Grand Return of Alexander Fitzgerald : The Great Son-In-Law

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Grand Return of Alexander Fitzgerald : The Great Son-In-Law

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Alexander Fitzgerald was considered a trash bag by his in-laws. He was be-littled, looked down upon and completely worthless to many. To cap it all, adding fuel to the fire, his most precious wife, being the most beautiful, betrayed him without any atom of remorse whatsoever, choosing her company over him and giving him the shock of his life when her mother and brother presented him with the filthy divorce papers on the day of their wedding anniversary. But just when he thought his life was over, a twist turned-He has a secret indeed! "Dad, I'll be back within this week". The response from Mr. Fitzgerald, Alexander's father, came quickly, and it was filled with genuine excitement, "I can't wait to see you, my son." He is the sole heir to a Super Rich Consortium. Now, It's Fate's Redemption and yes, It's time for some mad fun!

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  • KayCee


    Still enjoying how Alexander is now a no nonsense guy. My kinda guy he is

    2024-02-18 16:36:59
  • KayCee


    This is a great story overall. Interesting characters and great writing style. I'm impressed, author. I'll keep reading till the end. full of intriguing suspense.

    2023-11-30 20:48:26
  • Faith.U.


    I love the story. Character development is superb. Thrilling and full of suspense. Not the usual trend. I greatly recommend.

    2023-10-30 20:37:20
  • Ryan


    Can you stop with the back and forth. It’s becoming redundant!!! Every time Isabella show a little resolve you throw something else out of left field that takes another 20 chapters to conclude!!!! JUST MAKE UP THE PLOT AND STICK WITH IT!!!!

