Azure Monkey Villa enforcer

Bai Feng could sense that something was wrong with him, which in turn made him ignore the Azure Bat sect master.

Bai Feng knew that he wasn't such a high-key person. He had shown off too much.

And he wasn't sure why that happened.

The most likely response would be the curse acting up, but if the curse was starting to act already, while Hatch was doing his best to seal it...

That wasn't good at all.

It meant that he didn't have much time left before the curse will start affecting him more and more until it will fully explode and take over his psyche.

Bai Feng frowned as the sect master of the Azure Bat sect started to become angry, he had said multiple things to Bai Feng, but Bai Feng was rather lost in his thoughts, making him look like he was ignoring the man on purpose.

"You are trying to act though and ignore me after you smashed my sect's formation that was laid by the steward of the Azure Monkey villa? Are you courting death?!"

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