Chapter 123

Cora's POV 

The Saturday was just too boring, I spent the whole day chatting with Derrick. 

Debra had gone to play snooker somewhere I didn't know, I teased her on how she liked doing things that were just off and meant for guys and when she had no comeback for me, she took my car keys and ran off. 

Aisha decided to take Rona and Anu to show them some shops where they could get quality and 'EXPENSIVE' clothing so they could stop wearing the cheap things they called clothes because she couldn't afford to be seen in public with people that still dressed the way they dressed, not in this modern world. 

Well, those were exactly her words. 

I didn't want to go out because my period was due, it was Saturday today but it should have come since on Thursday and with the sugary things I've been taking for the past few days I know it'll come with cramps , so I just had to stay home and wait fo

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