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The life of a simple complicated girl, determined to get everything at all cost but not the men. Elegantly beautiful but only for seduction and abandonment not for a keep. Since her 15th relationship she goes on exile and decides to fix her gaze on her empire. She falls in danger as every last of her friends wants her downfall which includes her relationship life. Who would save her when she had nobody to call a friend?

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Helen was a typical description of an intelligent and goal-setter girl. She hated bullies and she hated to be bullied and this always got her in trouble. At age 12 she was already in junior high school and at age 14 she was already through with high school. Helen had gotten herself lots of awards to keep her in school.Her parents were from Yale state, not rich but well-to-do. While her dad was a contractor, her mum was a civil servant. Helen had siblings, she was the third out of four. Paul, Jason, and Catherine. Catherine was the first, followed by Paul and Jason came after Helen. But none were like Helen. Today was Cathy's wedding day, and Helen was worst in regards to fashion. Tired of checking through her wardrobe, she decided to wear a Jean and a big top. She heard steps behind her but was focused on her outfits. "No Helen, you are not wearing that on my day", Cathy said as she entered her baby sister's room. "Aww, Sister you know I hate gowns", Helen replied immediately befor
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Eddy woke up 9a.m and immediately he rushed into the bathroom seeing he was late for work. He was happy to be on the morning shift today, he had the night to himself with his Isabella. He had fixed dates and times for his women, he was never tired of he was always ready. He already had a missed call from Isabella last night and could not wait to get in between her legs. He felt his dick rise as he thought about his last sex with her. He was out of the bathroom when he heard his phone ringing. Seeing the caller was Helen, he silenced the call. Helen was his fake girlfriend, he was tired of the relationship, though he got his share of payment for dating her, 'Fuck the payment', he was tired, and the sooner he told her, the better for them both. He slipped some cash into his pocket with his key and drove to work. ***Helen knew exactly what to do about Eddy. She knew today was his morning shift, driving passed his workplace, she caught sight of his car. It
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Helen intentionally did not kill Eddy. It had been a week now since she confronted Eddy with his side chick. She was hurt and knew Eddy deserved more than a broken head, but the highest she could do was the scar she gave to him. She heard Eddy had run off with the car she bought for him. She refused to go out since then and ate only when her friends came around. Her friends now took duty in checking up on her. If Robbin came today, the next day was Laycon visiting. They kept on reminding her about their planned picnic the next month to ease her pains. She was relaxed each moment she thought of her private picnic with her friends. Helen though reduced drastically in weight, her friends remained her tonic and drive towards life. Her parents had tried making her happy but their plans never worked for her. She could hear Charles's voice from downstairs, she wondered what he was doing in her house so early. "Hello from the other side", Charles teased Helen as he walked into her room. "Ho
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Charles, Robbin, Bobby, and Laycon had never been friends. Something brought them together. In character, they were opposite as well as their thoughts. Charles, the darkest and slight slim figure of them all was a gambler, though nobody knew about it, it was the only side of him he kept secrets. He could do anything for gambling whether he won or not. Charles was not a fan of drinking or smoking but enjoyed winning in gambling.Robbin never gambled but loved smoking. Though it never showed in his appearance, it always showed in his outdoor friends. A packet of cigarettes was too small for Robbin, only when he was too tired he have the one packet in his system. He kept to himself, he was the definition of a slow poison.Bobby's weakness was women but a selective one at that. He had eyes only for the big-sized endowments, he hated skinny and so would ignore them. Bobby was the most popular, not only was he handsome but he was loved by the women.Laycon above all was the simplest, though
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"What happened to him?""Am on my, which hospital?"She immediately scribbled something down with the pen and paper she had brought out from her back.Helen was in total awe hearing about what happened to Charles, she had to round up her gymnastics before going to the hospital. She was absent-minded throughout the remaining workout. Getting herself back to normal was not at all easy since her breakup with Eddy, her sister though married was more of a help to her. Her instructor in the gymnasium seemed to be good on the part of the distraction."What is wrong" The masculine voice came from behind and was so close to her as she turned to look at him, she could feel his breath and could smell his sweat which was that vanilla scent She was taken unawares and didn't notice his approach, she wondered if he was sent to disturb her life to leave this world. His closeness to her got her shaky and perturbed, she hated that feeling. "Am perfectly fine, thank you" She needed the pretense, the l
