An unimportant enemy appears

Bai Feng started to make his way back to the sect.

There was no reason to linger around after he had defeated his opponents and the barrier formation had broken.

Bai Feng's traveling speed when he was alone was quite high, and he reached the sect soon after the others just got back.

He didn't go to the mission hall immediately. First, he met with Sylph, Sharley, and Mu An. Then they shared some of the bear's materials they harvested together.

Bai Feng also left the corpse of the assassin with Mu An. Her master might be able to extract some information from it.

Only afterward did Bai Feng cash in the mission by giving Shang Kai the corpse of the bear.

He had made up enough mission points to buy a few kilograms of the metal that Luo Gang and Mo Pian needed. And he still had leftovers.

The bear's cultivation was around the 10th stage of the Qi master realm. The bear's strength was quite high, even though it was injured and couldn'

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