Demonic System: Harem in Medieval World

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Demonic System: Harem in Medieval World

By: Kiyen CompletedSystem

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Devon Arias witnessed all of his family got brutally murdered in front of him. When he actually become a sacrifice for Demonic Summoning Ritual, Devon sabotaged the ceremony and made a pact with seven demons at once so he can exact his revenge to everyone who responsible for the death of his family. The pact is done and suddenly a bright transparent screen appeared in front of him. Devon got a system to utilize the power of 7 demons inside him. What will happen to Devon next? Will he be able to control the seven demons or will he be controlled by them? What about Devon's revenge, if the demons secretly have a secret plan to rule the world?

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  • Yukiya


    Nice story, i recommended this

    2023-03-11 18:02:49
  • White Specter


    Lol, the MC is such a pussy

    2023-03-11 18:00:21
  • Qeezah


    Damn, Chapter 44 is too hot .........

    2023-02-08 23:27:27
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164 chapters
1. Slave Boy
The village in the outskirt part of Ettalia town was busy, bustling with life and vigorous activities of the villagers. It was nothing to wonder about, because during this time everybody was focused on reaping what they sowed. Yes, it was harvest time, a moment that was celebrated by the residents with a relieved and joyful expressions. Though the lands they worked on was not theirs to begin with, at least they already secured the food stocks and supplies for the upcoming season. They wouldn’t have to worry about what to eat in the winter, as the landlord would give them their share of collecting the crops in his behalf.Devon’s family was also a part of that annual event. Together they tirelessly gathered the fruits and vegetables which grew so abundantly this year.“Brother, look! This pumpkin is very big! Even bigger than all other pumpkins around!” shouted a young girl to Devon. “With this, I can eat pumpkin soup everyday like I always dream of!”“Hahaha! You’re right, Vinette! Th
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2. Wrath of Young Master
The shrill scream of a little girl's heart-rending resounded, bouncing off the rocks on the basement walls of a luxurious mansion in Ettalier, a city in the country of Gazella.The sound of smacking and thumping punches landed on the skinny body of a teenage boy, alternated with the girl's moans which became more and more heartbreaking."Noo, it hurts! Please stop!" The little girl's screams filled the basement, followed by the sound of the men panting behind the girl.“Screw you all!” the boy roared but fell silent again as punches and kicks returned to his body.“Brother, help me! They all hurt me!” the little girl screamed again."Shut up, little slave! This is your punishment!" yelled the voice of a grown man who was still seen swinging the black whip at the dirty little girl's tiny body."Bastard! Let go of my sister! Vinette, hold on, big brother will..." The teenager's words stopped when his stomach received a kick from a young man who was wearing clothes that were far more lux
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3. Become a Sacrifice
Hoxha ordered the two men who had been holding Devon's body to drag him to the corner of the room where the water faucet was.One of the men filled a wooden bucket with a rusty handle with water to the brim. Meanwhile, another man stripped Devon of his clothes so that the teenager's body was naked.Hoxha studied the scars and bruises on the teenager's body while shaking his head. He was still not willing if his Young Master made a sacrifice that was not maximal on the night of his initiation.The splash of a bucket of cold water on his innocent body sent Devon back to reality. The horrific scene of the massacre committed against his entire family flashed through his head again.Devon screamed and struggled violently when the waves of reality hit him again until the burly man who was bathing him was forced to hold the emaciated teenager's body with his knees to stop Devon from struggling."Calm down, Kid. Just surrender and all your suffering will end," said Hoxha in a soft voice as he
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4. Pact With 7 Demons
Devon repeated the wrong spell in his heart because he couldn't make a sound. Devon didn't care whether the creatures he didn't know existed had heard of him or not.He was just trying his best to seek help from any entity that could help him in exchange for whatever the creature wanted."Please, help me out of here and I will give you whatever you ask for," Devon said in his heart."Are you going to give us whatever we ask for? Isn't it just your worthless silly soul?" a deep voice suddenly spoke inside Devon's head.Devon flinched for a moment, but finally, bravely, he dared to answer."Yes! I'll give you everything you want! So get me out of here.""Hmmm, Lucy did you hear what the boy said? Compared to that tackily dressed boy, I prefer an honest boy like this," said the deep voice earlier."Belphy, you're talking to a boy who's about to be sacrificed," Lucifer rebuked Belphegor."But what he said has some truth in it. The boy in the red hooded costume is nothing compared to this
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5. Hell on Earth