    2024-02-17 11:25:35
  • Nikhil Katpally


    very nice story telling

    2024-01-03 07:28:49
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182 chapters
Chapter 1
After a long day at work, Alexander Fitzgerald decided to surprise his wife, Isabella Sinclair. Today was their wedding anniversary, and he couldn't wait to see the smile on her face when he presented her with a bouquet of fresh flowers.With a bouquet of beautiful roses in his hand, he walked through the front door of the Sinclair luxurious mansion with his heart brimming with excitement. But as he stepped inside, he immediately sensed that something was off. His mother-in-law, Eleanor Sinclair, was seated on the elegant sofa, her expression stern and disapproving as usual. Beside her stood Sebastian Sinclair, Alexander's brother-in-law, who gave him a condescending look.Sebastian's voice dripped with arrogance as he called out, "Alexander! Over here, now!"Alexander was used to being treated like a servant by his in-laws. He sighed as he made his way over. "Yes, Sebastian? What's going on?"Sebastian sneered, "Do you even know what day it is, Alexander?"Alexander held up the bouq
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Chapter 2
Isabella sat in her spacious office, sipping her coffee while engrossed in a conversation with a charismatic young man named Ruben, a big heir to Oscorp, a giant in the corporate world. With his ruffled hair, designer suit, and a grin that seemed forever in place, it was obvious that Ruben had all the characteristics of a playboy. He leaned casually against her desk, exuding a professional charm that was hard to ignore. "Isabella," Ruben said, "I've heard great things about your leadership in the business world. They say you're a visionary, a true CEO." Isabella raised an eyebrow, appreciating the compliment. "Well, Ruben, I try my best to lead with integrity and vision." Ruben chuckled, swirling the contents of his coffee cup. "I've been doing some research on your company, and I'm impressed by your achievements. I believe there could be a way for our companies to collaborate for mutual benefit." Isabella appreciated his straightforward approach. "Collaboration can be fruitful, but
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Chapter 3
Isabella was still trying to collect herself after the dramatic interruption when Alexander and Ruben stood face to face in the office. She felt a surge of shock and guilt, even though she knew she hadn't betrayed Alexander. To conceal her guilt, she quickly turned to Alexander and asked, "Alexander, why did you come here?"Alexander's reaction was not what she had expected. He scoffed and his tone was accusatory as he responded, "Isabella, I came because I was sure that if I hadn't, you might have betrayed me."Isabella's eyes widened in surprise and she felt a pang of shame. She had never wanted to give Alexander any reason to doubt her, and now he seemed to question her loyalty.As Alexander and Isabella stood together in the office, Ruben's frustration boiled over. His previous confidence had now turned into anger as he lashed out at Alexander."You are lying to me," Alexander declared, his voice filled with doubt and bitterness.Ruben couldn't contain his rage any longer. He tur
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Chapter 4
As Isabella and Alexander returned home, the weight of the day's events still clung to them, casting a heavy cloud over their homecoming. They couldn't have foreseen the storm that awaited them. Eleanor and Sebastian, Isabella's mother and brother, were there to greet them, their expressions laced with arrogance. The tension in the room was palpable. Sebastian, known for his condescending tone, couldn't resist being the first to speak, "Well, Alexander, are you finally ready to go through with the divorce?" Isabella exchanged a bewildered glance with Alexander. They hadn't discussed divorce, and Isabella was taken aback by her family's audacity. Her annoyance simmered beneath the surface, but she struggled to maintain her composure. With a firm voice, Isabella stepped forward, incredulous, "Why in the world would you two want a divorce without even asking for my opinion? What gives you the right to make decisions about my marriage?" Eleanor, equally arrogant in her tone, responded, "I
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Chapter 5
After Isabella left for her room, Eleanor and Sebastian found themselves alone in the living room. The air was still heavy with the day's tension, but they had a different agenda on their minds. Eleanor turned to Sebastian, her voice hushed but determined, "Sebastian, we can't allow Isabella to remain in this marriage with Alexander. It's clear that he's just a liability, and we need to ensure her future is secured." Sebastian, sharing his mother's ambition, nodded in agreement. "You're right, Mother. Isabella deserves someone better, someone who can provide her with the life she deserves." Eleanor's eyes glinted with a steely resolve. "We need to make sure they get a divorce, Sebastian. It's the only way to secure her future." Sebastian, who was eager to carry out the plan, chimed in, "I'm with you, Mother. We'll do whatever it takes to make sure Isabella ends things with Alexander." Eleanor leaned in closer, and they both began to mock Alexander, their laughter filled with cruel sa
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Chapter 6
In the bustling heart of the city, there stood a shopping center that was renowned for its opulence. Marble floors gleamed under the soft golden glow of chandeliers, and luxurious boutiques lined the sprawling mall. People of elegance and affluence strolled through its polished corridors, indulging in retail therapy. Amidst this grandeur, Alexander stood waiting, a distinct figure in the crowd. His sharp suit and confident demeanor marked him as a man of stature. Just as he was beginning to wonder if the butler he was here to meet had been delayed, he spotted an elderly man approaching. This distinguished butler, known as Mr. Thompson, had been a loyal servant of the Fitzgerald family for decades. His silver hair, though thinning, framed a kind face marked by the wisdom of years of service. As they exchanged greetings in the elegant atrium of the shopping center, Alexander could feel the weight of his family's legacy bearing down on him. They found a secluded corner, away from the
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Chapter 7
The next day arrived, and it was time for the family banquet to celebrate Isabella's grandmother's birthday. Alexander sat behind the wheel, driving the car with a sense of acceptance. Eleanor, his mother-in-law, took the opportunity to share her expectations with him once more, her tone patronizing and judgmental. Eleanor had always held a sense of superiority over Alexander, viewing him as a humble, good-for-nothing man who had entered their noble family to be fed and taken care of by her daughter. As they made their way to the event, she made it clear that she expected him not to bring shame upon their family. "Alexander, please make an effort not to embarrass us at the banquet. We can't afford any mishaps that might make us look bad in front of our peers," she remarked, her voice filled with condescension.Alexander clenched the steering wheel, choosing to remain silent in response. He had grown accustomed to Eleanor's disdainful attitude, but today felt different. He had decided
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Chapter 8
The grand hall where the banquet celebrating the grandmother's birthday had finally started was nothing short of magnificent. Its luxury could take one's breath away. Crystal chandeliers decorated the ceiling, casting a warm and radiant glow over the room. The walls were adorned with exquisite paintings and curtains, reflecting the family's long-standing wealth and prestige. The banquet table was a sight to behold. It stretched across the hall's length, adorned with a dazzling array of delicious dishes and fine wines. The aroma of culinary delights filled the air, from succulent roasted meats to delicate pastries. The variety of foods seemed endless, a feast fit for royalty. The tables were elegantly set with fine china, crystal glasses, and silver cutlery, a testament to the family's commitment to perfection in every detail. The guests were seated at the tables, indulging in the culinary delights before them. Laughter and conversations filled the hall as nearly all the guests had a
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Chapter 9
As the party kept going, bantering and showing off here and there to impress Mama Christina, it was time for gifts. Julius's family, known for their pretense and conspicuous displays of wealth, began presenting the old grandma with a collection of extravagant gifts. Each gift was meticulously chosen to impress and flatter their grandmother. A vintage bottle of aged wine from an esteemed vineyard, accompanied by crystal wine glasses, a collection of luxurious silk scarves and shawls, each piece bearing a unique design, showcasing the family's commitment to fashion and style. A custom-made, designer evening gown, meticulously tailored to the grandmother's specifications, crafted from the finest materials and embellished with genuine pearls. Each gift was met with admiration and applause from the guests, who reveled in the impressive displays of wealth. The family members from Julius's side congratulated themselves on their ability to please the grandmother and reveled in their ability
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Chapter 10
As Isabella hurried towards their car in the dimly lit garage, the weight of the tumultuous evening bore down on her. Tears welled up in her eyes, and she felt an overwhelming need for space and solitude to gather her thoughts. Sebastian, driven by concern and remorse, abandoned the banquet and hurried after his sister. "Isabella!" he called, but his voice carried both an urgent plea and a tinge of regret. Isabella slipped into the driver's seat and swiftly locked herself inside the car, creating a small sanctuary where she could process the maelstrom of emotions that swirled within her. Sebastian, his anxiety mounting, approached her vehicle and rapped gently on the window. After a few moments, Isabella relented, winding the window down, her eyes red and tear-streaked.Desperation clung to Sebastian's voice as he tried to explain himself. "Isabella," he began, "I understand that we've been tough on you, and I'm so sorry for my earlier words. But please, just hear me out." Isabella g
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