Two people from the same place

Sylph thought that he might have found a possible ally, but Bai Feng was doing his best to break away from the curse that was placed on his body.

Struggling with all of his might. Bai Feng tried to remove the weakness and the almost sensorial sealing that was placed on him.

This lead to tears appearing in Ging's eyes as he clutched his chest.

The more Bai Feng struggled, the weaker Ging became due to the consumption of his Qi and the backlash he was getting for forcefully sealing two people's senses and weakening their bodies.

The twins supported him as they each lent a shoulder to him.

Ging could feel an iron taste in his mouth and realized that his internal bleeding had resurfaced, even after he used those pills to heal his body.

He frowned as he glanced at Bai Feng, realizing that he was the one who was struggling.

Suddenly, his pain doubled as Sylph started to struggle as well. Feeling Bai Feng's success, he tried to follow

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