Accepting the casino work

Elder Chitong looked at Bai Feng with a smirk on his face as he asked:

"So? Do you really want to work with us? Let me be clear that the money you get isn't a fixed salary and that the houses' wins from the table you will be dealing at will be given to you as a percentage as payment every day after you leave your shift, around 5% to be exact."

Mo Pian didn't know much about the payment of the dealers and casino workers, so he was surprised they didn't get a fixed salary.

He didn't get a fixed salary either. But he was currently owning the restaurant as his own, not something that the sect owned, and this came with both merits and demerits.

But Bai Feng had to work for them. And he was only going to get paid like that?

Mo Pian wanted to say something, but Chitong interrupted him before he could start:

"Mo Pian, don't think I'm scamming your little friend here. The fact is that we rely quite heavily on the luck of the dealers to make the house win. After all, as cultivators, we can't cheat, or it will be too obvious to the other cultivators. And they will never come back to our sect to gamble ever again."

"You might not understand it as you mostly lost when you played blackjack, but that's because most of our dealers are individuals with extreme luck, just like your friend here."

"They aren't talented, but they have this innate luck that was born with them, leading to them having nice lives under us, and even though they cannot cultivate towards immortality, we still actually treat them quite well, you shouldn't worry about our treatment towards Bai Feng, as we treat our dealers as the most precious individuals in the casino."

Mo Pian sighed as he looked towards Bai Feng, who was ready to accept, and nodded, telling him that he was ok with it.

Bai Feng felt a small weight getting off his shoulders as he gave the affirmative response to elder Chitong. The elder clasped his hands together with the same businessman smile on his face as before. Then he said:

"Welcome to the Red Dragon 3 family, Bai Feng!"

He snapped his fingers, and a dealer uniform appeared on Bai Feng's body instantly. The casino's symbol was on the back, along with the number 3. Bai Feng's name was sewn in the front, delicately. The outfit made him look quite clean and neat and compared to his previous slob self, this was an immense change.

Bai Feng looked at his outfit and asked:

"What am I supposed to do?"

Elder Chitong waved his hand and he said:

"Klaus will teach you whatever you need to know. I wasted enough of my time entertaining you two. Also, Mo Pian. If you aren't going to play any games. You should leave soon, don't take the space of a precious paying customer."

Mo Pian didn't say anything as he left the VIP room with Bai Feng in tow, Klaus quickly came towards the two as he was notified by Chitong, he glanced towards Mo Pian and then ignored him as he told Bai Feng:

"Follow me."

Bai Feng looked at Mo Pian and waved at him then he followed Klaus in the big casino, dodging customers and other dealers' tables until they reached an empty table in the corner of the casino, where there weren't that many customers, due to the lack of table games and slot machines.

Klaus made Bai Feng sit as a deck of cards appeared to his left, Klaus made the introduction:

"You will be dealing blackjack. The deck of cards on your left automatically gets shuffled by the table you stay at. I guess you are a newbie at this, so I will explain the rules of blackjack to you."

Klaus started to go in-depth about the rules of the game. How someone won the game, and what happened when someone lost. How he should act with customers, and what was he supposed to do if a customer started to get angry.

Bai Feng absorbed the information then looked at the deck of cards to memorize what card represented each number along with learning how to calculate at the same time. Bai Feng wasn't dumb, and he has already been taught some basics calculus by Mo Pian, along with basic reading, those were taught to him when he was also taught manners.

"If you are troubled by the customers, you can call on me, and I will gladly get them to cool themselves off. People with great luck such as you attract kind of angry rich weirdos, and when they lose, they don't take it kindly."

"Now, I will leave you to our own devices. Work hard for the reason you joined us."

Klaus left to his own work.

Bai Feng sat down at the table and didn't mess with the cards as he waited for someone to come to his table.

If he wanted to get paid, he needed to win the blackjack games. But he wasn't allowed to go out of his way and get customers to his table.

Bai Feng remained at his table for half a day with no one coming to him, it was getting close to his shift ending, and he was ready to get up from the table and leave.

But before he could do so, an old man walked through the crowd of people, who were either going to sit at other blackjack tables or trying to find unoccupied slot machines.

Bai Feng wasn't sure if the old man was walking towards his table. At first glance, the elderly man seemed to be wandering.

But another glance made Bai Feng drop down to his seat as the old man walked straight to his table and plopped down on one of the 6 empty seats. Sitting face to face with Bai Feng.

The old man took out some chips from his robe's sleeves and threw them towards the middle of the table.

