The Return of Billion Boulevard

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The Return of Billion Boulevard

By: Edna_B Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Billion Everest was regarded as a nobody, his only achievement seemed to be getting married to the daughter of renowned lawyer, Joshua Brown. However, he had a secret which could have changed it all. After catching his wife cheating and he was arrested by his father in law, he was made to divorce his wife. But then, unlike crawling back to them like they had expected, he returned back to his father, Lord Boulevard and assumed his position as Billion Boulevard, heir to the Boulevard empire and then, he set out to take revenge on all who had mocked and humiliated him.

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  • Edna_B


    Welcome Dear reader ...️. Thank you for taking time out to check out my book. I'd really appreciate feedback from you and Happy Reading ...️

    2023-12-05 19:09:34
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    This is a very well written book. I am really enjoying the plot and storyline. Well done to the author and looking forward to more.

    2023-12-02 02:15:56
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141 chapters
Chapter 1
In the heart of the city lay an enclave. It was a place where opulence and luxury intertwined to create a haven for the affluent and influential. Welcome to the gilded realm of Glendalton. Where every home was a work of art.Standing out like a vibrant brushstroke against a backdrop of muted hues, Billion Everest could be seen.Billion had on a mismatched ensemble, his clothing bore signs of wear and tear. On his feet, he had on worn-out sneakers with visible scuffs and worn soles.To an onlooker, Billion had lost his way and stumbled into Glendalton, but that wasn't the case, he lived there.With a slight slump in his shoulders and a weariness etched upon his face, Billion walked home.Though he didn't want to return, he had to return to Stella Brown, his wife.To the outside world, Billion and Stella were in love. However, that was far from the reality and that was the reason Billion did not wish to return.He and Stella had met in college, it wasn't love at first sight, but eve
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Chapter 2
"I am so sorry". Billion said to the lady, attempting to rectify the situation."Are your eyes meant for decoration? Why couldn't you watch where you were going?!". The lady yelled "Please, forgive me". Billion begged.He attempted to clean the lady's dress with a serviette, but it was no use, her dress was completely ruined."Wait here, let me get some water". Billion said to her and turned, he bumped into the Brown family."What's going on? What have you done?". Beauty asked"It was an accident, I can fix it". Billion said"My mother asked what happened". Stella yelled. By then, a small crowd had formed.Billion explained what had happened and the moment he said it was an accident, the lady angrily pushed him and he fell to the ground."It was no accident. You did this on purpose. Just take a look at my dress! If they sell everything you own, it would still not be enough to afford this dress!" The lady yelledJust then, Joshua Brown spoke. "We're really sorry about this. As for Bil
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Chapter 3
Billion stood in front of the door. After he was allowed to leave the police station, the three men who had delivered the message to him, offered to drive him home, but he refused.He wanted to walk. He was aware, however, of the black car which was following him.He knew the occupants, it was those men, they were most likely following Lord Boulevard's orders.When he arrived at the mini mansion and got to the front door, he didn't have the motivation to push the door open.Billion, after a sleepless night filled with fear, worry, and endless thoughts, appeared exhausted and worn out. Physically, his eyes were heavy, with dark circles and bags underneath. His face appeared pale and drawn, with lines etched by the stress and anxiety that kept him awake.Emotionally, Billion was overwhelmed and vulnerable. His worry and fear left him feeling drained and emotionally fragile."Billion!". A voice said from behind him. It was Maria."You're finally back! I was so worried about you. What
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Chapter 4
"Mrs. Harvey, please," Billion implored, his eyes pleading with her to understand the gravity of the situation. "You mustn't say what you're about to. It could ruin everything."Mrs. Harvey's gaze settled upon Billion, a smirk dancing on her lips. The room seemed to grow quieter, the collective attention shifting towards the unfolding drama. A sense of anticipation hung heavy in the air, as if the entire room held its breath, awaiting the explosion of a well-kept secret.A cruel glint sparked in Mrs. Harvey's eyes, and she sneered, relishing the power she held over Billion. "Oh, dear Billion," she mocked, her voice dripping with condescension. "Did you really think you could fool us all? Do you believe that your fake pleas would stop me from exposing who you truly are? You, with your cowardly ways and empty words, are nothing but a spineless fool."The words hit Billion like a series of sharp blows, each one drawing blood from his wounded pride. His face flushed crimson, the weight o
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Chapter 5
