I Can't Touch Girls, Otherwise They Go in Heat

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I Can't Touch Girls, Otherwise They Go in Heat

By: LanceSennin OngoingHarem

Language: English

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"Making girls fall for me like this... who the hell would want that?!" - Tenko Sawaru Inspired by the Parallel Paradise manga series by Lynn Okamoto.

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16 chapters
Have you ever felt like you've been blessed and cursed at the same time? Blessed in the sense that when you wake up, you suddenly feel like you've been bestowed with something special by someone up there. You can say that it's similar to gaining a talent overnight without doing anything. You can also say that it's like having superpowers after waking up from a good night's sleep. On the other hand, cursed in the sense that said talent is something that you didn't want. That 'something special' given to you by the guy up there. What if it's not what you wanted? What if you didn't want to live with it? Surely most people would be glad that they develop a unique talent out of nowhere and take pride in it. Afterwards, they'll continue to hone and refine their abilities to the best they can. Some of them even use those 'talents' to compete in world-class competitions. In my case, I su
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Chapter 1.1
"Onii-chan! You're gonna be late for your first day in school if you stay in your bed!" Yes, yes, my dear imouto, I'm already awake. I didn't need you to tell me that through the door. I've been awake for about half an hour now, actually. I simply haven't gotten out of bed yet. Another year has passed in my high school life, and now I'm starting my second year. Normally, I wouldn't think much about this but never have I experienced starting at a new school in a new city. I feel kind of nervous for what's ahead. My family used to live in Fukuoka and it was the city that I spent most of my life in, until my otou-san quit his job as a software engineer and began a career as a freelance game developer. Because of his career change, we had to relocate to Kumamoto where a close friend who owed him a few favors found an affordable residence for our family, which otou-san took right away. <
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Chapter 1.2
Nishinomiya High School. This place was vastly different from my former school, Fukuoka High, just from one good look at it. My former school was only divided into two large buildings, but this one had three and they were arranged into an unfinished square. The buildings at Fukuoka High were also connected through outdoor hallways, while there weren't any here. A statue stood in the middle of the courtyard on top of a pedestal and a lot of students were all over the area. From this shape, I guess the main building is the one at the center, so that should be the place where I'm supposed to go. "Wish me luck." I took a deep breath, gripped my bag tight, and w
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Chapter 1.3
  A deep sigh of relief escaped my lips as we heard the school bell ring outside our classroom. There were a few times where my eyes were about to drop out of boredom, so I forced myself to stay awake by listing down the names of my classmates, particularly the ones who introduced themselves to me earlier.   I should have known that the first day of classes would be just like this. But damn it, I thought that because I'm the only one who's supposed to introduce himself, we're going to move on to having normal lessons!   ....Instead, we just wasted time going through orientation in almost every subject and at one point, one of our senseis just let us do whatever we wanted because he didn't want to deal with the whole thing.   On the bright side, I used that time to ask Haru-san for the names of our classmates so that particular problem won't be a bother in the future. As a member of the classroom, it's my dut
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Chapter 1.4
 Yumi-san started to breathe heavily, as her hands went up to her chest and down to her skirt respectively. Her left hand grabbed the mound on her chest while the other hand sneaked underneath her skirt, disappearing into that dark cave. Her face was flushed, her eyes half-lidded, and she let out a gasp upon giving her own breast a squeeze. What the hell is she doing...... "Uhaa~!" ....no, don't answer that! I know exactly what she's doing, but why the hell would she do this in front of me?! I'm standing right here! Out of basic human decency, I quickly turned my head to the side and even closed my eyes just to prevent myself from sneaking a peek. Yes, I know she's p
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Chapter 1.5
I made it in the nick of time. There's still five minutes before our classes resume and I'm currently at the clinic with Yumi-san, who was sleeping peacefully on one of the beds here. I decided to bring us here because I can't just bring Yumi-san back to our classroom with her asleep. Plus, I'm sure everyone will freak out if they saw our uniforms in their earlier state, and I don't need that happening. It's better to just leave Yumi-san here and let her sleep Oh, and I'm a very lucky guy to make it here, by the way. I'm not kidding. Despite the fact that I was carrying a sleeping girl after she had experienced a.... uhm...... climax, thanks to me, nobody a
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Chapter 2.1
If someone takes a closer look at me, they'd notice the small bags under my eyes. I doubt someone would notice though, because it's not that important and because I normally get ignored. So, I walked inside the classroom with a tired look, with no one paying attention to me. Yes, I was up all night, but not intentionally. After finding out the real reason why Usagi and Yumi-san were acting weird towards me yesterday, I couldn't sleep at all. Knowing that it all happened because of me, I spent the remainder of the day trying to figure out how could I have caused two girls to become aroused just by touching them. I couldn't even eat dinner properly without being distracted by questions. Needless to say, I couldn't com
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Chapter 2.2
"Mmpphff....?!" It was all I could get out of my mouth at the moment. I can't exactly say anything with this girl occupying my lips with hers. I can't even try to pull away because her arms went from my shoulders to my neck, bringing me closer to her. Oh, damn it. Why didn't I see this coming?! I'm such an idiot! After a few moments of staring silently at Yumi-san, I sighed to myself and gave in, returning the kiss by moving my own lips against her own. I heard her moan inside my mouth from the muffling sounds she made, which only made it even more clear. Read more
Chapter 2.3
For the positions of class secretary and treasurer, Musubi-san chose Uemura-san and another classmate of ours, Fukuhara-san. We stood in front of everyone while Kobayashi-sensei went on about respecting us as the leaders of the class, not causing trouble, and stuff like that. Afterwards, we were sent back to our seats and sensei started her lesson. The rest of the day flew by quickly, and it didn't feel completely boring compared to yesterday. Also, to stay true to my words, I spent lunch at the canteen instead of the rooftop. I sat with Haru-san and Sakurai-san and while Yumi-san wanted to sit with me, I told her beforehand that we shouldn't be seen together, otherwise we'll arouse suspicion. When classes ended, I was required to stay behind as the deputy rep along with Musubi-san. We were supposed to list down the names of our clas
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Chapter 2.4
It's been four days since I've had this power or as I like to call it, the 'aphrodisiac-touch', and I still haven't thought of a possible explanation on why I have it. I'll be the first to say that there is no scientific explanation for this anomaly and the only other possibility is that this is somehow the result of having superpowers, like the ones you normally see in shōnen manga and anime. This only manifested on my first day in school here because back then, I've been able to touch girls without anything happening to them at all. Hell, I've kissed my okaa-san on the cheek countless times, hugged and gave my imouto headpats, shared handshakes and high-fives with my female relatives, and none of them felt the effects of the aphrodisiac-touch. Right now, I have two big que
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