The same amount of chips popped out of the table, and Bai Feng started to deal without saying anything, but the old man started chattering:

"I have been visiting this casino for 6 years every day, and I never saw you here. You a new face. I guess?."

"You are asking the obvious old man."

Bai Feng said with a smile as he tried to joke with him.

The old man coughed while he looked at the cards that Bai Feng dealt.

On the table in his direction were the cards 6 and 4, making a 10. He was in a good position right now, but he could see that Bai Feng Had an A on his side. The old man wasn't sure if the kid got Blackjack. But whatever he would do here wouldn't matter if that was the truth. But was the new kid so lucky to get blackjack in the first hand?

The old man was skeptical. His luck was very good, and he won many hands at this casino. This was also the reason he frequented it so much.

How could this newbie dealer take his chips so quickly?

Bai Feng waited for 10 seconds then tapped the table as he said:

"What are you going to do, Sir? Hit, Stand? Double? Split?"

The old man was so stunned that he forgot what to say in this situation. But he decided to just get a hit once.

Bai Feng drew one more card, which was a 10, making the old man stay at a 20.

Bai Feng moved his hand upon the card a bit before revealing it to be a K making a blackjack, the table which Bai Feng was at swallowed both the chips that spawned and the old man's chips, resulting in the house's win.

The old man didn't know what to say as what he thought about became the truth. This was the first time this happened to him at blackjack.

He coughed a bit and Bai Feng asked:

"Would like to make another bet, Sir?"

The old gentleman could smell when the dealer's luck was higher than his. After the first battle between them, he realized that he was overwhelmed and he would lose quite a bit of money if he continued to gamble at Bai Feng's table.

So he wanted to get up and leave.

That's what a smart gambler would do. Atleast in this mystical environment.

But when a seat would be emptied, someone else would come to fill it.

In this situation, seeing that someone left the table made the other people that looked for a table, as most others were already filled to the brim.

This leads to a few youngsters with big smirks on their faces dropping at Bai Feng's table and throwing their chips on it while chuckling.

"Come on bro, start dealing already, we don't have all day here."

Bai Feng didn't get intimidated by their auras, nor did their chuckling, he dealt normally. Their hands looked nice at first glance, while Bai Feng only had a 2. Making them think that he will most likely bust.

However, the 2 turned in a twelve, then into a 20, the others had 19, 20 and 18, respectively. Making one get a tie and get his chips back while the other two lost.

The one who got tied was extremely annoyed. Let's not even mention the ones who lost. But a scene didn't happen, this was something that happened often in gambling, and gamblers that gambled often knew how to take a loss graciously, while the trio looked to be acting rather gangsterly. They didn't do anything to Bai Feng, nor did they try to intimidate him.

They only dropped one more stack of chips on the table and continued to gamble at Bai Feng's table as they didn't think that Bai Feng's luck was that high.

Similar things happened to them beforehand before they won 5 hands in a row. So they thought that it would happen again.

Unfortunately for them, it didn't happen the same again.

They lost 20 hands at Bai Feng's table before they left the casino fuming. But with no incidents.

Bai Feng felt a little better as he didn't come up empty-handed on his first day at the casino, and he even got to work overtime.

This wasn't a bad first day, he got up from the table, and he was ready to leave the casino and return to the restaurant.

He didn't have any other place to stay at. So sleeping at the restaurant was what he intended to do, just like in the previous days. It wasn't obvious at first, but as time passed, his exhaustion started to catch up to him, regardless of his body cultivation. He wasn't excluded from sleeping yet. He could stay up for a few days without a problem though.

Bai Feng left the casino, but Klaus stopped him at the entrance.

"Since you are new here, you might not have a residence for yourself."

This wasn't a problem that Bai Feng thought about, as he didn't care if he lived in a house or not. He could sleep anywhere if he put his mind to it.

"I have gone out of the way to secure a place for yourself in our worker's area for free. As an employee of the Red Dragon Casino 3, we won't treat you badly. Here's the key for your house, along with the location." 

"To get to the location, all you have to do is concentrate on the key for a little bit, I heard about your situation, so I got you a key that is meant for mortals to use. Also, here is your payment."

Bai Feng nodded and accepted the key and his payment. It was in a small brown bag, which he didn't bother to open before leaving the casino to rest as he didn't think they would short charge him of his work, 5% wasn't much anyway. He had quite a lot of free time before he could come to the casino again. They weren't lacking in dealers, and technically he could come when he wanted. But when he came, he needed to fulfill his quota of one shift. However, with his current situation, it would be better to come every day to get the money he needed, so he could continue cultivating at an appropriate pace to his sister's.

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