The truth about the situation

Bai Feng wasn't sure if he was to believe Jiji or not, but she didn't look to be lying.

Combined with the information he gathered. The Azure Monkey Villa may be truly in trouble.

It was an awkward situation. Jiji was looking at Bai Feng, but he didn't know what to say, so he coughed and asked:

"When will the danger zones open?"

Jiji said without blinking:

"They will open two days from now. The underground danger zone will open first, then the sky danger zone will open next. In which one would you like to go?"

Bai Feng responded:

"Depends. Which one has the higher quality materials?"

Jiji chuckled as she continued:

"Haha, you are one of those types of people, huh? You wouldn't be able to see it from appearance alone. The one with higher-quality materials is the sky danger zone. Most of the mercenaries that come to the Azure Monkey villa want to go into the Sky Danger Zone."

Bai Feng nodded:

"Then the Sky Dan

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