It happened so fast for those who could only perceive things at normal speed and to them, after just seeing Angel rolled up on the floor and by the wall, making sure not to touch any parts of her body with her right hand, less than a second ago, the next thing they heard was the sound of thunder and by the end of the passage, all the Uprisers behind the force-field were on the floor, scattered, passed out and the way no longer being obstructed by the force-field anymore.

Surprisingly, standing over their unconscious bodies was Angel whose clothing had some burn marks on it and some sparks all over her body that quickly vanished. 

For the girl who actually experienced what happened, after she envisioned how many steps it would take her to get to the end of the passage, she then went into a running stance before powering her leg and taking the first step in her maximum speed, which ended up leaving a crack on the side of the floor her pushing foot was ju
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