King of the Dream World {My Hybrid System}

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King of the Dream World {My Hybrid System}

By: Sunny Minds OngoingSystem

Language: English

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I am just so weak right now but when the time is right, I will change the world. **** For sixteen years Rafael was haunted daily by this dream of being chained opposite a scary sculpture on the wall but yesterday a very pretty girl who was sure older than himself in real life visited him and the feeling of being with someone who could listen to him in that cold room for the first time made him feel better than living in a world where he was rejected and his views no longer matters. His ears picked up footsteps approaching and his wandering thoughts jolted back. When it became louder his heart began to beat now he could spend some more time with the beauty who visited him last night but his joy did not last long because instead of a slender looking lady with an endearing smile, a hoarse cough was heard and thereafter an evil looking plump man walked in. "For the first time I have met you awake." He laughed. "And it tracks since it will be rude if you are not informed before your are executed. Even though you are an anomaly your majesty, your mother was a queen so it is wise if you are atleast honored as a prince for the rest of your days!"

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  • Ezekwem Raphael


    I love this piece!

    2023-05-10 21:25:48
  • Godson


    I love this book

    2023-02-02 20:27:15


    This is an amazing masterpiece. Well done author Sunny minds

    2023-01-19 21:03:03
  • Sunny Minds


    I think you would love it

    2022-12-07 23:09:31
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126 chapters
Rafael scanned through the hallway and when he got satisfied that there were no other intimidating figures around he quickened his pace though walking quietly till he made it to his door. Just as he was about to get it opened he felt a light tap and he turned to see someone who he knew was clearly a year below him staring straight into his eyes."Don't you have no fear?" he was about to ask but he found the answers to his questions even before he asked; clearly this junior of his had reasons to have no fear."Bonny has demanded to see you." He informed him without any quantity of fear or respect reflecting from his voice and immediately after he spoke he turned his back and left even before Rafael could stutter.He glared helplessly at the door and then at the junior wo he considered arrogant but found no comfort with anything that lay or stood between them or even behind the door which stood before him. After feeling helpless for a while he clenched his fists then braced himself up
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Your majesty?
None of his roommates even bothered to stir on noticing that he was the one who entered just as he expected since they both just like him ranked lowest on the strength scale and on other occasions suffered such fate.He continued limping till he got to the bathroom and the noise this caused drew the attention of his roommates who turned to stare at him blankly.After washing himself to his best he returned to the larger room to meet the waiting gazes of the two boys he shared the room and his facial expression changed immediately as he was not expecting them to even be bothered about his welfare."Who did this to you Raf?" The skinnier one asked him with a voice that neither showed pity nor concern."Team 50." Rafael replied coldly."Oh Bonny and squad." His other roommate commented and went back to his laptop which he was making use of earlier.Rafael checked the time and on realization rushed straight to his to his bed to sleep since they asked him no more questions; they have done
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Die by my hands
"What the hell is this?" Rafael could not help but think. For several years he spent his whole nights in this illusion while others dreamt of other blissful moments. He had heard many talk of having entertaining dreams and experiencing what they always long for in reality but while their dreams were hardly repeated or dreadful his was always about this God forsaken dungeon. But just as he was about to begin enjoying his endless captivity this sadistic fellow have come to instill fear in his mind. “Why was fate this cruel to him?" He wondered "Who are you?" He asked him after contemplating much."I am Seth. The only one who will have the honor and pleasure of ensuring that the head of the anomalous prince rolls." He answered proudly beating his chest."The pleasure and honor of killing someone?" Rafael thought dreadfully and the urge urge to spit on this fearless figure greatly increased in him. This stout knight of the barbaric order have come into his dream paradise which he have n
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Help you break out
When he began to look deeper into the words which have been said to him, fear began engulfing his mind "If this me is killed will I remain as weak as this forever? He asked rhetorically."Raf!" He heard faintly and as though it came from a distant hollow interrupting his thinking and slowly his vision began to fade till he awoke in his other which felt sore and much more uncomfortable than that in his dream.On waking up, he glared at Jerry who awoke him as though he was uncertain why he decided to do so."It's time to prepare for today's classes." Jerry sang smiling but this did not avert Rafael's gaze."That's what buddies do." He said this time erasing his smile, raising his brows and spreading his arms.Groaning lightly Rafael pulled himself off his bed and lazily got ready just like his other roommates and sat down waiting for breakfast time to draw nearer."6:54." Jerry anounced gleefully, stood up, snatched Rafael's bag then went to lift Levi's which was normally the heaviest.
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Not enough