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Something did not seem right with Charles, Helen being sensitive could hear her guts telling her out loud but she decided not to press further since he could handle it. She didn't know where to start from in the house chores, as her laundry was piling up so were the dishes in the kitchen. Helen never entertained visitors, though she is an outdoor person she still could not risk letting people know who she is. The only two important groups of people that knew her place was her relations and her four best friends.Helen was just about to get to work when her phone rang, she noticed it was a private number and wondered why the person would hide his number from her, it was strange."Ya, who is this? Yea that's me".The voice she heard across the phone sounded familiar which she could not just place."I am fine, thank you. Are you going to reveal yourself and why your number is hidden?" The person sounded stubborn in revealing his identity "Mtchhhheeeew". Helen hissed so loudly as she hun
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The sun on most Saturdays was not as high as today, it was as if she should go to do her workout in a bikini, she could not even go for her jogging else the sun would tear off her skin. She took up her keys and dashed off, it had been a long she drove to the gymnasium.Parking outside was not at all stressful, going to an appointment early was her watchword. Before she could reach for the door, a stronger hand brushed her hand and opened the door, bowing his head in a gesture for her to enter. She was still trying to know who he was, he raised his head that minute, and they could feel the tension in the atmosphere, especially Helen who was taken unawares."Ummmmm...sorry, I didn't mean to bump into you again""I accept it's my fault""Don't tell me you are stalking me" Helen defensively stated trying as much as possible to throw away her soft spot."Now we are talking about stalking, can I ask you out""No""Come on, it's nothing, just wanna know you more", Michael explained feigning
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His alarm got him awake, not that he was sleeping so deep, he had a restless night having her all over his thoughts. It was the weekend he was going to meet her one-on-one in a quiet place for the first time. Merely thinking about her got him arose, as he stood up he wore his slippers and headed for his wardrobe and wondered about the outfit that would best please her.He hurriedly took his bath as he planned on getting there twenty minutes before she arrived. ***'Helen was going to meet a strange'. This statement kept ringing in her head, her heart didn't take him as a stranger which got her wondering while the rest of her body took him as one.She had just finished combing her hair, she decided to wear her ball blue gown which her sister for her on her birthday. At first, she was confused if it was a date she was going for or just strolling, and right there decided Cathy's gift was the best outfit to wear in between the confusion. Her phone immediately beeped, she picked it up an
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"How did you know I stay here?" She asked in a sleepy voice."Let me say you got a stalker". Michael responded the moment he stopped the car. He couldn't tell her he had known where she stayed since they bumped into each other."But this isn't your house". She looked at him with a questionable gaze while he climbed out to open her side of the door."I know but I want your comfort". He gave her a warm smile. With her drunken state, he would rather walk home on foot than take advantage of her. She had weight more than he expected, he thought to himself as he lifted her into the house.He couldn't help but pause in astonishment at the beauty of her house, he had acknowledged the fact that she was one with good taste. He didn't know where her room was, and with his leg, he kicked the door closed."My room is by the right". She responded like she read his mind, her voice was low as she felt weak.He hurriedly followed her direction, the passage which led to her room was carefully packed wi
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"Hello". He answered with a sleepy voice, the phone had rung up twice before he picked it up."Michael, it's me". The excitement from Helen's voice had cleared up the little sleep left in his eyes."Did I wake you up?""Ugh- not really". He didn't want her to feel guilty waking him up."You're such a terrible liar". She chuckles at him.He had been caught, he silently gave out relief she understood him."I want you to meet my friends". She gave up the suspense."What!" He found himself almost screaming."Is anything wrong? You know you can tell me". "No nothing, just trying to express the happiness I feel". He kicked himself for telling a lie again."Good. So I'll come to pick you up by 4 then"."That's great". He could give an excuse at the moment, but then she would realize he was lying to her. She wouldn't even believe him in the first place about his suspicion that her friends were not who they were. He had seen one of them in the gym and didn't like the way his stares were and
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