From Squalor To Splendor

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From Squalor To Splendor

By: EBEST CompletedUrban/Realistic

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He was insulted, despised, and called all sorts of names by many because he was an orphan from a poor family who worked hard to make ends meet. Despite being poor and working part-time jobs, Justin was also providing for his girlfriend's family. Unfortunately, the day he considered as the happiest day since he became an adult turned around and became the worst day ever. Justin caught his girlfriend cheating on him with his boss. Instead of apologizing for what she did, she despised and broke up with him. As if that weren't enough, he was kicked out of the apartment he was managing. He got sacked by his three bosses on the same day. Just when he thought everything was lost, something intriguing happened. His life turned around for good within seconds.

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  • Angera Heywards


    nice book flowing with easy

    2023-12-14 20:26:32
  • Victoria T.O


    Highly recommend

    2023-12-03 17:10:02
  • Darken Ross


    A very nice read. Big ups to the author.

    2023-11-16 20:01:46


    Welcome to my New book. Check it out and tell me what you think about the book. Your support means a lot to me. Thank y'all my lovely motivators.

    2023-11-16 18:41:06
  • Royalmary23💜


    Interesting.... I recommend it

    2023-11-16 18:22:43
  • Oyekola fasipe


    A spellbinder with good plots! Quite a delight any day.

