thinking that maybe my eyes was already damaged because of the brightly lit room. ".." I know it sounds exaggerating but I was already used to an area where there was no light for almost all my life. So after I found myself being able to see light in all of those 24 years of age. It was normal for me to think that maybe my eyes was damaged. ".." Who was I even talking to? I asked myself in a laughable tone. 'Me Host' My system suddenly said out of the blue which made me startled. Looking over at my system that was flying in the air and was supposedly in its visible because I saw that no one can still see her. My lips twitches as I then carefully looked at my body while these weird people was checking up on me and always arranges the strange water bag(dextrose) when it was empty. Yep, I am completely ignoring my syste
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Chapter 2
I smiled to myself or this smile was directed at 'Geon' who was fuming in anger because of what I just said. It cant be helped though. I did not know that this guy was easily provoked so it lead into this situation where the body he needed to use to complete the task was rejecting my entry. There was no more crying matter than that. So with a smile on my lips, my friendly attitude which was certainly fake was put into display. "I apologize for being rude a while ago" I started on saying. Seeing that 'Geon' did not mean on accepting my apology. I heaved a deep sigh and shook my head while opening my lips to say once again. "I am just a foreign soul that was sent into this world to do a task made by a person who was the original owner of the body I took possession on so I will not feel burdened by the fact that I just used this body without the consent of yours....." A long speech was formed by me. Even I was shocked to hear such a heartfelt speech. I am not so shocked when t
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Chapter 3
Looking over at the woman who just outright cursed me. I did not react as I stayed quiet since I still do not know what is happening. If the plot for this world was still being transmitted inside my head. So pursing my lips, I continued to listen to what this woman was saying. “Can’t you just be peaceful for a day? Man up Geon! Don't be such a wimp” Niezl continued to curse at me with those angry foxy eyes still staring at me. It was best not to answer this woman's curse. It served me trouble from going OOC(Out of Character) if I lashed out without knowing anything. And also, maybe this woman will lessen the anger he had with me. Even though I don't know why this stranger(a wife) was angry with me. But obviously. The woman seemed to not appreciate me being so concerned about her. As she furrowed her thin but curvy brows at me and shouted while pointing one of her nail polished fingers near my face. “Can you stay out of trouble? Why must you always have me suffer from humi
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Chapter 4
As in all of the son in-law series, the son in-law was always bullied and treated harshly by his wife parents.Which his wife only stood aside to watch this scene, not because the wife had already fallen out of love but because the two of them was not really engaged because of love in the first place.Since the patriarch of his wife family had arranged for them to be engaged.And her host, as a poor man with no 'back ground' can only accept his fate.It was not hard fr me to guess as to what was currently inside the head of my system.This look always appeared in my system butterfly face whenever she thinks of something that was worth twitching my lips countless times.But...Looking at the 'family' that the original owner had.My head suffered a headache, thinking that maybe a bloody fight was about to began.But with me as a weak party that was used as a punching bag by these 'family'.Sigh.Niezl, after hearing those words and knowing hat it was her most hated sister looked over wit
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Chapter 5 Unreasonable Result
"We cant meddle into a woman business" I said through gritted teeth.I was really angry by how Aldes is acting.He was a man!How come he was acting more childishly than this grown up woman that was fighting over something I really dont understand what it is fr?Aldes, as if not hearing what I said, still said to his wife in paper in an almost dignified and righteous tone."You needed to love the young Sister Nie, you need to pave way for them especially if you were already old and maybe will leave this world anytime"Aldes said, almost cursing my wife in paper.I was eft speechless.What the hell?Are you being serious right now?What is the kind of man is this?!Just having the thought that we were the same kind had me wanting to vomit all what I have eaten for the day.Even if I still did not eat anything after passing through this modern world.".."I looked at Niezl, and sure enough, green veins was already popping out of her forehead as she stared straight at Aldes.Her mouth ope
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Chapter 6 First Task
