Mind/Form Singularity

The journey to the Houndclaw space station was uneventful. After settling Ktulu down somewhere on the ship, Clover went back to his cabin to rest and meditate.

Having set the coordinates of the space station in the ship's navigation system, Clover didn't have to worry about anything and he could leave the ship to Trudy to watch after. If anything happened during their journey that Trudy couldn't handle on her own, she would inform Clover. Only then would Clover have to come out to deal with it.

With everything set, Clover went into his room and started meditating immediately. He was still exploring the changes that had happened in his still world. During the process, Clover found out that the efficiency at which he visualized the vitality of the universe had increased greatly. This made Clover's connection to the universe even closer, and he was able to reap multiple times the harvest during his meditations compared to before.

This sudden boon excited Clover, as it meant his strength
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