Chapter 108

"Yake me to your place " I said. 

"Are you sure?"

Going to his place would be perfect, the day was still early.

My mom wouldn't suspect anything, I told her I was going to visit an old time make up artiste of mine and besides she had a guest coming to see her this afternoon, I was so sure she'd be back home early this afternoon to attend to her friend. 

"Yes, I'm sure" I answered.

He nodded and started the car. 

I watched as he drove along and I started wondering; I was actually doing something before he asked me questions... Yeah, I was crying. 

I let out a loud sigh as I continue my crying. 

Timi panicked as he threw a worried look at me 


"Leave me "

"You look ugly when you cry "

Best thing to say to a crying

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