Bai Feng frowned as he realized he had been followed back to his friends.

He did think that things went a little bit too smoothly even though he was in enemy territory.

Unfortunately, he was still rather weak against stealth, so the opponents who didn't reveal themselves were quite hard to notice if they didn't attack him.

Sylph stood in front of Sharley as he glanced back at her, then down at the swamp, trying to identify where the voice came from.

Sharley couldn't fight much due to her pregnant state, even in the fight against the bear, she only took the support role by giving Sylph's attack more might with her gravity formations and supplementary techniques. If she wasn't pregnant, she might have fought way more recklessly.

Mu An decided to help the duo by sticking to their flank, which was unprotected.

Bai Feng had been able to survive the combined attacks of all three, so even though she wanted to help him, Mu An knew which was the more

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