Devon obtained a new task to burn down the mansion. This was a new thing for him. He was no arsonist. While wondering where to start and how to do it, his doubt was read by Lucifer.“Yo cherry boy, what stopped you from taking this mission? Don’t tell me you chickened out on us now,” Lucifer showed why he was the demon of pride. His ego wouldn’t take no for an answer, especially from some random mortal child.“Shut the hell up, let me take a breather. I was still thinking on how to efficiently accomplish this mission. In the meantime, I need you to keep your hole closed, all right?” replied Devon nervously. Devon also has an ego, and his ego didn’t allow him to take insults lightly.“There you go, boy! Let your anger and rage build up! That’s the way!” cheered Satan loudly from the back. The demon of wrath knew for sure that fury makes human easier to manipulate.“Close your eyes for a bit and recall how they murdered your family like a livestock! They stabbed your father like a satay
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6. Noble Hunter
Devon kept dashing. His legs scratched by thorny bushes felt so painful. But he had no time to waste. He could still hear the noises of the henchmen who still didn’t give up to catch him.“Looks like some of them escaped from the fire,” commented Asmodeus.“Well thanks, Captain Obvious. My mission was to burn down the mansion, not grilling some bastards!” Devon replied back sarcastically.“Calm down, boy. Although I am the embodiment of anger myself, but rage will do you no good in situation like this,” advised Satan.“Dude, you’re getting out of character. You are supposed to be a demon!” shouted Devon.That debate made Devon lost focus. He didn’t realize that in front of him, there was a man-made trap laid for wild animals. Heck, even if he focused, he still wouldn’t be able to see that. That forest was so dark, especially on a moonless night like this.“Ouch!” Devon fell inside the hole. Luckily it wasn’t so deep and the ground was quite soft so his landing was cushioned by it. He
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7. Fransesca's Decission
Thanks to Baldur’s heroic sacrifice, Francesca and Devon successfully shook their pursuers off their tails. They started to slow down their pace, thanks to the fatigue that started to take its toll on their bodies.“Phew, I think we will be okay at the moment. We made quite a distance to cover,” concluded Devon, still carrying Francesca on his back. “Hey, are you okay? You’ve been quiet for a while now,”Francesca still said nothing. Her eyes were empty as if there was nothing in her mind.“Brat, you’re such an airhead! I casted my personal spell back then to her, that’s why she showed no resistance, giving you easier time to drag her along with you,” said Belphegor.“Ah, so the thing that you mumbled back then was a spell! I thought you got nervous and stuttered,” responded Devon innocently, which sounded like insults to Belphegor’s ears.Belphegor was about to retort, but stopped midway by Satan.“Enough blabbering, save your energy!” ordered Satan harshly. “Get some place to take s
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8. Help From Old Friend
“Don’t we have any better choice of path than this, Fran?” complained Devon. The thorns kept scratching his poor legs left and right. “I would die from blood loss before we reach our destination.”“Stop crying, you big baby! We need to take this path thanks to a fugitive like you!” scolded Francesca while elegantly avoiding the obstacles along the way. “We’re almost there, and keep your voice down!”Actually the rough path he was taking wasn’t the only thing that worried him. He had been feeling unwell since he left the cave. His head felt spinning like crazy and he could also feel his body slightly hotter than before. Devon brushed that off as just a simple fever.“Well, at least those accursed demons finally stop their noisy rumbling. Ever since they possessed me, this is the only time their voice didn’t go chaos in my head,” mumbled Devon, trying to look at the bright side.“Francesca! It’s been a while!” greeted a youth in front of the village. “Hey, where’s your father? It’s so u
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9. Runaway
Francesca carried Devon on her shoulder, entering the dark forest. Although her body was a little bit smaller than Devon, Francesca still managed to carry Devon away to safety, leaving the decimated village behind them. She was hurt too, but that didn’t stop her pace.“Huff, now I start to question my decision. Why didn’t I leave him behind? He only gave me nothing but trouble since the first time he came to my life!” regretted Francesca.She kept dragging Devon who lost consciousness while still being alert to the surroundings. Sure, she wouldn’t have to worry about her pursuers anymore, but the night in the forest would pose a trouble if taken lightly. As a huntress, she knew that fact too well.“Ugh, I can’t keep going on like this. Not with my wounded condition,” concluded Francesca. She was carrying Devon on her right shoulder which was not injured, but she started to feel numb due to the long duration her shoulder exposed to burden.Luckily, she located another cave within her s
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10. Curious Elf
“Urggh...”Devon felt all the bones in his body hurt when he tried to move after his deep sleep. He just woke up, but instead of feeling refreshed, a hint of dizziness still lingered in his head.As he opened his eyes, all he could see was another pair of eyes which had been monitoring him for God knew how long. He was too confused to react, until finally the realization started to kick in.“WHOA!”Out of instinct grinded by his past experiences of having people coming after him, he leapt backward until his back touched the cave wall. Ignoring the sensation of pain which started to manifest, he put on a fighting stance.“Jumpy in the morning. Hmm.. that’s quite peculiar,” commented Arwen. Her fascinated expression showed how she tried to burn that trivial information inside her memories. “Humans’ behavior is unpredictable, I see.”“Don’t lump me in with him! I’ll have you know that not all humans are the same!” protested Francesca from the cave’s mouth.“Really? I thought all humans l
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