God hunter system : The punisher

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God hunter system : The punisher

By: Seojuna OngoingSystem

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In a world filled with monsters and demons, hunters are the ones who protect humans from the relentless attacks of these creatures. They are admired and respected in society and have access to any service. At least almost all of them. Fanel is a hunter considered the weakest and is therefore despised and mistreated by all. Despite his strength of will, his physical weakness and lack of talent persist. But during a mission in a dungeon, he receives an unexpected offer from the system, thus obtaining a unique ability: the God Hand. This faculty not only gives him phenomenal power but also allows him to become the most powerful hunter. But the system has a condition to this power, Fanel will have to punish other hunters who have turned away from their role as hunters to exploit normal humans Fanel must now navigate this dangerous world as the self-proclaimed enforcer of justice. He will not only have to fight monsters and demons but also hunters while hiding the identity of the famous punisher he now embodies.

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God hunter system : the poor hunter
Arcus is a realm where urban and fantasy mingle. These two worlds live on the fringes of each other, but it happens that monsters and demons find themselves in the human world. These events are called rifts.Rifts are a constant threat to human life. To overcome this threat, God has created a system allowing humans to defend themselves against monsters and demons: the God Hunter system.This system grants chosen humans supernatural strength and skills to fight against monsters and demons.The chosen humans can develop their skills until they reach high ranks, giving them privileges in society. However, the more powerful they become, the more arrogant the hunters become, and they begin to abuse their power over normal humans._________________________[Name: Fanel Hunter Rank: EGuild: Flawless Skill: Instant Wound Regeneration.]Fanel could add, [Title : The weakest]. He laughed. Fanel is 20 and has already been in this guild for three years. Unfortunately, despite his will and deter
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Duty or fame
The streets were filled with people who had come to greet the members of my most powerful guild in Arcus, the Behemoth. The rift that had been reported earlier was cleared due to their intervention, and everyone was cheering for this new triumph. There were three of them, considered the strongest hunters in the world according to the latest survey. These two men and one woman were what one could call the high-tier elite, and many young hunters dreamed of reaching their level someday.They had it all - fame, money, and privileges. In a society where the lives of humans depended on hunters, the more important and strong a hunter was, the more people fawned over them. Though they were meant to serve the population, they were the ones in command. The victorious hunters marched through the crowd, amidst the flashes of photographers and the adoration of the crowd. The two men grinned and raised their hands like celebrities on a red carpet, waving with fake smiles. It was obvious they were f
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Stay away
The rift was huge. It was normal, given that it was an SS-type rift. People were running around as dark lightning tore through space around the rift. The lightning struck the ground, cracking it, and the infernal noise made the proximity to the rift unbearable for mere humans. Fanel arrived, finding many houses destroyed, while the fire and police departments were doing everything they could to evacuate the remaining people. But with the beams coming out of the rift, it was difficult. Fanel looked from left to right, but there were no hunters in sight. However, the system had just signaled a fault."I guess these assholes decided not to deal with it," Fanel shook his head before hearing moans under the rubble. He concentrated on finding the source of these lamentations and set his gaze on a house whose balcony had fallen. He ran towards it. Under the rubble, he found a grandmother and her 3-year-old granddaughter. "Young man... Save my baby first," the old woman spoke, and Fanel nodd
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Don't want to live anymore
"Oi Fanel, my friend, I have been looking for you everywhere," Fanel frowned. Since when had he ever been Reinhard's friend? He shook his head and decided to ignore this weirdo. Every time, that asshole tries to use him for something dirty. Why not extort his poor pay when he has four times the salary that Fanel receives?Fanel decided to ignore Reinhard and his gang. He had just suffered another humiliation, and he didn't feel like being mistreated again. "Hey, I'm talking to you," Reinhard put his hand around Fanel's neck, preventing him from moving. "It's not nice to ignore me like that when I came all nice for you," Reinhard spoke coldly as Fanel's heart trembled. What did he want? His money? He indeed rackets him every time he wants to make bets."I…I don't have any money…" he spoke in fear. "Ah, but let's see Fanel, you hurt me. Our relationship is not just about that, let's see." Reinhard withdrew before crossing the fatty. "Good news for you Fanel. We are going with you on a mi
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An exuberant being
