Knight Of Valhalla

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Knight Of Valhalla

By: GafaFayya OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Jin Tae Kyung is a young man who died as a result of an accident he had while leaving the house. He thought that after his death he would be sent to heaven or something like that. However, his estimate turned out to be wrong. Tae Kyung who died was instead transferred to another realm which is known as Valhalla or heaven for knights and warriors. Tae Kyung, who doesn't know anything, and the reason he can be transferred to Valhalla, looks confused about this. Tae Kyung must follow the battle that took place in Asgard with the gods and other knights. Tae Kyung's journey to meet every God in Norse mythology, as well as the abilities possessed by Jin Tae Kyung who received the blessing of the Goddess Idun will be presented in an epic way in the story.

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81 chapters
The spirited horse-mounted warriors approached the wide-open gates. They clenched their fists and raised their weapons, ready for battle. At the forefront, Valkyrie, a black-haired woman, waved the flag with great enthusiasm and spurred the warriors on with resounding cheers."Come on, warriors! We will show the world our strength and bravery!" Valkyrie exclaimed, her voice resonating in the hearts. "Today, we will achieve a glorious victory!"The warriors cheered and shouted, exuding unwavering fighting spirit. Among them, Jin Tae Kyung felt trapped, devoid of choice. Though he wanted to speak, the noise and pressure surrounding him made it difficult."In an instant, everything changed," Jin Tae Kyung murmured to himself. "How did I end up here? What should I do?"Jin Tae Kyung was pushed forward without a chance to see anyone except Valkyrie, who had brought him to this place known as Valhalla. He tried to inquire about dinner, but his question got drowned in the commotion and rec
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Reincarnation (2)
"The time has come, my friend. You must also take up your weapon," said a man in a firm tone.Jin Tae Kyung looked at the man with a puzzled expression, but soon realized that it was time to strengthen his resolve."I'm ready," he murmured softly. However, the man only smirked as he walked towards the group of fighters who had already gathered.Jin Tae Kyung continued to watch him from a distance, but then slapped himself on the cheek. He had to keep his composure."I can do this."He then looked at the sword lying near his feet, a gift he received when he was almost forced onto the ship."You can do this, Jin Tae Kyung," he said to himself.Slowly, he took a deep breath and lifted his sword. He felt how light it was in his hands, as if his hands were glued to the hilt of the sword.The knight with dragon blood, Calaghar, became a shadow in his mind. Calaghar was a true superhero who could defeat hundreds or even thousands of enemies alone.Jin Tae Kyung only needed to reach 1% of th
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The Situation
The battle was over, ending abruptly like a fading universe. After catching his breath following the defeat of the sixth or seventh monster, horn trumpets and cheers filled the air.But how much time had passed? Jin Tae Kyung anchored back on the ship and sat at the large round table. The table was filled with strong drinks and meat, where the soldiers rushed to fill their stomachs and tongues."Is this the feast for the night?"Jin Tae Kyung looked around. As far as he could see, many strong-built men gathered and connected with each other, causing the temperature to rise by five degrees.Yes, this was the feast served. It contained strong drinks and meat."Still, only strong drinks and meat."Simple like the Valhalla feast, where the gods gathered. There were no signs of Valkyries around. His only sight was of the muscular and masculine-smelling men.Jin Tae Kyung looked around and sipped the strong drink. He did not do it because he enjoyed the drink, but only to fill the emptines
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Idun's Legion
Jin Tae Kyung and Bjorn exchanged glances amidst the bustling crowd of warriors. Reginleif, the leader of the Valkyries, stood on the stage with a proud gaze, holding her gleaming sword in hand. The atmosphere inside the room was filled with enthusiasm and joy, as if a dream had finally come true.Reginleif raised her hand, signaling for the commotion to settle down. The warriors immediately quieted their voices, but their passion still burned within them. Reginleif smiled widely and said, "Have you all inspected your respective legions?"The warriors enthusiastically replied in unison, "Yes, Reginleif! We have done so!"Reginleif laughed contentedly. "You have all done your tasks well. You are great warriors! The celebration is over, and it's time for us to join our respective legions."The warriors exchanged glances, and the cheers grew louder. They had been eagerly awaiting this moment with determination, and finally, their dreams were almost within reach.Reginleif continued, "You
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Idun's Legion (2)
Jin Tae Kyung furrowed his brow as Heda handed him a pipe. Instead of taking a deep breath, he showed his dissatisfaction."Why don't you have a boss who mistreats you and no one beneath you rotting away slowly? Isn't this supposed to be heaven?" Heda asked, puffing on her unlit cigarette.Jin Tae Kyung furrowed his brow even deeper. "Am I the only one?" he asked.Heda shook her head. "There is still a legion under a God. Other legions have dozens, hundreds of people in them," she explained.However, Jin Tae Kyung's gaze remained unchanged. Heda sighed. "There are a few more, but they are all superior-ranked warriors. That's why they're not in the place you're heading to. Starting from the superior rank, they are given different accommodations."Hearing this explanation, Jin Tae Kyung felt a little disappointed. The ships that had sailed with them all vanished because each took their own route.The warrior ranks in Valhalla were divided into five classes: lowest rank, low rank, middle
