His Metamorphosis

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His Metamorphosis

By: InfernalMage OngoingFantasy

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Zene Lach is a former veteran soldier who worked for a mysterious organisation known as the 9 Rings. A group that was dedicated to find 9 substances that they named fragments. Zene left the organisation as a spy and infiltrated an enemy country in which he became the bodyguard of a man named Natsuki Mikoyama. Zene who had never known what emotions were or felt like, was introduced to these strange feelings. Natsuki a man who felt older than his age described him as was Zene's ray of hope to die as a human at least. Zene in the end loses him, he loses the people that cared for him, his decision leads to a sole survivor and he takes an oath to protect that survivor. A man who had never learnt what feelings felt like was now living for her sake, hence His metamorphosis. [The planet named earth, It was destined to meet its end. The fates intertwined, for they had finally reached the beginning of the story. The world at its finest was now set to reach the starting point of the CODIFICATION. The world has three ways to overcome the scenarios. The Rebirth, The Reincarnation and finally the last way to overcome the CODIFICATION is Regression.], said the Greatest fragment.

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  • InfernalMage


    I hope you guys like this book, and for the ones who wish to give it a try do finish the first two chapters as it is divided into 2 due to its length and I hope you find the story being worth your time, thank you

    2023-07-31 03:08:39
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Once upon a time
13 March 2001 The world, The universe, they are very unique. The people living in this vast universe are nothing but tiny specks of dust waiting to be blown away by the force of the universe. The force governing the universe we call Ellah has its reach on each and every one of our destinies. As such, there existed the consciousness of the universe. This being reincarnated through generations. In a world bound by destiny, the progenitor was the one who was imprisoned. The prisoner was destined to meet his end by his fellow worshipers for such was his fate. (If any thing is created then something is destroyed for such is the law of the universe) (The time had arrived for the world that was created to pay it's price) This, is the story of the progenitor of this universe that I am monitoring. [My name is Zene Lach. I have officially been recognized as the private bodyguard of Mr. Mikoyama. The 9 Rings are not likely to find our location any time soon. Mr. Mikoyama is strange.
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Natsu and Aren
22 June 2001 "Mr. Mikoyama" "Hmm?" Zene approached Natsuki who was standing in the sun light watering the plants. "Sir, What is it like to fall in love?" Zene stared at natsuki while the man giggled over the teen's curiosity."Good question Kid" The tall young man approached the teen as he held his cowboy hat while smoking a cigar. "When you look at a woman and your wedge shaped grape turns into a sledge hammer" "When that woman touches you the endorphins burst and you laugh like a dolphin over your premature clarity " "When you gain her trust shall you smash her crust!", Natsu kept on blabbering his emotions out. "Ok!", Zene yelled out loud after hearing the stupid answer Natsuki gave him."Let me rephrase it" "How did you meet Miss Clara", Zene questioned. "Once upon a time" "I don't have that much time Natsuki!" "Calm down kid you are not going anywhere with that level of patience" "Forget it", Zene replied. "Ok! Hear me out!" ... The wind slowed it's pace as the c
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I am Zene Lach For I have died in a car accident. [Zene Lach is that your name] What? I felt a sudden bright light flash up on my closed eyes. [Are you Zene?] Who is it speaking? [Behind you Mr.Zene] My eyes scrolled across the vast white plain and stopped in front of a figure. He looked like a tall man. Wearing white robes and gold plated on his shoulders. He perhaps wore a mask which gave a muffled yet deep voice. [Tell me are you Zene the actor] How do you know me? [ I am a huge fan and we are also acquainted in a sense] Acquainted? Who are you? [ I have various names but let me make it easier for you and name myself THE GREATEST FRAGMENT] It was then I met him for the first and last time perhaps. Am I dead?, I thought. [If you consider being equalised with the system as dead then No you are not dead yet] System? Equalise? Wait he can read my mind?! [Do you have a wish you ask of?] Wish? [That is correct a miracle so you could repent or undo something?] Can
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[This world contains 9 Fragments scattered across the globe through centuries] [Perhaps my appearance as the greatest fragment must have offset the trigger] [No maybe the previous Fragment of truth, his death might have been the cause] [The cause for the beginning of the dreadful scenarios] [How many years is left for the arrival of him to this world?] It was winter and children were helping out with storing the rations for the mid season. Aren look there is a man standing in the cold with a jacket on. "Forget it just go to bed you don't want to alert the Nanny at this time do you?" Hmm, oh he looked back at me. "He can't see you Jin" He is calling me, I think he wants some food. "Do as you wish now let me sleep" Jin gathered a box filled with apples and sneaked out into the backyard. Through the backyard Jin arrived at the back gate and opened it while no one was looking. The Man stood there motionless with his black coat on. He stood there silently as the cold breeze
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Her Metamorphosis
