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While walking up the steps the red haired and bearded man would effortlessly pat his shoulder with the edge of his massive weapon, following the rhythm of his favourite lullaby which he used to listen to as a baby. This particular lullaby was created specifically for him by the person who took care of him as a child. 


There was a low sounding clanking noise when his partner hit him on the stomach with her hand. This partner of his was a woman who a full feet shorter than he was and in the terms of body build, she wasn't looking very muscular but only well toned in the right places.

From how her suit and body complemented each other, you could tell that her fighting style was going to be more about speed and flexibility over anything else while the muscle bound partner of her's was all about strength and overpowering his opponent. However, this wasn't to say that she couldn't pull of feats of strength too because it was their combined eff
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