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By: Mutuma J Karuntimi OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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52 members of William's family were killed in a fierce bomb explosion 9 years ago. Only he and his sister, Kate, survived the plot. They were luckily rescued by Sophia, William's best childhood friend, who was seriously injured during the rescue. 9 years later, William's finally back to Sophia's rescue. This time, whoever caused the death of his beloved ones is deemed to suffer.



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Chapter 1
After 9 years, William was returning, now an extremely wealthy and powerful top dog. It was a chilly Tuesday morning. The weather was calm and the skies blue. Being the early hours of the day, much of the city was still in oblivion. East of the airport, a bird “white Learjet 75 private aircraft” was prepping for landing.On the airport, a fleet of Mercedes Benz and Rolls Royce Phantom limousines surrounded by men in black awaited. Amongst the fearsome, tough-looking, no-nonsense men was Nicholas, William’s right hand man and one of the executor of his personal affairs.Shortly, the jet landed. As it was taxing to William’s private hanger, the men in black walked from the limos and aligned beside the red carpet to receive, welcome, and protect their rajah as was required of them.Momentarily, the jet halted in line with the red carpeting. The door opened and out came William, accompanied by two more men in black. He then shook hands with Nicholas and walked towards one of the limousines
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Chapter 2
The Eastern side of Kibich city was the dwellings of the wealthiest of the wealthy in Credonia. It was all surrounded by a serene environment similar to no other within the city. Amongst the well garlanded villas on the hill tops was William’s.The landscaping alone could only be equaled to that of a palace. From the look of it, one needed not much of information to conclude that it took the best of the best architects and engineers to make it happen. Not to forget, the billions William had to part with for its construction.Inside the villa, everything seemed so expensive that Sophia was even afraid of touching. Starting from the floor, it was so blue-blooded and polished that she could see herself through it. Only that, what she saw back reminded her of the painful ordeal. William noticed her reactions and tried to make her feel at home as he showed her to the 5 star living room.Alongside them, a group of uniformed people moved equipment around to another room beside the mega livin
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Chapter 3
With an assurance of their unhampered life together, they were both ready and willing to take it to the next level. On one bright and promising early evening, they both prepared themselves and looked their best. Their plan for the evening was to visit Sophia’s family for a blessing to have a wedding before they could continue with their lives together.Immediately they were ready, they boarded their limo and was chauffeured to Sophia’s family’s home. Since her family was also wealthy, the home was a 30-minute drive away, still on the Eastern side of the city. That evening, they were only accompanied by one more limo for their security. Not long, they arrived. Although it was getting late, her father had not arrived home yet. She took some time to mention some details about her family to William as they waited someone to welcome them in. Her grandfather, who was the kingpin of the family, had three wives. Each of the three wives had a son. Her father, Daniels, was the son of the second
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Chapter 4
The previous turn of events at Sophia’s home did not go well for William and Sophia both. This day, William had to do something about it. With the help of his wife-to-be, Sophia, he prepared himself to head out with only one mission in his thoughts. A mission to try saving their now at jeopardy marriage plans.“I see that you are disturbed by what your people had to say yesterday, especially the marriage cancelation. I got everything under control. No need to worry my dear,” William assured.“The truth is, I love you very much and wouldn’t want anything coming between us but…my family is not the best to go against. My grandfather tends to win always,” Sophia worried.He walked closer to her, pulled her by the waste close to him and gave a kiss, “I am equally wealthy and powerful. I am warlord, I never take no for an answer, neither do I lose.”“Very well then dear, may the spirits be with you.”“By the way, this is the 21st century…what’s with you and the spirits? We are much past the
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Chapter 5
At William’s villa, Kate and Sophia were left talking and getting to know each other. Kate had given herself the name Sky to conceal her identity. This was the name she used in all her endeavors and the name she gave to Sophia. As soon as they were done with the introduction part, Sky decided to share some of what had brought her to her brother’s home.Being a very good hacker, Sky had discovered a dangerous plot as she was doing her normal perambulations online. The Donalds, one of William’s enemies and, wealthy and powerful families and that were the greatest refiners and distributers of oil in Credonia had a canning plan to increase their wealth.She explained it to Sophia in details and how she was looking forward to get her brothers’ hand and work together to stop the evil plan. Sophia too had something to share as well. She had gone through much trouble since the day she saved William and Kate.Besides her helper, she had not another close person that she could share the story t
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Chapter 6
Upon Ruth’s discovery of the true identity of William, she had just started her mission as well. She swore to make his life a living hell and to cut in between any deal and crumble all of his missions. First she began by paying Peterson a visit as well. To drive her point home and get to convince Peterson to keep his decision, she had something special prepared for him.She first began by narrating the explosion story to him in further details. She then solved Peterson’s mystery of who William truly was. She made it clear that he was Jacob’s surviving son and the one behind the explosion at the reunion party 9 years ago.Comparing to the wealth that William had at his young age, Peterson had no other choice but to believe Ruth’s story. She then went forth to blame William for killing her husband, his father, a thing that left her in pain. She was willing to work together with Peterson to make sure that William is dealt with or squeezed out to another city away from them.Peterson agre
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Chapter 7
Ruth received yet some more burning news. One of her subordinates came to her with the news that, her greatest adversary had plans to buy a prime piece of land. That information yet disturbed the best part of her. Her suspicions about the new visitor in town started seeming true. She had to do something about that as well.She requested of every detail about William’s plan. She was more concerned with whom the seller was more than anything else. She knew that, with the name of the seller, all she needed to do was to offer him a sweeter deal and cut William off. As she was investigating, she found out that, the farm in question was located at a region said to have been bought by an anonymous buyer. It happened that, it was the remaining farm that had not yet been sold. Further investigation yet revealed more disturbing news. The anonymous buyer was none other but William.It was at that time that she was certain of her suspicions. William was in deed on a serious mission and she had t
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