Welcome~~~" the man happily announced as Fanel stood up, massaging his neck as he get up."But what the hell happened? I was falling into the void and I already knew I was going to die. So why am I here and what was that system window earlier?""Hello," Fanel jumped up as the man from earlier was behind him, patting him on the shoulder."Damn, you couldn't be more discreet. I almost had a stroke. And who the hell are you?" Fanel screamed before calming down. He had to, especially since this place seemed strange to him. It looked like a throne room."Right…this is my castle and you are in my throne room," the man spoke far too perky for Fanel as he took full measure of the situation."You saved me?" Fanel saw a door in the distance and decided to leave. This guy was way too weird and...He stopped abruptly. "Wait…how did you guess what I was thinking earlier?" He complained, pointing at the man who smiled."Ah, I thought I had made a mistake in my choice. But anyway…" He punched his fan
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God hand
[Congratulations, master. You have just unlocked the God Hunter system ultimate skill. The system will now explain what it is and all the parameters of this skill.] Fanel gulped. He could never have imagined in his life that he would obtain such a privilege. He, who was always the last, whose power made him feel ashamed and ranked last, would now possess the supreme power. It couldn't be a dream, could it?"No, it is indeed the reality, dear chosen one Fanel," Kamisama confirmed, his cheerful expression fading momentarily.Fanel sighed. Kamisama always did as he pleased, even when Fanel explicitly asked him not to interfere in his head."Yes, I'm like that. What's the point of having the means if it's not to use them?" Kamisama replied, seemingly reading Fanel's thoughts.Fanel reluctantly agreed. It seemed that those with power always had the privilege of using it as they wished. The line between using it and abusing it was razor-thin. Could he keep a cool head and not be seduced by t
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Mastering his power
Fanel turned around immediately after Kamisama's sentence."Never take a life, regardless of the abuses of the guilty hunters?" Fanel questioned incredulously. It seemed strange to him that such an order would be given, as he had never intended to take the life of his fellow hunters. It was completely inconceivable to him, even if there were some, he admitted, that he would like to seek revenge against."Ah, if that's the way it is, then no worries," Fanel replied, trying to brush off the condition.Kamisama smirked mischievously, slapping his fan into his hand. "Indeed, killing is not an option...even in the most delicate situations," he whispered to himself as Fanel turned to look at him.Fanel nodded, realizing that it should have been obvious for anyone who knew him even a little, or at least a God like Kamisama, to guess that he would accept this condition without hesitation. He wanted to help ordinary humans, even if it meant opposing powerful hunter guilds. He had witnessed enou
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Into the Rift
Fanel just had time to close his eyes for a brief moment when he found himself standing with the rift behind him. He had been abruptly transported into this world, feeling like he had been sucked into it. However, as he stood there alone in this unknown world, he felt strangely at home.Anyway, there was no longer any way to return to the other side since the rift opened by Kamisama was closing. Why would he even want to go back there? He had chosen to come here to learn how to master his new power, and until that was done, he would stay here. He didn't think Kamisama would let him come here if there was even a remote chance of danger. The deity cared too much for his chosen one. Moreover, Kamisama reassured him that he would be fine. Kamisama was not someone who would lie, and with his intrusive way of reading his thoughts, Fanel was sure that when he was ready, the deity would open a rift for him to return to his world... Or failing that, he would find a solution.He took a step forw
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Level up
Fanel had just beaten the trolls with disconcerting ease. In his life, he had never known that such a thing could be possible. He just remembered the comments between hunters on their return from the mission. They were all talking about how rifts with trolls were powerful and hard to fix, especially if these trolls attacked in groups of four or five individuals. But there, it had only taken him a single attack to get rid of more than ten trolls. It was obvious that he had reached an extremely high level. He smiled before feeling a few tingles in his palm."Ah, I haven't mastered this power yet… Even if the wounds are healed quickly, the discomfort remains the same." Fanel squeezed the point before opening the system window. He had to find a way to deal with both the physical pain and eradicate the discomfort of a wound once healed. "Is it possible to evolve my regeneration skill to this stage?" Fanel swallowed heavily as he waited for an answer.[The God hand has no limit and allows yo
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Come back.
Fanel was stunned; they weren't taught that in the hunter guilds. No one would have suspected that one could use the monsters to increase not only his equipment, but as he can see on the system screen, one could also use their energy: gems, to increase certain statistics in their stats.Why wasn't this noted anywhere?[It is the will of the creator of the system that hunters do not start hunting monsters greedily.] "I understand. If hunters learn that they can increase their stats by killing monsters, greedy and selfish as they are, some will do anything to kill as many of them as possible."They were already hungry for fame and reputation, so if they have a way to rise above the rest, no doubt they will do everything possible and unimaginable to dominate other hunters. "I see. System, I want to convert the gems obtained into equipment and keep another one in mana reserve."[Converted Gems]Fanel nodded before turning to his cave. His exploration was just beginning, and he is ready f
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