The shadow of the night hunters

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The shadow of the night hunters

By: Maguire35 OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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The story begins with Darien a boy who lives in a village far from the world begins to suffer the ravages of a frost in his village. One day he went out to collect wood for his house and met a strange man whom he took to his village. He leaves him with the mayor of that place and goes to tell his parents. However, soon after, chaos breaks out, because the man he took there was a vampire and he begins to turn everyone into them. Some get out of control and start committing crazy acts to drink more blood, however a group of knights arrive and start killing them. Darien is bitten by one of them and turns into one, but is left in a half state because of his family's genetics. He leaves with the group of hunters that arrived in the middle of the slaughter and Darien joins them, as he has no one in the world.

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I was a child on the verge of adolescence, I was close to fourteen. I lived in a village forgotten by the world. We were in a small settlement of about 2000 people who were dedicated to cattle ranching and remained hidden in the mountains for fear of the appearance of strange creatures in recent years. There were many rumors about monsters attacking people and disappearances of dozens of people but we all considered them just legends. There were still some concerns.Unfortunately living in such a place had its disadvantages, as the winter was too harsh compared to other places. The fireplaces in the houses could not cope with such frost. Most of the walls of the homes were made of stone which made the cold more intense. Touching them would practically freeze anyone's hands. Worst of all, the food ran out ahead of schedule and all that was left were leftover bread and some flour. It was a sad scene where we were slowly starving to death. Our bodies could no longer cope with all that we
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That man in armor pointed a stake at me, after apologizing to me, in the middle of a street where all kinds of incidents occurred. I simply closed my eyes as he had asked me to do. I was to blame for having brought that stranger to my town, if I had not done so, perhaps he would not have arrived. I condemned them to die that way, and I should pay for that, but a strange sound coming from a roof interrupted my end. Someone was walking on top of a house that was burning, he was looking at us, with some curiosity. His red eyes could be seen from where we were standing.The gentleman lowered his gun and turned away from me, and pulled out a small pistol of sorts. The creature without a second thought came towards us, but with an impressive speed. It didn't even let us blink.-Aghhsaghah," he said in a somewhat terrifying manner.The knight shot him with his pistol several times, but he was still standing and remained in front of us, his wounds began to regenerate little by little in fron
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I wanted to leave at that moment, but first I wanted to ask that guy how he had realized what I was and I approached him."How did he know I was a vampire, it's impossible for you to realize""I wasn't sure, but it's strange that you're still alive. No one survived in that town, why would you. Besides, you don't have any wounds and you look healthy. The rest of the people in the village were almost in the bones, and you smell like a vampire..."Hearing that, I asked him some questions that were still going around in my head."How long has it been since that?""A week, it's impossible for anyone to survive in all that time without food""Did you kill them all?""No, the main one escaped, we were there for several days, giving light to all the people who died. Unfortunately, most of them surrendered to each other and finished with almost all the inhabitants of that place. The vampire that finished your village, escaped, but in a while we will leave and go for him. He should not go far,
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We spent two weeks in the middle of nowhere, guided only by a compass and a confusing road, on horses in intense cold. The snow had disappeared, but the sun did not come out. We saw dead animals wherever we passed, the vampire came out at night. Denver and his companions came to the conclusion that their colleagues had already lost sight of the vampire. Now the onus was on them. As we made our way along that difficult path. I could see how we arrived to a warm place. In the distance we could see a town. Denver saw it and made a gesture for us to start moving faster, since it was already in the afternoon hours, and in less time than we expected it would get dark.Most of the gentlemen were very hungry, during the two weeks that we were doing this tour some of them lost weight, as they ate very little. Many of them longed to get to that town as quickly as possible.[...]After two hours we arrived there. Contrary to all the road we had traveled, the ground was already dry. The place h
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I followed the neutrals, while we searched the houses, they tried to explain to the people what was going on, but they didn't listen. Then the hard way they got them out and went inside.The little I saw in one small house was a few beds and certain objects. The vampire wasn't in any of the places I checked. I had visited him about thirty times with my companions. The search by the group was a failure, we found nothing.We gathered together with the rest of the group and none of us had had any results, suddenly we heard gunshots coming from the east of that town.We all ran out to see what was happening. We saw many people hiding in their houses. Something had happened and when we arrived we saw a sad scene.Two hunters had died and another was wounded, his two legs had been torn off, the two who were still alive were trying to give strength to their companion, but there was nothing more to do for him, Albert approached him and ended his suffering. He immediately stood up and said."
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