It was just coincidence

Bai Feng didn't have much time to think about his further actions. The people who were guarding the tree were weaklings. And if he guessed correctly, the two brothers were the strongest warriors this tribe of beings had.

The other ones had basic animalistic intelligence, and this applied to those who cultivated to the early stages of the Qi apprentice realm as well. It seemed the brothers got lucky and gained human-like intelligence somehow, but Bai Feng didn't care much about that.

He jumped through the air as his legs hit the space in front of him, bouncing off it and getting further and further into the air until he reached the top of the tree.

He could feel that he was getting closer to Chen Lingxi and nodded as he reared his fist backward before striking a hole into the tree a few meters away from her location.

Tajiri was going to enjoy himself, but Chen Lingxi had finally woken up as the paralyzing poison had worn off. She was still groggy and didn'

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