    2023-12-05 15:32:03
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85 chapters
Chapter 1 Betrayed
A butler could be seen carefully carrying an expensive bottle of wine up the staircase, ready to serve his master, as illuminant and decorative lights lit up the massive Grayson's hotel.Justin Ethan considered that day to be the best day of his life since he became an adult. Of course, it was. Because he finally found a lady who accepted him for who he was. A pitiful young man who is constantly mocked and humiliated by the majority. As luck would have it, it was also her birthday, and he was planning to surprise her with the small gift he could afford for her, using the money he had saved from his part-time jobs. His boss arrived at the hotel earlier with a lady he wasn't opportune to see. Fortunately, Justin was chosen by the hotel manager to serve the CEO.However, rumor has it that if the CEO happens to visit the hotel and you are lucky enough to serve him, consider it a blessing because your salary will be doubled that month. If only you could serve him well. As he ascended th
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Chapter 2
"Come on, Isabella. You mentioned that you do not have a boyfriend. Didn't you?” the CEO yelled at her."No, I do not have a boyfriend. Perhaps I did before, but not now," Isabella said to the young man before turning her gaze away from him to Justin, who was still enraged.Her words pierced his heart like a sharp arrow shot by an archer against his foe. "Justin," she chuckled, "you know I love you. But I have to consider my future. I can not live my entire life struggling to make ends meet. I need security, you know."Justin was silent, unsure what to say. His world seemed to shatter into a thousand pieces right in front of him.He loved Isabella dearly and was willing to give up everything for her.“So that's it, uh? You are just going to throw away everything we own because he has more money than I do?" Justin inquired, tears streaming down his cheeks.His body shivered like a wet bird, and the cold was about to take his life. "Well, it is not just about the money, you know. I'm s
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Chapter 3
“Yes, Liam. If he tries it, I will definitely do that. But I do not doubt that he will not act in that manner. Anyway, let us carry on from our previous position. I'm craving your touch, you know,” said Isabella to Liam, even though the cleaner was still in the room, trying to tighten up every angle of the room.There were bloodstains on the floor in addition to glass fragments.Liam refused to comply with Isabella's request; instead, he waited for the cleaner to complete and depart so they could pick up where they left off before Justin arrived and stopped them.A few onlookers started making fun of Justin after he was hauled from the hotel and thrown into the crowded street.Still, the guards made sure to beat him up until they were satisfied before kicking him out of the hotel.As he sobbed bitterly and wondered what to do next, Justin found himself dragging his feet along the street.He covered the cut on his hand with his handkerchief to stop the bleeding.He starts thinking back
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Chapter 4
Astonished by the entire situation, Justin pivoted to check if a worthy person was standing next to him or behind him.Sadly, he did not see anyone else standing with him—just the onlookers who had come to take in the lovely sight.In addition, a few individuals took out their phones and started to record everything that was going on in front of them.The extravagant display startled them and made it impossible for them to continue without pausing to see what would happen next. The guards waited for Justin to ask for them to stand, but he remained silent and just stood there.At last, he finally asked them, “Who are you talking to? I am the only one standing here. Do you not see that?"His coworkers were curiously stumped out of the company to see what was going on, and as a result of the commotion, the onlookers made noise.With his head still bowed, one of the guards replied, "Young master, we are talking to no one but you."“Huh?” Justin mouthed, assuming that it was a prank or som
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Chapter 5
Isabella froze as soon as she made eye contact with Justin, wondering why he was in Mr. Hemsworth's mansion.But Isabella never considered the possibility that Justin was the young man Ariana was referring to as her older brother, the one she was waiting for.Since Justin had been fired from his part-time jobs, she assumed he was looking for work as a cleaner.Justin, on the other hand, was perplexed as to how Isabella got there after he left her in Grayson's hotel with his former boss.Instead of saying anything, Justin chose to remain silent to see how everything would play out.Ariana immediately noticed the 22-year-old tall, young, and attractive-looking man. She jumped on him before asking her father if he was the one they were expecting.Ariana, 18, embraced Justin tightly and buried her face in his bosom. “At last, I have found someone I can call ’my brother '. Now that you are here, I do not think this house will be boring anymore," she admitted, her head still resting on his
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Chapter 6
Isabella said, "You know what, I think I need to be going, Diana," as she reached for her purse and attempted to leave the house."No one leaves, everyone must stay back and witness how I am going to be welcomed as a billionaire son and an heir to the CEO of the Transcorp Group of Conglomerates," Justin quickly declared to her after realizing that. Though he seemed to be kidding, Justin was serious when he said this.Isabella hesitated, unsure of what to say. She glanced at Diana and then Ariana, expecting them to respond, but they remained silent."All right," Isabella nodded and reclined in her chair, apprehensive.She felt as though someone had chained her up and then threatened to shoot her if she moved even an inch from her seat. She compared it to a prison.Her heart was hammering hard against her chest like someone was about to pull the trigger on a gun aimed directly at her forehead.Mr. Hemsworth was using his phone during that whole situation.A stunning maid materialized in
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Chapter 7
A short while afterward, the mansion was visited by 1,600 employees of the city where Mr. Hemsworth was living.They were all wearing their ID cards proudly on their chests, which disclosed a few personal details and revealed that they were employed by the Transcorp Group of Conglomerates. The sheer number of employees Mr. Hemsworth had astounded both Justin and Isabella. It was unexpected by them. Nonetheless, that was only the staff of one city. What if all of his employees were invited to attend the celebration from all over the world? How Mr. Hemsworth managed the thousands of workers is only imaginable. On the other hand, the employees were excited to see their boss's son when they recently arrived at the mansion. With a big smile on his face, Justin was standing in front of them and they could not resist pulling out their phones to take a video of him.For security purposes, however, Xander made sure to designate two bodyguards to stand next to Justin.Mr. Fernando, Mr. Hemswo
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Chapter 8
The celebration started in a matter of minutes. The media team was working hard at their jobs, documenting everything that happened.while everyone was having a good time. After a few minutes, Justin got up to address everyone, including the online viewers, in person."Ladies and gentlemen, could I please have your attention?" With a curving smile on his lips, Justin asked while holding the tip of his suit.After everyone had turned to look at him, he said, “ I want to tell you all a story. So, pay close attention because I am going to ask you a question and then demand two different answers."Everyone sat still as they listened intently to what he had to say.He took a few steps forward and stood in the center of the living room, his hands tucked behind him and a smile on his face.He began, “On a fateful day, a certain man was on a trip to a certain city to seek help. It was going to change his life for the better. On his way to the city, he met a poor man who appeared tattered. They
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Chapter 9
Justin turned around to face Isabella, who quickly turned her gaze away from him in a different direction as she nervously played with a glass of juice in her hand."Diana," Justin said, "please step forward."“Alright,” Diana muttered and quickly stood up from her seat.She moved to where Justin was standing in the center of the living room. Unexpectedly, Justin enquired, "Would you kindly extend your hand to me?""Okay," she said, nodding, and held out her hand for Justin to grasp.With a smile on his face, Justin took her hand tenderly, akin to a groom preparing to place a wedding ring on his fiancée."Are you in a relationship?" he whispered as he leaned in closer."Um... no, what made you ask?" Diana answered in a low enough volume that only Justin, who was nearby, could hear her."It does not matter," Justin remarked, easing his distance from Diana. He said to everyone,“ I have no clue who this lady standing beside me is. But based on what I have seen so far, I am positive that
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Chapter 10
After smiling at him, Justin removed his hand from Liam's shoulder. Ready to begin the game, he slid both of his hands into his pockets.He sighed and then walked back to his seat and sat down, crossing his leg against the other as two bodyguards stood behind him with their hands tucked behind them.He started."Explain this riddle to me. You have the chance to keep getting contracts from my father's business if you answer the question correctly, which means you won the game. On the other hand, your company's name will be removed from the list if you fail. Are you prepared?""I am," Liam replied, nodding."Good boy," Justin remarked. He began. “ What goes on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three legs at night? You can go ahead and answer.”Liam stood speechless, trying to figure out what the riddle was all about. It was his first time hearing a riddle like this."Are you lost?" Justin mockingly inquired.Liam remained silent as he continued to think about a thou
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