With a nod, Rafael admitted that it has been a while since he tasted such a delicious meal and he devoured it to it's last piece almost forgetting his sorrows worries and what would follow his meals."Do you know what pill this is?" Gregor asked him immediately after his meals."No I don't?" He replied truthfully."Of course I didn't expect to know it or to admit it even if you knew. This is Ramatin a hard drug which was initially used by labourers. It is the best energizing pill known to man.I will put you to sleep immediately after you consume it. When you dream try to pull yourself out of those chains even if it hurts to a great extent. Sever your chained wrists and ankles off your body if you can then wake up a stronger man.Tell me when you are ready." He spoke trying as much as possible to make his short speech motivational."I am ready now." Rafael replied immediately after his speech though he already had doubts if it were possible."Good. Now take this and immediately follo
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On the right track
Turning around from his table to behold Rafael who was still deep asleep on the sofa he provided for him, made him wish he could get into his dream, and pull him out of his chains.He pulled out his phone and again busied himself by watching a video which served as a source of motivation while trying to find a solution to Rafael's problems."Yeah boy ride on you are amazing!" The video played him screaming and galloping excitedly. This was the time Rafael came to seek his guidance. He explained to him to the best of his knowledge how to gather and absorb soul energy and above his expectations he easily gathered more than he had ever seen anyone gather.As shown by his phone, instead of a light whispering sound a rumbling sound similar to that of a thunder but much more prolonged and quiet sounds was heard. This made him scream ecstatically.Now open your pores and choke your soul with it."Rafael closed his eyes and tried to direct the energy towards his chest but instead of experienc
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Slow progress
Not wanting to waste any time, immediately Rafael's consciousness awoke in his chained body, he began to pull himself with all his might off from the wall. At first he thought it was fun as he enjoyed how his muscles bulged to the pressure but as time began to pass he began to feel pains on his wrist making him to focus more on pulling himself off than the admiration of himself."What will you do if you successfully get out?" He clearly heard a chilled voice ask him as though the one who spoke it was soliloquizing in his sleep.After scanning through the room without spotting the one who spoke he assumed he was hearing what really did not exist but it made him hesitate a bit.Since he now understood that there was a world beyond the dungeon this question made him stop for a while and think. He knew Gregor thought that on freeing himself from the chain, he would begin to feel a soul but he now had reasons which made him believe that there was more to it than just freeing himself. He th
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Come back for me
His heart skipped a beat when he raised his pained face and saw a pair of eyes staring pitifully at him.It was the first person who had ever visited him, the beauty who he did not remember to ask of her name. In her robe she looked no less than a princess, because of this Rafael was tempted to ask if she was one of his sisters He tried his best to speak but instead of an explanation or question, he ejected several incoherent words."Did father come here to announce your execution to you?" She queried.To this question, he couldn't still bring an answer. This time he was puzzled. "Do you mean that scary looking man is your father?" He thought with mixed feelings he was happy that she was not his sister and uncertain what her next set of words would be "Your mother must be an angel." He thought"Since he has broken his own part of keeping his mouth shut on the issue I will not regret doing what my heart longs for." She said to her self."Don't punish yourself so much I will break you
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New wonder
Rafael gasped for air in shock immediately he awoke on opening his eyes he thought he was wrapped up by snakes but in realization his heart beat began to drop back to normal. Looking around made him understand that the snakes were wires if the brain monitor and also explained to him why he felt as though he were monitored.On his desk the tired Gregor was fast asleep and unaware that he had woken up. He disconnected the system from his body and sat up on relief. "You did it, right." A sleepy voice inquired."Nope." Was Rafael's simple reply. This made the sleepy Gregor to wake up at once."Then what made you so happy all of a sudden?" He asked with a voice which showed both elation and surprise."Why did you monitor me?" He inquired with a slightly embarrassed face and trying to show displeasure."I am sorry now tell me what happened." He asked trying to fill up his curious heart."Someone has agreed to help me." He replied."Who,why do you trust this person?" "Because it seems like
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For someone else
While few students paid attention in what they were being taught by their homeroom teacher, others spent their time chatting with their seat mates and friends but this neither bothered the teacher nor the interested students.Among the students who seemed to be interested in the teacher's seemingly unending lectures sat Rafael but in truth, his gaze was what was on the teacher; his mind was occupied by something else. He was only jerked back to reality when he noticed that the teacher was speaking directly to him."Um?" He asked with a widened eyes."What do you think is the reason why you can't gather soul energy for someone else."Because you gathered it I guess." Raf replied without giving the question any thought. The thoughtless answer from him got his teacher dumbfounded for a while."Did his reply make sense even to him? I never knew him as someone so dull if this is how he has become then I think he is now a total jerk.""How can you make such a rude comment about him? I still
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