Presidential Son-in-law

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Presidential Son-in-law

By: Berry Julie CompletedUrban/Realistic

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"You're nothing! Always remember that fact."For Robert, these words had become a lullaby for him every night before he sleeps. Subjected to intense abuse at the hands of his wife's rich family for no known reason, he had lost all hopes for escape. That was until a tattoo suddenly appeared on his body. Soon, he is being recognized as a CEO as well as tycoon feared by everyone.It's now time to take revenge on those people who made his life hell. The sweetest fact, is that they will never see it coming because to them, he is still in fact, that useless Son in Law.

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  • Kemi Madu


    Great book

    2023-06-12 03:51:23
  • Carmelle Pacoli


    Its quite a motivation!to rise up and get back those who treated you bad

    2023-05-30 10:15:17
  • Hashima


    Really great book

    2023-06-11 12:28:21
  • Roger Langley


    moreeeeeeee chapters pleaseeeeee

    2023-01-28 02:56:16
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136 chapters
It was mid night already, Robert stood beside the window, deep in thoughts. Even though he was sleepy, he wouldn't dare fall asleep when the rest of the family wasn't asleep yet. It was like a daily routine for him, he gets to sleep late and he ought to wake up early before anyone else, and if he fails to do that, it'll be a case of had I known. He sighs and he walked downstairs in order to check if anyone was still asleep. He got downstairs and he was surprised to see his brother in law watching a movie. Robert mentally groaned and he sat down on the couch. "What are you doing here?" Davies asked. "I, ummm.." Robert trailed off, not knowing what to say, he didn't want to say something that'll annoy his brother in law. "I just asked you a question, don't let me repeat myself," Davis said. Literally Robert was older then Davis, but circumstances made him the prey of both young and old. "Well, I just came to check if everyone is asleep, so I'll lock the doors," Robert said. "Y
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Robert left Cassy to see to the task Mrs Alice gave to him. There were forty rooms in the mansion, and as he walked into each of them, he noticed how clean the room was, this was his punishment for something he didn't do, nor said. He let out a sigh as he switched on the vacuum cleaner, then he began cleaning the floor. "Need any help?" He heard a voice and he turned to face the person. "Hazel." He called, she was one of the maids. "It's fine, I'll manage on my own," He declined. "Well how can I let you do this alone, I still remember how you helped me the other day, I had too much work and you assisted me." "So let me help you too Sir." "Robert," He corrected. "Huh?" "Just call me Robert, there's no need to be formal, after all, I'm just a nobody." Robert replied with a sad smile. "You're not just a nobody, you're married to Ma'am Cassy." "And I'm sure you're also aware of the bad treatment I do receive, so let's just leave it at that, Cassy doesn't see me as her husband s
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Hazel got to her room and she went to get her suitcase, then she began packing her stuff, she didn't regret what she did at all, in fact, she was proud of herself, she was glad she didn't keep quiet and spoke her mind. They needed someone to tell them the truth and that was what she did. She wondered how they were able to live with themselves with the way they treat people, this family treats middle class people like dirt, as if they were not humans too. "I just hope and pray that the day they'll meet their match will come, the day they'll come in contact with someone who will treat them the same way they treat commoners, I pray that day should come." "I just hope Robert won't blame himself for this." She put down her suitcase, took one last look at the room before leaving. *** "This is all my fault, Hazel should not have gotten involved in this, It's my fault she lost her job." "How will I be able to forgive myself for this, I'm so sorry Hazel, I'm so sorry, I hope I'll be abl
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"Robert, Robert!" Cassy yelled as she walked into his room. Robert was resting on his bed and when he heard Cassy yelling his name, he instantly stood up."What do you want, Cassy?" Robert asked. "Don't you have anything to do?" She asked. Robert sighed "I'm done with my work Cassy, I was only resting.""Dad will soon be back, go make us something to eat." Robert didn't move an inch, his whole body was sore, they have maids to do the cooking, but she still wants to trouble him. All he wanted was to rest, he had a splitting headache too."What are you still doing? Go!!" She barked. "Okay, Cassy" Robert replied, then he left."Stupid man." Cassy spat before leaving too.**Robert sat at the dining table together with Cassy and Mr. Derrick. Cassy's dad.The rest of the family already retired to their room, leaving just the three of them. They ate silently, only the sound of their cutleries could be heard.Mr. Derrick drank some water, then he spoke. "I do hope Robert isn't being a pain i
