I Am The Heir Of The Kingdom

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I Am The Heir Of The Kingdom

By: Vardhan OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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David needs to find out who he is. When a monster attack destroys the world, David has little chance of discovering who his parents are. But he never knew someone was waiting for him in another world as an heir to a kingdom.

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7 chapters
1. A Frozen Bird
David stared at the cityscape from the van's window driven by his uncle. From the top of the hills, the skyscrapers and vehicles on the streets looked like little miniature. The world seemed so beautiful."How long we will arrive?" David asked Eugene, who was driving the van with dozens of people's orders."Not much longer."David was supposed to go to school during the day like this, but he was bullied at school and blamed by his friends for the school's shocking incident of a fire in the classroom, and eventually, he was suspended for a week.Instead of spending time alone at home, David joined his uncle in delivering goods to customers as a courier."Did you hear about the rumours of the world coming to an end? What do you think?" Eugene turned the van between two giant dead trees."That's why I'm coming with you today. If the world will end today, I wouldn't be at home alone but dead with you.""Don't believe what people say; they're just making up stories. Scaring bad people int
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2. Nyctophobia
The rumbling outside didn't stop until hours later. David sat next to a wall that was shaking from the impact of something outside.A marble-sized sphere on the roof of the room emitted light, but it was the only light in the room.Every minute, objects could be heard falling. David didn't dare to open the door and check outside.He remembered the terrified look on Eugene's face when he told him that Iris had died. David also remembered what Franky said: there were monsters out there that they had to fight.The news about the apocalypse was true, but David never thought the end of the world would happen because of a monster attack.Bang...The metal door shook. Something hit it from outside. David tried to stay calm even though he suspected the thing behind the door was a monster.What about Eugene and his friends? Did they survive the storm?Things were falling on the roof. David worried the roof would collapse because the loud bang was so loud.Something was blocking the light from
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3. Animal's Dont Die
David spent his time in a five-star hotel room. David's skills improved when he tried to turn on a small lamp he now uses to sleep.In the middle of the night, David woke up when he heard something weird on the outside. David was on the third floor, the top floor he could reach by climbing the stairs. The sound was very close.David blinked his eyes. Peering through the window at the horrible darkness outside. He still couldn't believe he was the only human alive during this destruction.The noises were coming from two lions fighting over a human corpse."Animals don't die." David was half incredulous.A bat came through the window. It flew around the room and occasionally attacked David."Stop it!" David took cover behind a cabinet. The bat continued to chase him.David grabbed a painting on the wall and threw the bat like a professional tennis player."Wow, why wasn't I this good when I played tennis at school?" David remembered when he was bullied by the tennis champs at school fo
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4. Special Person
David opened his eyes slowly. He was in a dimly lit place. His body was comfortably wrapped in a thick blanket.David saw the shadow of Iris' face turn into a wolf that attacked him, then a black shadow that floated and landed on his palm."No!" David shouted as he knocked the black shadow out of his hand.Someone on the sofa at the edge of the room who was peering out the window turned to David with a surprised expression. "Are you alright?" It was Jess.David got up from his sleep. Tried to sit up. His chest felt very sore, and he remembered he was injured.The shadows he saw earlier were two black butterflies now lying stiffly on the floor because of David's violent impact."I thought those butterflies were black shadow monsters," David explained as Jess sat on the floor crying over the dead butterflies."Are you okay?" David asked."They were my friends." Jess grabbed her butterfly wings and placed them on her palms. She had tears in her eyes."Sorry, I didn't mean to."Jess ran o
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5. Second Chance To Live
Albert and his four friends returned to the apartment after the sky turned dark. Albert was carrying a bag of food he had picked up from the city mall.A man named Percy was injured on his arm. A wolf had attacked him while they were at the mall getting meat."We found a more intact building on the side of the road, close to the mall," Franky explained as he took off his shoes in the main room. His foot looks sprained."We found a better place than any place on the island," Jess added, giving the five a curious look."Jess and this kid got their answers from the mainland," Kourtney explained as she tended to Percy's wounds, who winced in pain."Are you serious?" Albert looked at David and Jess."Yeah, they told us to go to the airport. They'll pick us up by plane to take us to the mainland."Franky stared in disbelief. "What if it turns out that they're just bad guys setting us up?"Jack, the skillful archer, nodded in agreement. "I've heard about the scientists' crazy experiments bef
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6. Better Life After Death
It was probably already midnight. Albert checked upstairs several times and returned with a disappointed expression because the storm had not stopped.David looks seriously. The door in the corner of the room was connected to a cold, dark hallway.It was likely that the storm would stop in the morning, so David decided to rest like the others were doing now.David fell asleep next to Jess, who was busy connecting the radio channel with the radio on the mainland, but she never succeeded.The monster's shadow kept appearing every time David closed his eyes. Then it turned into Eugene's face, telling him to stay alive.David was in a schoolyard filled with dead bodies falling from the sky. The corpses were David's friends who had been bullying him.David lost his balance because the wind was so strong. He didn't know how he came to be in this place.Iris waved from the classroom with a panicked face. She ran down the corridor. A black shadow chased behind her.When Iris arrived in front
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7. A Dragon
"I can't wait to get to the airport and meet with everyone. It feels like we're trapped in another world where monsters live while we're still here," Jess said while imagining herself on the mainland and meeting people as if the world hadn't been destroyed.David thought about Iris' words in his dream for a long time.David even ignored Albert and Franky, who were talking about the monsters' weaknesses already known by the people on the mainland."So, that's why they survived. They've figured out the monster's weakness," Franky said."Is it possible that the only people left in the world are people with special abilities like us? That means the survivors on the mainland have special abilities, too," Jess interjected."I can't imagine the world in the hands of people with inhuman powers," Percy grumbled."All this time, we've been living a normal life, never know that there were people with unbelievable abilities, even us," Albert spoke while avoiding two branches blocking the car in
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