"Are you asking me to steal?". Billion asked"Steal? Of course not. I'm asking you to help me retrieve, they're not the same thing. Joshua Brown can cause a lot of damage with that document in his possession.Here," Lord Boulevard said, handing Billion an envelope "This contains all the details you need to know"."Alright father, I'll go through it, but, if it contains anything crime related, count me out". Billion replied"It doesn't, I promise. Tomorrow, you start a new life". Lord Boulevard said and with a pat to Billon's shoulder, he turned to leave.Midway, he turned. "Did you forget something father?". Billion asked"Happy anniversary, son". Lord Boulevard responded.Billion's heart skipped a beat. No one had ever wished him a happy anniversary before. The significance of those words reverberated within him, igniting a spark of warmth that began to spread through his entire being. It was as if the universe had conspired to remind him that he was not alone.Tears welled up in Bil
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Chapter 6
"Excuse me? Mrs Harvey? The woman who's allergic to shellfish, owns many charities and attends church regularly?" Billion asked"Yes" Lord Boulevard answered"That's not possible. In fact, it doesn't make any sense. There's no way she would submit false documents against anyone, she's not into such activities.Besides, this accountant of yours has been in your company for so long and I believe he mostly deals with people who have shady businesses and top businessmen and politicians.So, how is it possible that he came in contact with Mrs Harvey? That woman mostly focuses on her clothing line". Billion explained"I really do not have the answers to most of your questions, son. But I received a tip from someone and after doing a little research, I discovered it was Charity Harvey who did it, her intentions for trying to incriminate him are still unclear to me.However, since there's no more evidence, I'm sure he will be released and he'll clarify things for us". Lord Boulevard said"Als
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Chapter 7
It was the start of a new week As the first rays of sunlight peeked through the curtains, painting the room in a golden hue, Billion slowly stirred from his slumber.For the first time in what felt like an eternity, there was no urgent knock on his door, no shrill voice demanding his attention.Billion stretched his limbs, relishing in the blissful silence that enveloped his opulent bedroom. His eyes, still heavy with remnants of sleep, gradually adjusted to his surroundings.With a gentle sigh, Billion rose from his bed, his steps unhurried and his movements unburdened by the weight of expectations. As he made his way to the window, a sense of tranquility washed over him. He drew back the heavy drapes, revealing a breathtaking view.The view before him was nothing short of awe-inspiring. Billion's eyes traced the outline of the luxurious Boulevard mansion.Billion then made his way to the bathroom, had his bath, wore a fancy suit and rushed out.As Billion made his way towards the
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Chapter 8
"I beg your pardon?" Billion asked."It's true." Sam repliedBillion's eyes widened in disbelief. "Sam, that can't be true! Mrs. Harvey is a devoted churchgoer, and she owns numerous charities, helping countless people in need.""I know it sounds hard to believe," Sam replied, "but I have evidence to back it up."What evidence? Sam, how do you even know all this?" Lord Boulevard asked."I'm curious to know as well. How did you get in contact with Mrs Harvey? That woman rarely does business with anyone who isn't a member of her church or a resident of Glendalton." Billion chimed in."Mrs Harvey employed me to work as an external auditor for her." Sam said."Who introduced you to her?" Billion asked."She said she found me through the internet." Sam answered."Continue." Lord Boulevard said."After I was done with my audit, I discovered that the revenue Mrs Harvey makes from her clothing line isn't enough to keep the line up and running.Also, it is nowhere near enough to keep up with h
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Chapter 9
Wednesday came quickly. Billion found himself standing in front of his wardrobe. Today was a momentous day for him, for he was about to face his past.As he stared into the depths of his wardrobe, Billion's mind became a whirlwind of emotions. Memories of the past tugged at his heartstrings.With each outfit he considered, his thoughts were interrupted by the bitter memories of Stella and her parents.Amidst the sea of clothes, Billion found a striking combination that embodied his newfound self-assurance. He chose a well-tailored navy blazer that exudes elegance. Beneath it, he picked a crisp white shirt. For pants, he opted for a pair of classic charcoal slacks.The man who stood before the mirror now was different from the one Stella and her father had once known.With a final touch, he fastened a silver pocket square to the blazer. As he looked into the mirror, a smile of satisfaction and self-assurance lit up his face.With his outfit chosen, Billion set off to meet Emily and
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Chapter 10
"I'll be there soon." Billion said. His dad had given Sam a couple of days off, but it seems Sam couldn't stay idle until all charges against him were dropped.He was already at the Boulevard empire. Billion called his driver, Jack, and soon, they arrived at the Boulevard empire.Billion walked with a sense of urgency. Each step he took was infused with purpose, his heart beating rapidly in anticipation of what Sam had discovered.He passed by finely dressed executives and busy employees, his mind resolute one person, Sam.At last, he arrived at the large mahogany doors adorned with intricate carvings.Billion knocked firmly, the sound resonating through the chamber within. "Come in," a deep voice called from within.Pushing open the door, Billion stepped into the opulent office."Billion," his father's voice echoed with surprise and warmth, "You've finally come.""Yes, father." He replied.Lifting his eyes from the documents, Lord Boulevard said "You don't have to knock before ente
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