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"Robert! Robert!" The door burst open as Cassy stomped into the room.Before Robert could get up from the bed, Cassy had turned the bucket of cold water on him. "Cassy!" He yelled in shock. Cassy didn't feel remorseful as she wanted to add a slap to that as well but restrained herself."How dare you still sleep at this time when I told you that I would be going to the mall?!" She yelled in anger.Robert looked to the side to check the time on his table clock. "It's just 7 am. Do you want to leave this early?" He asked but that earned him a resounding slap on his cheek."You dare ask me a stupid question?! Idiot. I have given you a quick nice bath. I give you five minutes to change your clothes and come out." She spat at him before making her way out of the room banging the door in the process.Robert held his cheeks for few minutes before he sighed before coming down from the bed. He had to dry the bed again for the third time in one weekHe felt sorry for himself. His single life was far
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He looked at the old man in the passenger seat and the driver in a coma and was at loss for what to do.Seeing no one had arrived the scene, he turned and was about to leave. Suddenly he remembered the words from Hazel before she left; "You have to be strong because the world is wicked."He asked himself, "Do I really want to be among the wicked ones because of my circumstance?"As he was contemplating, he heard the old man wince in pain and his eyes were drawn to the dragon shaped pendant on his neck. Subconsciously, something stirred him into actions and his body reflexes worked at an unknown speed.Before he knew it, he had gotten both the old man and the driver out of the vehicle even loosing the seatbelt that held them strapped to the burning car.Another vehicle stopped by to see what was happening only to hear someone identify the old man as boss.He was shocked as he wondered what level the old man had to be at to be so highly respected by the men from the vehicle. Clearly he c
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Robert followed the men outside, the driver was walking by his right hand side while two heavily built men in uniforms were walking behind them. There were another bodyguards standing on each sides of the door putting on the same uniform as the one walking behind them. One of the bodyguards standing by the door, pushed it open and ushered the both of them in with a slight bow, Robert and the driver both went in while the two bodyguards stayed behind. A smile played at Robert's lips at the executive treatment he had been getting since yesterday evening till this morning. Every beat of his heart was with joy, Robert was marveled, being treated as a VIP sure has its perks and he was loving the treatment. He heard a slight cough that jolted him out of his thoughts, he had been engulfed deeply in his thoughts that he had walked into the room subconsciously and forgotten why he came. The old man who was on the bed, sat up slightly, a drip was connected to his right hand, his face had few
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Robert walked out of the hospital with a smile on his face, he remembered walking into the hospital yesterday with dirty clothes and without a cent but now he is coming out of the hospital with a debit card containing hundreds of millions and something with the potential of making ten times the money in his debit card and he was putting on a new cloth for the second time in his entire life, he was always wearing the clothes that his brothers in-law were tired of.He pinched himself continuously to confirm whether this was all a dream or not because none of this feels real, his smile widened the more as he felt the pain. He was thinking of going home now to meet his in-laws but he kicked against the idea, he no longer need them in his life any longer. "Ummm... It would be best to spend the day in the hotel and decide the next step that I need to take with this money" he muttered and walked to the nearest ATM machine to withdraw money to board a taxi that will take him to a luxurious h
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Robert came out of the bathroom with a towel tied around his waist whistling loudly, his hair was wet and few strands of it glued to his face. There had been few not too obvious development on his body since he had that dream and woke up with a dragon tattoo on his arm. He could feel an immense power surging in his body and his chest had become slightly bigger with his abs now tightened. He laid on the bed and picked up the book that the old man, Mr. Lucian had given him, glancing through the pages, he could see a lot of things apart from the medicinal and flavor filled food, it was also filled with tips and how to dos of industries, there were more than one. Robert lips stretched to a full smile, the number of times he had smiled today was a lot more than the times he had smiled in his entire life. “I will come and find you when you are at the top, you are destined for greatness” the words of the man echoed in his head, the man had told just when he was about to leave. “I am goin
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Robert laid on his bed, days had passed since he had been in the hotel. He had ordered a few new clothes, he hadn’t stepped his foot out of the hotel room, he was still planning on staying hidden, he did not want any of his in-laws to find him because they would drag him back. He had been coming up with different ideals for the business, he had planned on buying a land and building a restaurant but he don’t know where to get a land that would in the particular place where the business would be booming and he also need a chef that would be in charge of the cooking. He don’t know anybody that is really good at getting the ideal land and a good chef, he rubbed his temple with his eyes closed lost in thoughts. Robert had written out parts of the food from the book, the ones he wants to be selling in his restaurant. He haven’t even found a name for the restaurant, a loud groan escaped his throat. “Shit!” he cussed in frustration, he didn’t know how to go about it. He was really lost on
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