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Secrets of the Legion of Idun
"It's highly unreasonable to just send him off to fight without knowing who their enemies will be," Jin Tae Kyung felt it was important to know their opponents at least before they engaged in battle.Seeing Jin Tae Kyung's expressed interest, Heda took a deep breath and began drawing on the chalkboard. There were ten circles drawn. She connected three circles horizontally and vertically, forming nine circles. Then, she added an extra circle on the left side."These are Asgard and the nine planets. Asgard and Midgard are here. Valhalla is also located in this place," Heda explained while drawing.Heda drew the letter 'V' in the circle next to the extra circle and above it. Then she explained, "Above Asgard is the temple, and below it is Olympus. These three places are at the forefront."Although Jin Tae Kyung was intrigued by the temple, the word 'Olympus' caught his attention even more. He wondered if Gods like Zeus, Hera, and Athena would be there."No one said they don't exist," he t
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Second War
Jin Tae Kyung felt tense as Heda approached him with a blazing sword. Gently, Heda pinched Jin Tae Kyung's chest and said,"Remember. Myth is a story that belongs only to you. It is the record of your life and the legend that will unfold from now on. There is no one else who can harness the power of the Myth and develop it as well as you."The story of professional player Jin Tae Kyung.The legend of the dragon knight.Jin Tae Kyung could feel his heartbeat quickening. He felt the power of his Myth growing stronger.Right at that moment.The bell tower in the middle of the small island reverberated. Its toll shook their hearts rapidly and loudly.Both of them instinctively turned to look at the bell tower. They exchanged glances, and Heda furrowed her brow, saying,"You have some idea of what it means, don't you?""That's the signal to go into battle," Jin Tae Kyung replied.Heda nodded, taking out several items from a large box she seemed to have been carrying since earlier."Take the
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Second War (2)
Amidst the vast plain filled with dust and the cries of war, Jin Tae Kyung stood with a blazing spirit. He was the only soldier trusted to be within the Idun Goddess Legion. His task was simple: to protect their territory, with fiery courage flowing through their veins.Tae Kyung, a young and spirited warrior, looked around with an awe-inspired gaze. A thought emerged in his mind."So, can I consider this legion as a spirited one?" he murmured to himself.Recalling the athletic clubs he had seen in manga and movies, Tae Kyung felt the familiar atmosphere of Valhalla's spirit he had witnessed in the past two days. He saw how courage and enthusiasm intertwined, forming extraordinary strength.A crow flew overhead Tae Kyung, bringing him back to a conversation with his old friend, Bjorn, an experienced soldier."Does the blessing of the Idun Legion relate to life?" Bjorn tried to ask, seeking a deeper understanding of the blessings held by other legions.Tae Kyung raised an eyebrow and l
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Second War (3)
Jin Tae Kyung utilized all of his runes to enhance his speed of movement, but the monster quickly closed in on him. His body trembled as he tried to dodge the monster's sword attacks with sharp reflexes. It felt like a sudden surge of power flowing through him, guiding every move he made. Although he didn't know how it happened, Jin Tae Kyung felt grateful for the stroke of luck that saved him from the deadly assault.After successfully evading the monster's attacks, Jin Tae Kyung observed it up close and realized that it was much larger than he had imagined. The monster towered at 5 meters tall, with a powerful body covered in shiny scales. Its eyes gleamed with thirst for blood and a desire to destroy everything in its path. Despite feeling startled, Jin Tae Kyung strengthened his courage and focused his mind on the impending battle."He's truly massive... But I must not give up," Jin Tae Kyung whispered softly, trying to gather courage within himself.The monster took a step forwar
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Inverse Sielgrid's power
The other warriors tried to evade the gnoll's attacks and prepared to counterattack, but Jin Tae Kyung realized that attacking the gnoll's legs would not be effective as they were well-guarded."Have you all noticed? The gnoll's legs are too strong to attack. We need to find another opening," Jin Tae Kyung said to his comrades around him.Jin Tae Kyung's gaze drifted towards the gnoll's head. He contemplated attacking vital areas like the eyes or neck of the gnoll."But how can we reach its head?" exclaimed one of Jin Tae Kyung's comrades with a puzzled tone.As Jin Tae Kyung was pondering an alternative strategy, the giant gnoll suddenly leaped into the air. In an instant, the gnoll swung its enormous sword towards Jin Tae Kyung. The sword looked as big as a garbage truck, but Jin Tae Kyung managed to quickly dodge the attack.With caution, Jin Tae Kyung observed the towering head of the giant gnoll above. He realized that jumping wouldn't reach the gnoll's head. Attacking the gnoll'
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