Reincarnated elf boy and Mo Pian is found

Sylph wasn't sure if he truly wanted to tell Bai Feng the truth or not, But he took in a deep breath before he made sure that he was close enough to him and said in a very low tone while Chen Lingxi and Ah Lam were preoccupied with other things.

"You see, I'm quite different compared to others."

Bai Feng understood where he came from, but not everything.

Sylph continued:

"I'm someone that has memories from a past life!"

He went and told it bluntly without any warnings.

Bai Feng was puzzled at first. He wasn't someone well versed in worldly knowledge. He didn't know much about reincarnation or past lives, and even though he looked like a Buddhist Monk with his shiny head, he wasn't one.

He scratched the back of his head and kept his voice low, and considering how the young elf wanted to keep it secret. Bai Feng decided to play along since he will be his junior martial brother in the future.

"So, what does that mean exact

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