The plan of invidiuals (Part 2)

Bai Feng knew the exact location of the duo after he had been shot. He had observed the trajectory of the arrow, and now he knew where he needed to go.

However, if he went there directly, he might scare the two, and they would flee. He wasn't sure what type of poison Chen Lingxi had been inflicted with, and he needed the antidote asap.

He wasn't even sure how she was doing on his back. He didn't have time to check on her, but her body was still warm, which meant she was still alive.

Bai Feng sighed as he looked at the surrounding enemies who were trying to attack him, maybe thinking that the arrow had done enough damage to him to the point that even they had a chance to knock him out.

Bai Feng decided to play along as he let his head down. His face became shadowed as the leaves of the surrounding trees rustled.

A strike from a nearby minion hit him directly on the head, knocking him to the ground, kneeling.

He coughed some saliva as he clutc

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