Hidden Fortune’s Heir

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Hidden Fortune’s Heir

By: Justlynkyler Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Harrison was a live in Son-in-law. Often looked down upon and mistreated by his in-laws. Even his wife was not spared by their ridicule and insults. He feels his world crumbling until he discovers that he was the missing heir to the most powerful and dangerous family. “Finally, we’ve found you. Young master Starling.”


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85 chapters
"Shut your twerp you trash." A feminine voice resounded in the villa as she looked at the figure kneeling in front of her, the disdain in her eyes was evident."Mother, I just need some dollars...""Don't call me that, you're not worthy to become my son." The woman, Rachel, snorted, interrupting the man."But..""Shut up trash, haven't you heard what my mother said?" A voice boomed, interrupting the figure once again.Harrison sighed as his head dropped low looking at the floor. He couldn't meet the gazes of the two figures before him. One was his mother-in-law and the other was her son.He had come to the villa to ask his mother-in-law for money as he didn't have a job. Ever since he had managed to graduate from the University five years ago, he had been jobless, and no matter what he did, he just couldn't get a job.He had been all by himself since a young age and didn't know who his parents were. He had relied on some menial jobs to keep himself going. Then some years ago, he got ma
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"You're not fit to be in here, get out!" A voice said calmly pointing at the door."But, you can't do this to me, I need this job, sir." Harrison sighed as he pleaded."No, we can't give you this job, you're unfit for it, so get out." The man shook his head, still pointing at the door."But...""Just get out of the damn door!" The man suddenly flared banging the table as he stood up in a fit of rage."Sir, you have to be considerate, I met all the qualifications for this job, yet you don't want to give it to me." Harrison sighed as he continued to plead, not caring about the anger of the man."Security, come throw this trash out of my office." The man shouted, ignoring Harrison who was still shouting."Sir, you can't do this, I meet the qualifications for this job, so why can't you just give it to me, besides, I need it." Harrison continued to plead, hoping the man was going to agree."You're nothing but trash, an unfinished product, so why do you think you qualify for this job?" The
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Higher ups
"Found me?" Harrison muttered, feeling shocked.Could it be that the old man was getting senile and thus had thought he was someone else? Yeah, that had to be the case, he didn't have any source of power nor did he ever run away from home.For as long as he could remember, he didn't know who his parents were so he wondered why the old man called him young master and was looking at him with so much reverence and respect."Sir, I think you've found the wrong person." Harrison frowned as he said slowly.He was afraid of speaking too loud so as not to anger the old man and his terrifying bodyguards. What was he going to do if he mistakenly angered them and then they beat him up?"Young master, you can't say that." The old man sighed looking at Harrison."I can't say that?" Harrison frowned, feeling rather confused at the old man's words.What the hell did he mean, he wasn't who he thought he was. He was a whole different person. There was no way he was a Young Master. He didn't have any m
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Too fancy
Harrison sighed as he looked at the black card in his hands, he just didn't know how to feel at this moment. Just like that, he went from someone with nothing to someone who had $100, 000, 000 and it was merely for his upkeep.His brain couldn't process what was going on. Could it be that fate was playing tricks on him, well, that shouldn't be the case, he was sure about it.Sighing, Harrison pushed the thoughts out of his mind, he knew that it was time for him to give the life his wife deserved to him. His inlaw's net worth wasn't even ten percent of the Sterling Co-operation. No one would bully or insult him again, he wasn't useless and he was going to show them all.Looking around, Harrison saw a shop where they were selling bouquets. It would be nice to buy one for his wife to show his appreciation. Besides, she deserved it a lot.Thinking like this, Harrison walked into the flower shop with a smile on his face. The assistants in the shop frowned seeing the way Harrison was dresse
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Got a job
Harrison on the other hand walked out of the store feeling rather happy. He was sure that his wife was waiting for him at home and he couldn't wait to go home to see her.Even though he wasn't going to tell her what happened today, he was at least telling her some good news and it was that they were never going to have to suffer anymore. Harrison's mood was extremely good at the moment.Vroom! Vroom!Suddenly rows of police cars surrounded Harrison making him frown and wonder what was happening."Yeah, that's him, he's the one, he has to be one of the robbers." An excited voice drifted into Harrison's ears just as Harrison was surrounded.Harrison frowned hearing the voice. When the hell did he rob a bank? He knew there was a bank robbery days ago, but then it had nothing to do with him, this was a pure misunderstanding.They had mistaken him for someone else. Besides, the voice he heard just now was rather too familiar. Wasn't it Janet's voice?"Suspect surrounded, stay back he may b