Returning home after being discharged, i only felt more tired than relax.Why?Because of the eyes that stared at me once i entered the mansion.Eyes that seemed to wish, it could bore a hole in my body."..."Speechless, I am.Being silent is all i can do right now.As I was about to go upstairs to rest once more.I stopped on my tracks when an elder suddenly called upon my name."..."I was like, reciting a poetry."...""Come and sot with us, Mr Geon" Mrs. Mau familiar voice with a hint of distance laced on her tone one when she said those words.I emotionlessly obeyed and gone to sit opposite from them but was still sitting in front of them.I did not feel that it was humiliating but still, I felt sympathetic towards the original owner.How can the original live a life like this?I can never live like this.Well, I admit that I was spoiled once to be able to say those words in confidence..But still... of the.....Even if I am not spoiled.I still know myself that I will never be a
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Chapter 7 The Patient In The Ward Need Rest
Niezl still left the room after the doctor had said that we were just bound with loveless marriage.So my wife in paper was not worthy of staying in my room.The doctor checked his list once again and said to me,“You can be discharged for a few days, you just need to recuperate here until your body gets better and also,...” the doctor said to me but then paused as he arranged the glasses laying flat in front of his eyes.“You are welcome” the doctor gave me a meaningful smile before he said these words.My lips twitched at these words as I was left confused for a moment.“Why are you saying your welcome when I did not say thank you?” I asked, very confused.Light flickering onto my eyes as I looked at the doctor dead in the eyes.There were no characters in the plot on sight, so my true character was going out without even my knowledge.“...”The doctor stared at me like an idiot but then smiled once again.As this doctor shook his head causing his stylish hair to sway right to left.
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Chapter 8 The Dream
The harsh sound of the chain rubbing against the cold and hard ground was particularly harsh in the quiet nightThe man holding the chain turned on his direction as he lazily laid the chain that was full of sharpened blades engraved firmly on it.Judging from the chain appearance alone, it should be new as it was too shiny on the eyes but except for the dust that the chain got because of the owner laying it on the ground without any careThis chain that had sharpened nails engraves on it was free of dirty bloodIt was particularly inconspicuous in this place where you needed to kill to surviveDing!'Host 00000000002, do you have the strength to start leveling up?'The man system said.The once quiet guy who wandered around endlessly revealed a smileThe white and handsome face because of being locked up inside the dungeon for too long without seeing any light seemed to shine as system Dangena slightly closed her eyes because of the sudden blinding lights."..."It was a mistake for he
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Chapter 9 The Dream II
Geon ate without paying any attention to its surroundings.As system Dangena too did not pay attention to its Host as she looked at her own treasury box filled with gold coins.Her shiny eyes were too blinding to the eyes if ever someone will give her a look even if it is just a moment of seconds.But it's a pity that no one sees these shy eyes that blinded people's eyes.As the Host who was so near and close to system Dangena did not even bother giving a spare glance to system Dangena after having to finally get himself covered.Geon, meaning, only paid attention to the foods that were presented in front of him."..."Even if it was truly unbelievable to many, it was believable for system Dangena who went to worship money after seeing the once empty treasury box of her own was now filled with a lot of gold coins that her Host squandered immediately at her own exclusive store after getting it.System Dangena worshiped for a long time.As her Host, Geon also was not giving care to his s
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Chapter 10 The Dream III
He was so done for.At least, it was the one that was currently going inside his head.But then again.God finds it too easy for him or finds it too creepy and cruel for him as he was still a young little boy.Thug*The little boy, even if did not have the time to pray for his own safety, watched the monster that approached him fall into his feet with widened eyes."..."The monsters froze as he lay on the ground for a moment.The monster did not think that he would fall just after arrogantly gazing at his prey.The monster's green cheek flushed as he gazed at his prey in more enthusiasm after having been stimulated.The monster also did not forget to glaring at the rock that caused him to fall.He wanted to stand up and eat the human that was lying but face to the ground in front of him so the memory of today that can be really considered as his black history can be known to anyone.But little Leo did not give the monster a chance to get ahold of him when he stood back to his feet.As
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