(You must listen to me) "Aren you stay here, we will go and find this place and also I must call the police" (You have to do this alone) How? (Here my command and you shall find the path) (Take those objects near the desk!) The voice pointed out towards a lighter and a torch. (You need to go to the pines) Aren was first reluctant to her the voice but somewhere deep inside she felt guilty for the trouble that was caused. Aren went to the backyard and opened the backgate. The cold breeze flowing through the Pine trees was enough to scare a grown adult. But she stood there unfazed. (Do not fear for I shall assist you) (Use that torch to light up the view for vision) Her arms moved across the forest as the view got clearer as to what was inside the lonely landscape. (Move forward and do not fear anything) Awooo (Don't fear it) (Hear my voice I shall be your guide in this darkness) Click Clack Flutter* (Move right) (Stop!) (There are people approaching and they are n
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Time Skip
It had been 5 years since that incident. { Glurg* "Aren?", Jin inquired. ... She stood there like a mannequin. [You have exceeded the probability] "We have found the lost children!" "3 of them were found in the car" "The last child must have been left behind in the traffickers basement" "We are going in chief!" Aren? Aren can you hear me, why are you not replying? Jin began to tremble. Her eyes began to lose their colour and turned dull while she stood there lifeless. "Oh my god" Sir, You have to come look at this. "Is there any obstacle officer?" We might have found something quite disturbing. Those white bags that are hanging down in the basement I think they are the lost children over the past 3 years. ... "Move, Move, Move!" "Kill any intruder on contact, its high alert!" "One down this guy was killed before we even arrived" "Two down", "Three down" There is a door in front of us, Sir. "Take it down" (THAT ROOM IS DANGEROUS, AREN) The voice warned Aren ba
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What's so good about Korea?
Vroom* The atmosphere was so silent just like the saying 'calm before the storm'. Aren and her grandma sat in the royal Royce back seat while staring outside the window on either side. "Your principal called me, Yi So Yeon" "My school has 14 year old getting pregnant and the principal is out there going after an innocent girl""Your attendance is below 25%" "That guy has no other work after all huh?", Aren sighed."Ya!!! It's our school you little gremlin!" "That's what I am saying Grandma, when our school has drug abuse, shootings, pregnancies and whatnot, he is still licking your foot instead of doing the thing!""Hey let me ask you something" "Hmm?", Aren looked keenly into her Grandmother's eyes."You got an F1 cup, went for Under 18 championships in basketball and got sponsored for a football club" "Do you want to impress some guy or what?" "No, no why would I, Yi So Yeon ever fall for something inferior to me.?""SuYeon" "Grandma"Mrs. Lee patted Aren on the head and th
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Black Card Blackout
Wahh* Uwaah* How did I end up in this situation? "Wow she is pretty!" A fat guy complimented her as he fixed up his glasses. "You need something?" "Um, That window seat is mine" "Oh is it?", Aren said as she frowned. The man was wide enough to push her off her seat as she fell to the ground. "Are you ok miss?" "Do I look like I am ok to you, hurry up and pull me up!" (How did I end up in this situation again?) Flashback* (I am going to Korea!) (If I don't get all A+ then I am not Yi So Yeon) Ah Grandma! I hate you! Uwahh* Wahh* (Who the heck travels carrying a baby with them anyway!) "Excuse me" Now what?! Aren looked at a middle aged man as he bent a little with a tummy popping out. Sigh* Fart* Faaaart* Sniff* Sniff* That's a Bio Weapon right there! Psssssst* Psssst* Psst* (Yaaa! Are you a fucking pressure cooker releasing 3 whistles to notify us that you have finished decomposing your 12 day old kimchi fish stew! You fucking rascal, are you landing near Vi
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Zene Lach
Wait for me! Aren pulled the young boy which led to him tripping and falling on top of her. He stared at her almost unaffected by her stunning looks. He got up and brushed his coat off as he held his arm out for her to get up. "We are gonna get late to school so try not to hold me back", he said as he turned around on his way to school. Aren stared at him blankly as she followed him. "We are here" Is this Gangbuk high?, Aren inquired. "Yes" She stared at the school with characteristic brick red and white pattern. "It's so calm, unlike ours", Aren said. "That's cause you are late" The young boy said as he showed the way to the class. "You are late Zene Lach" "Yes Ma'am " "Oh, You must be the new student" "Hello miss, I am Yi So Yeon" (Hey I think it's a transfer student) (Transfer? At the mid semester?) (Hey Look! Look!) Yi So Yeon entered the class and she instantly gained everyone's attention. "Hi everyone! I am Yi So Yeon" (Wahh! She is so pretty) (I know righ
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Natsuki Mikoyama
Sept 22 2002 Three years prior to Zene Lach's death. Glurg* "Mr. Natsuki Mikoyama" A white haired man with a scar on his chin said, as he had a sinister grin on his face. The lights were flickering and the room was poorly lit. "W-Who are you?" The man named Natsuki Mikoyama inquired as he vomited blood from his mouth. Two men stared at Natsuki Mikoyama while the grunts surveyed the basement. Zene Lach stared at the scene clueless. It was as if he woke up in a different body and this scene appeared before his eyes. "Zene!", The white haired man yelled as he glared at the clueless comrade of his not hearing his commands. Zene Lach looked back at him and then reached out to a nearby suitcase to take out a drug sample so that he could inject it into Natsuki Mikoyama. Screeech* "You have arrived fragment of darkness" A woman approached the two men torturing Natsuki. The white haired man exclaimed as he removed the bloodied gloves from torturing Natsuki Mikoyama. "He looks s
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