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Secure the contract
"Did you come to beg for money again," Rachel smiled seeing Caroline walk into the villa."And who cares about your money." Caroline sneered as she stared at her stepmother."So tell me, why did you come here?" Rachel chuckled."Well, my husband found a job, so now, he's a lot better than all of your twerps," Caroline said coldly."He got a job at which company?" Rachel frowned as she asked."At the sterling Co-operation." Caroline smiled.Haha! Haha!Rachel suddenly burst out laughing, after some time, she managed to suppress her laughter as she looked at Caroline, "You almost got me there.""You think Sterling Co-operation would give that useless trash of yours you call a husband a job?""I think you've been desperate for so long that you became delusional." Rachel chuckled as she continued."I'd advise you to go back and ask that useless husband of yours where he got a job. I think it must be a useless men's Cooperation instead."Caroline frowned hearing Rachel's words. Well, she c
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Call him
Stephen's mouth twitched violently hearing Harrison's words. How dare he talk to him that way? It seemed like he had underestimated him greatly.Groaning, Stephen managed to get up as he left the place, his face burning with embarrassment.If only he hadn't met that cursed person at the gate, then this wouldn't have happened. It was just as his mother had said, Harrison was truly a bad luck.---Harrison on the other hand felt rather happy as he walked into the Company. The guards even though repulsed by his appearance didn't dare to look down on him as he carried a kind of demeanor ordinarily people wouldn't have which made them quite wary."Excuse me, sir, how may I help you." The receptionist's polite voice came as she stared at Harrison in disgust.If not for the fact that she had been warned not to look down on anyone, she would have long called the guards to throw Harrison out because of the way he was dressed.Besides, she remembered that the receptionist who was fired before s
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Where is he?
"And here you are Ramon." Harrison smiled seeing Ramon who was walking hurriedly towards him."Young Master," Ramon smiled bitterly as he walked hurriedly towards Harrison.With the look on Harrison's face, he knew that the latter was about to lose his patience which made him quite angry with the receptionist. Didn't they more than look down on someone?It has taken a lot of effort for him to invite Harrison over to take a look at the company, and yet these foolish guards wanted to take them away.The receptionist on the other hand was scared out of her wits as she couldn't believe her eyes. Ramon was someone she had never seen since she started working at the company, and yet this man in front of her was able to make him come.Who the hell was he? It seemed like she had managed to offend a big shot like she had feared. It turned out that he wasn't running his mouth all this while. It was her who was running her mouth."I think, I'll just head back, your company doesn't welcome me." H
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Legal team
Harrison's face went dark upon hearing what Caroline said. What the hell was happening? He was sure that someone was behind it."Young master, what's wrong?" Ramon frowned seeing Harrison's expression."Someone is trying to demolish my house saying it needs to undergo a renovation." Harrison frowned as he rushed out of the office."Young Master, I'll drive you over," Ramon said hurriedly as he followed Harrison out of the office.Harrison didn't deny it and patiently waited for Ramon even though he was quite anxious as he didn't know what was happening.In no time, Ramon came over with a car, and immediately, Harrison got in and off to his house. Since Ramon had taken Harrison home the day before, there was no need for Harrison to direct him or tell him the location.---"You can't demolish this building, it's been here for more than fifteen years." Caroline frowned as he looked at the man in the tractor who had a grin on his face."That's one of the reasons for me to destroy it, the
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Played well
"I don't think it'll be appropriate to stop at this time, I think you should just let him do his work." Harrison chuckled."You..." Stephen turned around as he gritted his teeth glaring at Harrison."You're not a dog brother-in-law, it's not good for you to brush your teeth in that manner." Harrison laughed."Hey, stop what you are doing right now!" Stephen continued to yell ignoring Harrison as he ran towards the excavator."Are you sure he'll hear your screams, it'll be better if you just go and watch." Harrison continued, not being bothered by Stephen who had ignored him."Hey stop!" Stephen continued to yell as he ran towards the excavator, he had to do all in his power to make sure he didn't pull down the building.Just now, his mother had called him that there was a team of excavators in their villa wanting to pull it down as they claimed that the legal team asked them to do it and that something was wrong with the building.Even though his mother just asked him to hurry up and
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