Getting back to the sect

At first glance, the situation seemed rather problematic, but not for Bai Feng and his companions.

Bai Feng was ready to unleash his full strength. And rampage through the troops that were ready to press them in.

The captain who sat neatly on the horse didn't feel anything was wrong as he counted the lions that Bai Feng had given him.

Suddenly he felt something wasn't right and when he looked up, he saw one of his men flying above his head.

His armor was dented, and blood flowed freely from the holes in his helmet.

The captain couldn't help but get angered as he glanced at Bai Feng.

The captain was thinking that Bai Feng was resisting arrest!

And indeed. Bai Feng was resisting arrest!

The captain wanted to get off his horse and show a move or two against this arrogant evildoer that he painted Bai Feng to be.

However, he didn't get to even pat his horse and get off its back before all of the men that surrounded B

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