Complementary Chapter 8

      "That crazy lady must pay."

    He kept on walking as though he was going to make the earth split. That was nothing close to what he did have in his mind. He was raging and boiling. He felt like some Voluptuous volcano which had been made to mar the rocks which by birth had been pompous to it. 

    He didn't know how long twould take him to get to her place but he would get there. His eyes were hurting, his heart aching. He would fiddle with almost everything but his siblings. That would be more than crazy for him: to be the eldest and have no relevance. How belittling that would be. 

     The day was bright. Super bright. The apt azure was clean and few clouds were hanging about the business of the hay for the day. The sun was stealing a lusty look from the heights. She seems to be basked in mood that lackluster  but had no one to tell her that. 

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