The talent of the elf race

Bai Feng was rather disappointed he didn't get to meet with Mo Pian yet. But he should still be in the sect, and if he thought positively, he might have been promoted to an inner disciple!

There was no other reason for Mo Pian to abandon his restaurant. Maybe when he heard that Bai Feng had advanced to the inner sect, something awakened in him, and his cultivation speed had increased!

Atleast, that's what Bai Feng thought to make himself feel better.

He sighed as he made his way through the outer sect's streets. He wasn't sure where Chen Lingxi's parents live as he never bothered to ask her, but he guessed that it would be some type of big mansion or something like that.

After all, Shredder's place wasn't too shabby, and he was above Chen Lingxi's father.

If he thought about it, since her father was number 2, he might want to compensate in some ways.

Bai Feng looked around, trying to identify which house belonged to Chen Lingxi's famil

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